Best Tumbling Mats Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Your child is getting old enough to be signed up for a variety of lessons and skill-building camps. Now that they’re starting to develop interests, it’s essential that you support them. While there’s a variety of skills and camps out there that are geared towards children, some of the most popular ones are always dancing or gymnastics based. When we instill a love of these sports in kids early, they take the skills and passion forward into the rest of their lives.

Last Updated: October 18, 2018
By Hollis Pirkey:

To ensure we that you always have the best choices of tumbling mats to choose from, we carry out comparative research regularly. Today we have added a new gymnastic pad to our excellent line-up. The Soozier Gymnastic Pad is very popular throughout the world with gymnasts, martial artists, yogi's, and many others. Learn more about tumbling pads or to review our criteria. read our FAQ's.

Featured Recommendations 

Tumbl Trak
  • Tumbl Trak
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Cross-Link PE Foam
  • Price: See Here
We Sell Mats
  • We Sell Mats
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Light
  • Price: See Here
ProSource Tri-Fold
  • ProSource Tri-Fold
  • 4.4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • No Velcro
  • Price: See Here

Tumbling mats are going to be a part of that support system for your child’s passions. Now that they’ve been introduced to tumbling, they’ll need the proper equipment. Not only is this true at the beginnings of their tumbling career, but later on as well! These tumbling mats are the best in the business (on Amazon) and we know that you, your gymnast teen, or your future tumbler will love these products.

Tumbling mats are essential. They might not be the toothbrush-and-underwear kind of essential, but any seasoned gymnast knows you don’t want to tumble without these. The more of a beginner you are, the more you need them. While those that have been practicing for years will be able to somersault and backflip without fear of a hard and unforgiving ground, most beginners don’t want to take the risk.

You want to know you’re getting a good product. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what you want to use the tumbling mats for. All that matters is that you’re getting a good mat. Something with a little bit of give, but a good amount of firmness. Something that says to anyone who sees it “why yes, I am a gymnast.” That’s the key to a solid tumbling mat.


10 Best Tumbling Mats


1. Tumbl Trak

1. Tumbl Trak
There are many different reasons that tumbling mats could be used. Maybe you have a kid that's learning to walk and you want to avoid the pained tears that are inherent to learning. Maybe you yourself are hoping to work on your handstand skills, but want to prepare for the inevitable failure that will happen as you become more ambitious with your yoga routine. You need a versatile mat that’s going to support both you and your kids. Tumbl Trak has done it here with their folding tumbling mat.
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Variety of Sizes
Every body is unique, and every practice requires different equipment. We don’t blame someone for wanting a tumbling mat that’s a little smaller if they’re a little smaller. We also don’t blame those that want to give a massive amount of space to keep their floppy children safe. Tumbl Trak has given us these options by providing their folding panel mats in a variety of sizes. The sizes can be used to not only personalize the length of your mat, but also to personalize the thickness. This is incredibly important when starting off a tumbling practice.

The Foam
We know what you’re thinking: “It’s just a foam mat. I could go buy some foam, put it on the floor, and then have my own foam mat”. While that might work as the broke student’s mattress option, it definitely doesn’t work for a product that’s meant to keep you safe. Tumbl Trak is top in the foam game, and knows that you need a certain type of foam to truly stick your landings. The foam inside of this Tumbl Trak mat is a “Cross-Link PE” foam. They say that this is meant to wear down more slowly, as well as providing you the proper support on both balance exercises as well as flips and landings.

Cost and Value
This price might jump out at you as incredibly expensive, but trust us: It’s worth it. The value you’re getting from both the durability of the vinyl coating and the strength of the foam means you’re going to get years and years of wear out of this folding panel mat. The colors will stay bright, and easily clean with a damp cloth. For safety and success, the $150 is a small price to pay.

