Best Shoulder Holsters Reviewed for Concealment & Safety

When you hear the words, ‘tactical gear’, what do you think of? Most people think of the equipment and apparel worn by the military and police due to its functionality and durability. Lately, it has also caught the attention of hunters and outdoor adventurers.  It can protect you from the harsh environments, provide you with needed storage, and even come in handy during everyday situations. One piece of tactical gear that can make life easier is the shoulder holster!

If you own a gun, you probably know how difficult can be to always keep your weapon safe while carrying it. A shoulder holster can take care of this problem while allowing you to go about your daily routine. Not only is it very convenient, but it also relieves pressure from your back. So, if you suffer from back pains, the shoulder holster is perfect for you. It’s also very versatile and will go with most outfits, unlike a belt holster. The shoulder holster is easy to put on, no matter how you’re dressed, and it is really comfortable. You can even drive while wearing it and you won’t feel discomfort.

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Carrying a concealed weapon is a big responsibility and you want to make sure that safety is always priority. Having the right cking of shoulder holster will ensure comfort whil protecting your weapon and others. We regularly update our lists to help you find what's popular on the market today!

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There is a wealth of benefits that come with owning a piece of tactical gear like a shoulder holster. It’s a great tool for safety and security and very convenient for quick draw. This is why, in today’s article, we are going to dive in the field of shoulder holsters and present you with what we deem, the best in market. In this article, we are going to prove you with a wealth of information, tips, and tricks surrounding this market and offer the absolute 10 best products that are available today. Each one of these products is designed from and evaluated based upon the utmost best and safest materials, and comes with enough space to keep an individual flexible and maneuverable.

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10 Best Shoulder Holsters


1. UTG Deluxe Vertical

1. UTG Deluxe Vertical
In the law enforcement field, any qualified and trained professional understands the importance of proper tactical gear. Whether it is tactical pants with plenty of pockets, debris resistant gear, or shoulder holsters for your most important items, being prepared for any scenario is vital for law enforcement officers and people in emergency services. With this in mind, we are eager to share with you the first product on this list; a quality filled and innovative product that is sure to capture the attention of people that need such a valuable and important addition to their everyday tactical gear, the UTG Deluxe Vertical Shoulder Holster.
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Build Quality

It goes without saying that the build quality of such an important gear product is crucial to the safety, security, and vitality of any important situation. Therefore, UTG has ensured that this shoulder holster makes it on the list as one of the most trusted gear products for law enforcement. With a reinforced thread and double-edge stitching in specific pressure points any police officer, private detective, or law enforcement person can trust that the build quality of this product is of the most delicate measure.


Carrying so many important and heavy items such as a pistol, knife, and other law enforcement tools can get quite heavy. Therefore, padding is included in the shoulder harness to create a deeper sense of comfort. The padding serves as a cushion between the user’s shoulders and the weight of all the items they are carrying. This is vital for the livelihood of the person wearing it, without proper padding the risk of injury and pain is more prominent.

Cost and Value

This manufacturer understands the importance of tactical gear and how vital proper and durable build quality is. With this in mind, it is no surprise that this product is created from the most high end, resistant, durable, and premium materials. When calculating the cost to value it goes without saying that the degree of safety that is product provides is unmeasured. Alongside this, this product offers a blend of security and well-executed premium features.
  • All components of this vertical shoulder holster are fully adjustable to fit different sized guns and pistols.
  • The premium synthetic material offers reinforced stitching in specific areas that are extremely important for a law enforcement officer.
  • This product is created for ambidextrous use.
  • Included is a Velcro closure double-mag pouch that can find a medium-to-large laser/flashlight or other accessories.
  • Modular design with innovative features from a trusted gear company.
  • Numerous consumers have mentioned that it is not great for concealed carry.
  • Numerous consumers have mentioned that it is not built for heavy-set people above 300 lbs. or so.

2. VISM by NcStar

2. VISM by NcStar
Any company that manufactures products specifically for law enforcement officers understand the vital importance of having gear that is reliable, safe to use, and also extremely durable. With the Ambidextrous Horizontal Shoulder Holster from VISM by NcStar, law enforcement officers can receive the security they need alongside a product that has been proven and tested to withstand the test of time, resistance, and extreme use. Design for concealed carry alongside a heavy coat, this product is designed with security and safety in mind.
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Ambidextrous Design

To design an item that is only for right hand or left-hand use would deny the opportunity for people to use it properly. Therefore, the innovative design behind this shoulder holster was for both right-handed and left-handed people. Meaning, with two double thumb break snaps for pistol security, anyone – left handed or right handed – can draw their weapon at a moment’s notice. This form of design creates a seamless process during emergencies.

Material Build

The material used to create such an important gear item is as equally important as the design of it. Therefore, this manufacturer constructed this shoulder holster of tough PVC material that can accommodate numerous sizes ranging from a small body frame to XXL. The material used is an A-grade material and build quality that any law enforcement officer would approve of.

Cost and Value

The value of an item such as this is going unprecedented; the reason being that security benefits cannot be measured. However, security begins with a qualified individual and a product that enhances the task at hand. This product is designed to with comfort, durability, and resistance in mind, so any law enforcement officer can focus more on the moment than whether or not the product will withstand their actions. What is most surprising is the cost, and at such a low price a product like this does not last long on the shelves.
  • Trusted company.
  • An ambidextrous shoulder holster is perfect for both right-handed and left-handed users.
  • Includes a double magazine holder attached to the harness for better carry without any discomfort.
  • Adjustable thumb break for various pistol sizes.
  • With tie-down straps that secure the holster to your belt or loop, a consumer feels secure every time the wear such an important product.
  • Adjustable to accommodate different body types and sizes.
  • Consumers have mentioned that pulling on the straps too hard may cause them to break.
  • Consumers say it does take a bit to get used to, especially the shoulder area.

3. Gould & Goodrich B804-G17

3. Gould & Goodrich B804-G17
This is a good option if you’re looking for something sleek, black, and string. The Gould & Goodrich B804-G17 is a versatile holder which can fit more than just one style of gun, including nine different models of Glocks. This ideal for gun owners who have multiple handguns and just wants one holster to fit them all.What’s more, this holster has adjustable straps that give you the possibility