Varying lengths and widths

Different thicknesses available

Many bright, fun colors

Durably vinyl



Could be too firm for some

Slightly above a household budget price

2. We Sell Mats

2. We Sell Mats
The name speaks for itself. If you’re looking for a place that sells mats, they do indeed sell them. We Sell Mats sells high quality mats too, but that would make the name too much of a mouthful. These mats are the ones you might remember from high school gym class. Foldable, one color, and some velcro clasps. You can’t go wrong with the classics, which is why we decided to put this one on as number 2. There have been almost no complaints about this mat. This style is just perfect for any and all practices, and we know you’ll be pleased.
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Velcro Clasps
When you see the long hallways fit end-to-end with gymnast mats, it’s not luck and hope that keeps them snugly together. What’s keeping them together is good, old-fashioned velcro. Velcro provides a safety that is necessary when throwing yourself around in various twisted positions. By ensuring that these mats will stay together, We Sell Mats is giving you the peace of mind that you need to know that your child (or you) are going to be safe when cartwheeling down a long hallway.

Thinking back again to high school gym class, you might remember that there was always a scramble to not be the person stuck putting the mats away. This is because they’re heavy, awkward, and usually slick with sweat after a workout. Luckily, these mats are nowhere near the nightmare gym class mats were. These mats are smooth, light, and easily carryable by one adult human. While some people might think that not carrying a heavy mat deprives you of some sort of upper arm workout, we know that it’s actually the opposite. You’re going to be more willing to drag this puppy out if it’s not going to hurt.

Cost and Value
We Sell Mats has been very generous and offered a range of prices to fit their range of mats. If you want a bigger mat, you’re going to pay more. If you want a smaller mat, you’re looking at $90 or so. This is excellent news for those that might not want to invest in a huge mat, but want to ensure they’re getting an accurate representation of the quality of mats. We think that by providing an option for costs the value is absolutely reflective of the price; you quite literally get what you pay for.

Variety of prices

Large sizes

Firm, but not unpleasant

Carrying handles

Velcro fasteners


Light, compared to other products

Very dense foam

3. ProSource Tri-Fold

3. ProSource Tri-Fold
This folding mat is the bare bones mat any hobby buffetist (those that like to try a little of a lot of hobbies rather than a lot of a few) needs. ProSource puts out a good, thick mat, which provides a great base for anyone who wants to clown around and start a practice of simple bodyweight work. The tri-fold makes it compact, which is supported by the easy of carrying handles. This is a mat that’s made for contained exercise, as it’s only two feet wide. Due to this we had to give it the third spot on the list; it’s not that we don’t like it. We recognize that it might not be good for those kids who like to fling themselves around.
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No Velcro
Wait. Wasn’t velcro a positive on one of the last points? Yes. Yes, it was. But sometimes velcro isn’t what people want to land on. The benefit to velcro can also be a drawback, as velcro can be rough and scratchy on people’s skin. This tumbling mat isn’t scratchy at all, and even goes so far as to be quite comfortable! ProSource offers lots of pictures of people doint aerobics and pilates on their mats. We feel that this is a great use for them, as you don’t need to worry about two becoming unattached; this makes velcro totally unnecessary.

Easy to Carry
Most of these folding mats are easy to contain. They fold up and pack away easily under beds or on the top shelf of closets, making them a great choice for home workout routines or budding gymnasts. People forget about needing to carry them, though. For whatever reason, carrying the mats isn’t the first thing people think of. We feel that it should be. ProSource has created a mat that’s incredibly easy to carry. At two feet wide, this mat folds up into a perfect little square. The handles make it absolutely easy to carry, which means you could even use it as a camping mattress! That’s way better than a foam roll up.

Cost and Value
As one of the cheapest mats on this list, you’re probably shocked that it would score so high. We hope that that speaks to the real quality of the mat, as ProSource could easily charge more for this piece of equipment. The mat itself is a strong, sturdy piece that’s easy to pack up and go with. The biggest downside is that it’s fairly small and doesn’t offer an option to attach it to other mats. A downside for those who are looking for floor space to practice on, but a huge benefit for the folks who just want a sturdy exercise mat.

Cheaper, without compromising on quality

Folds almost square

Able to be carried like a briefcase

Very light

No velcro


Cannot attach to other mats

Not a lot of width; only two feet wide

4. BestMassage

4. BestMassage
There’s more than one way to create a safe space for your kids to play in. While you can do all you want to cover corners and wall sockets, one of the biggest dangers is actually the floor. Falling on a hard surface can drastically hurt a child, or even yourself! We know that you want to give your kids all the protection they deserve, which is why we’re bringing you the BestMassage exercise mat. The size is perfect for a child, and the foldability means it can be folded higher or lower depending on your child’s needs. The length and width makes it easy to fit indoors or outdoors, and will cover a huge amount of floor space.
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Height Adaptation
Whether you want to use this for your fully grown self or not, one aspect of this mat that’s going to come in handy is the fact that you can change the height on it. This is great for learning how to do flips or backbends, as you’re able to adapt the height to the needs of your progress. When learning how to do any gymnastic move that requires a kickoff, it can be challenging to get the feet off of the ground. By adding height we’re able to more easily launch ourselves end-over-head, removing the height as we get stronger.

Many of these mats boast firm foam. For a person who’s well versed in gymnastics, that’s great. For kids and beginners, we’re willing to bet that you probably want something with a little more give. The reports on this tumbling mat say that the foam is comfortable, and provides a little more softness than some of the more hardcore mats. All this, while retaining a professional standard of quality? You couldn’t find anything better.

Cost and Value
This mat is at a cheap price point. One of the reviewers pointed out that it’s nearly impossible to find a professional mat for less than a couple hundred. This is the beauty of the buying guide; we’re able to share gems with you that you might have otherwise looked over. While the listing itself discusses vague successes of the mat, the reviews are nearly all glowing. We absolutely recommend this mat, especially if you’re looking to see if that dance craze is a phase, or a new way of life.

Soft foam

Easy folding

Able to stack to adjust height

Amazing, cheap cost

Many colors available


Reports of slipping when on slick floors (lino, wood, etc)

Some reports of inaccurate sizing

5. ZEYU Sports

5. ZEYU Sports
This kids’ gym mat is more polish than pounce. What you’re getting with this mat is a good, solid gym mat experience… With a beautiful outer shell. While you might not be getting a firm-but-forgiving floor topper here, you are getting a soft landing pad for all your child’s flips and flops. The colors are going to match any child’s decor, and the velcro on the sides means you’re never going to worry about multiple mats coming apart.
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Able to be cleaned
Yes, anything is able to be cleaned if you scrub hard enough. Some cleaning jobs are more thorough than others, though, and we’re willing to bet that the more this mat gets used, the more thorough you’ll want to be. This mat has the benefit of having a zipper opening where the foam can come in and out. This makes it possible for the foam to get a truly deep clean, keeping your mat smelling like new and staying allergy free.

Only 7 lbs!
When you’re purchasing a toy for kids, sometimes you feel that sense of hesitation before clicking “purchase”. You know they’re going to love it, but are you going to love cleaning it up? Packing it away? Carrying it around? We’re going to guess that oftentimes the answer is no. This mat is so light, even a small child can carry it. Some reviewers talked about how their kids take it with them on sleepovers! While we’re guessing that this means the foam isn’t as dense, we think it’s a fair trade off for getting to shirk the responsibility of carrying it around. Just give it to the kids!

Cost and Value
If the price was higher, we would say that this mat probably isn’t worth it. However, as it is right now, the cost and value comparison is great. You’re getting a sturdy mat that’s washable, foldable, and light enough for a child to carry. We know that there are a couple mats out there that have more of a professional-grade firmness, but that’s why they’re priced so high! You get everything you need with this mat, and will be great to have around until the kids (or grandkids) are grown.


Incredibly light (7 lbs)

Softer foam, great for sleeping

Foldable with velcro on the sides

Multiple color options


Some people have said it’s too short

Zipper on side (it is covered)

6. Giantex Thick

6. Giantex Thick
This tumbling mat will give you all the space you need to find freedom in movement. Whether you’re purchasing for yourself or for your child, you’ll find that it perfectly fits any scenario. Yoga, stretching, pilates, and even tumbling (which is arguably its original purpose and shouldn’t come as a surprise at all) are all great choices for the usage of this mat. If you’re thinking you’d be better off with a different mat, we urge you to read through again. This mat really is fantastic, and you likely won’t find a bigger, comfier size!
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The Style
With arguably the coolest style on this list, these mats are definitely going to become the apple of your gymnast’s eye. Many mats that you see on this buying guide look remarkably similar to ones students use in gym class. For many of us, this can bring up some bad high school memories. Blue mats are the equivalent to failed cartwheels, cruel laughter, and sweaty school-wide jerseys that probably haven’t been washed since the 60s. You won’t get any of these triggers with this mat. This mat has a cool and contemporary style, with a cut corner style and color block design. You can coordinate it to fit any decor or personality, and we know you’ll love the matte finish on it (rather than the old, raggedy gym mats).

While you might expect this from a plastic- or vinyl- covered mat, that’s not always the case. Some companies don’t bother to waterproof their mats, which can make for an unpleasant foam situation a few years down the line. With Giantex, you can rest assured that your foam is going to say supple and dry; even if your basement leaks! The waterproofing in also an asset if you’re in a home with children. Let’s face it: sticky juice and baby drool just don’t do anything to preserve your tumbling mats.

Cost and Value
The mat itself is of a sturdy construction, even if it’s not as firm as some other professional-grade gymnast mats. The cost is comparable to purchasing two of the lower quality mats, or even two mid-quality mats. However, those two will usually equal about the size of this one mat. When people want to tumble, they want to make sure they have more space. You’ll be getting a huge amount of space with this mat, and won’t need to worry about having to purchase another. While it might be a little bit more price-wise, we believe it’s worth it.

Cool design

Carrying handles


Super squishy

Huge amount of space


Some reports of ripping

Handles not as securely attached as others

7. Best Choice Products

7. Best Choice Products
This tumbling mat is like landing on clouds, but only if clouds were firm and lining your basement playroom floor. For anyone who’s curious about the difference between a gym mat and a tumbling mat, this is the product that’s going to clarify that distinction. This product is sold as a “gym mat” rather than a full-blown “tumbling mat”. There isn’t a huge difference, but the size is something to notice. Tumbling mats typically take up more space than gym mats, which are thinner and not as wide. While this mat does fall into “gym mat” territory due to its 2-foot width, it’s soft enough to be appropriate as a tumbling mat for a smaller body.
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Perfect Packing
Okay, let’s be honest: almost every one of these mats folds up. Nearly all of them compress for easier storage, and we don’t think there’s a gym mat out there that’s an unfoldable six feet long. Who could store six feet of flatness? It would poke out from under the bed, and wouldn’t be narrow enough to fit under the couch. The biggest benefit of this mat is that it folds up to be a perfect square. A literally perfect square. Not even packing boxes fold flat into perfect squares! This is an amazing innovation that will surely slide into your closet without a hitch. It’s that perfect real-life Tetris piece we’ve all been waiting for.

Easy For Kids To Handle
Those that have kids know how important this part is. While you can disregard this if you’re not shopping for a little one, we figured we’d put it on here for those that do what to keep the young ones in mind. Kids have more agency than we give them credit for. They like to do things themselves and would love the opportunity to move their play mats and tumbling mats around without getting help from mum and dad. This mat is both light enough and square enough that it’s easy for kids to handle. The 2-foot squareness makes it easy for little arms to grab around. However, there is also a handle in case dragging it is easier.

Cost and Value
There aren’t many of these mats that really and truly work as both a tumbling mat and a gym mat. We’re glad that this mat is open about its intended purpose, as there are so many products out there that will charge you extra without even really fitting the dual-purpose claim. This mat is of a good quality, making it reasonable to spend the money on it. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a yoga mat that’s a little thicker, or if you really need a squishy gym mat. You won’t be disappointed!

Folds perfectly square

Bright Colors

Lower price point

Firm but squishy foam

No velcro


Not great for wild tumbling

Covering very plastic feeling

8. Incstores Home

8. Incstores Home
This tumbling mat is a little bit different from the other options we’ve seen. In case you don’t want a foldable foam mat (which is totally fair), we’ve given you this alternative. The roll out practice pad is a much better alternative to a folding pad if you’re not doing dramatic flips and falls. Which, let’s be real, most of us boring adults are not going to attempt. This mat does, however, provide an excellent alternative to those bulky and cumbersome foam rectangles.
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Carpet top
One of the best things about this mat is the finish on top. You’ll be finishing as nicely as the mat topping has with this totally no-slip carpet. The texture is grippy enough that you’re at no risk of slipping or sliding, which is very different from other mats. Many tumbling mats require you to be in bare feet, or else you’re going to end up slipping. This mat lets you work in socks to your heart’s content. What could be better?

Rolls up
Squares and cubes are thought to be the easiest storage option. Amazon has product listing after product listing of cube organizers (which is a totally different buying guide we won’t get into now), which seems to be proof of the cube’s superiority over other storage shapes. Right? Wrong! Rolling something up is clearly better. Tubes are much easier to carry than boxes (just look at all the yoga mat straps there are out there) and they slide into smaller spaces much more easily. The fact that this mat rolls up is a true benefit, and we think that that makes this mat far superior to some of the bulkier ones.

Cost and Value
If you’re looking for a mat that will protect you from the harsh reality of a cold, hard Earth when you somersault, this is probably not going to be worth your time. While it’s comparably as thick as the other ones we’ve discussed, it’s not exactly the high-quality core foam that other mats seem to be using. The fact that it rolls up is nice, and the size is average when compared to other gym and tumbling mats. We believe that this mat will be perfect for you… If it’s exactly what you want. If you’re unsure about any of the aspects of it, opt for something else. We want you to be happy!

Carpet top means no-slip

Rolls up

Foam a similar thickness as other mats

Easy to transport and store

Larger size


Not at all waterproof

Not as soft as yoga mats or plastic coated mats

9. Soozier Gymnastic Pads

9. Soozier Gymnastic Pads
Gymnastic pads are best to be thick, durable and firm. This 2” thick, PU leather Soozier multi-purpose floor mat or gymnastic mat is suitable for gymnastics, yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, or just tumbling and wrestling with the kids.
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The Soozier multi-purpose mats are 4’x8’ and come in a 4-panels, so you don’t run out of mat before... No really folks, the Soozier pad is a great product. For kids and for adults anywhere there’s a floor, you can drop one of these and have instant fun. It’s a portable mat for your extra room, garage, back patio or anywhere with a floor, and it has an easy carry handle and stores effortlessly. You can also expand the length and height of the pads with handy velcro connectors on the edges, so a 4’x8’ pad becomes a 20’x40’ workout room. If you like working out but don’t have the space for a gym, then try this 4’x8’ pad. We liked it a lot. Size options are 4’x6’, 4’x8’, 4’x10’.
Price and value:
This is a consistent 4.5+ star rated product.
Everywhere we checked this product came in at a low to midrange cost. We thought that was a steal because the fun and family memories you can create with a pad like this are priceless.


Simple expansion.

Easy to clean PU Leather.

Lightweight, portable, storable.

Meets all CPSIA safety requirements.


May still be too big for tight apartments.

10. Matladin

10. Matladin
Last but certainly not least is another take on an air tumbling mat. This exercise mat is for those that want all the benefit of a big tumbling mat without the headache (or backache) of storage. By inflating it we find that there’s a lot of firmness and support, almost as much as a tried-and-true firm foam-core mat. This is a truly unique product that would work well for all your tumbling and cheerleading needs. We know you’ll be happy with the results!
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Stores Easily
Okay, yes. Many of these mats store easily when you consider the fact they can fold up. However, you still need to have a decent amount of space and upper body strength to flip them up and store them. The smaller ones aren’t any better, either, as they usually need to be tossed overhead in order to stay out of the way. This tumbling mat, however, is unique in the sense that you can deflate it and store it out of harm’s way.

Fastest Inflate Ever
“Ugh,” you’re thinking, staring at the Matladin Folding Gymnastics Gym Exercise Aerobics Mat, “I have to inflate this thing EVERY TIME I want to use it?” Yes and no, young gym mat novice. This product does require inflation, but it only takes 1 minute. 60 seconds! We can’t even hold a handstand for that long. The inflation/deflation process is so simple you really won’t be put off from using it. Plus, if you have the floor space, you can leave it inflated after practices. It might start to lose some of its firmness after a couple days, but there’s a quick solution: take 1 minute and inflate it.

Cost and Value
If you want a tumbling mat that has a lot of bells and whistles, is able to adapt to any lifestyle, and sets up and packs away with little to no effort, this is definitely your best option. The value far outweighs the (substantial) price tag, making it both one of the most costly and one of the most valued on this list. We love all of its features and think it’s worth its cost; just like all the other high quality mats on this list.

Large size

Easy, fast inflate

Does not slip

Can be put on top of water

Inflates to small size


May lose density with prolonged use

Valve could leak over time

We’ve discussed safety quite a lot in regards to these tumbling mats because it’s one of the most important things. Tumbling mats are built for those that wish to throw themselves around. They’re made for the risk takers and the wild folks whose life revolves around dance, gymnastics, and maybe a little working out. With so many different reasons to invest in a gym mat or tumbling mat, you want to make sure you’re getting the right one.

These mats are tried-and-true and will make all your tumbling dreams come true. Whether you’re hoping for a mat to cushion all your failed-handstand falls or you want one that’s going to provide a cushioned landing for your whirling dervish of a 7-year-old, there’s a mat out there to suit your needs. We love the way these help to break falls, boost confidence, and build skill. You will too, now that you know which tumbling mats to fall head-over-heels for.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Tumbling Mats


Obviously build is one of the leading criteria we used to evaluate our tumbling mat options. If you don’t have a safe and sturdy build, you don’t really have a tumbling mat. Tumbling mats are intended to keep the user out of harm’s way, and instead safely caught in the arms of a foamy, flat giant. Any tumbling mats that didn’t seem to be safe and well-made immediately were stricken from our list.

The build qualities we looked at included durability of fabric, quality of foam, and methods of attachment. We hope we managed to break them down more specifically in the write-ups, as many of these products were initially chosen based on the high quality of their builds.


Just like in gymnastics, these mats got points for style. The look, feel, and function of these mats was incredibly important. No one wants a mat that looks ugly, even if it is effective. When so many companies are starting to shift their focus to include both design and function (rather than just the function), it quickly weeds out the brands that aren’t willing to update their style.

We looked at color options, level of branding, and aesthetic appeal in order to decide which styles of mat were up to our standards. While “coolness” might be a subjective topic, we feel that we did a pretty good job in justifying our cool choices.


The price was looked at in regards to cost and value. This means checking to make sure the mat wasn’t being sold for more than its value or worth. Utilizing all the factors above, as well as comparing them to each other, we were able to determine which price was fair for an average tumbling mat. From there we looked at the outliers and determined which mats were outstanding enough to warrant a higher price.

By balancing the cost and value we found the mats that are worth the pennies, even if they fall higher or lower than average.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will they slip on my floor?

A: This depends on the type of floor you have. If your floor is coated in oil or WD40, absolutely it will slip. If your floor is a regular old floor, averagely made with average wood or carpet, you should be fine. If you’re worried, we would recommend purchasing some no-slip carpet backing to go underneath the mat or mats.  

Q: How big are they? Do they pack up?

A: That depends on the size and style that you buy. Most tumbling mats will stretch between 6 and 10 feet. The width changes depending on the mat you’re looking at, but very seldom will you find one that’s under 2 feet. Most of the mats can pack up, though many pack up to still be a fairly large rectangle. There are some exceptions, like the inflatable mats, but those specifications can be found included in the write up of the mat you’d like to buy.    

Q: Are these mats really squishy?  

A: Some mats are squishy, while others are more firm. The denseness of the mat depends on the type of foam that’s used, and the thickness you decide to purchase. Some mats are quite squishy, while others will feel similar to a shock-absorbing floor. The mats do reduce the noise of jumps, falls, and lands, and are much softer on the knees that working out on a regular floor.

Q: Can kids use these?

A: Kids are (arguably) the target audience for many of these products. The reviews on almost all of these tumbling mats are filled with parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles who have purchased tumbling mats for various children in their lives. All report back with smiles and joy over their granddaughter Tina’s newfound safety thanks to the tumbling mats. We feel that your child or children will happily embrace the mat. You might even be able to use it too, assuming the kids ever get off!  


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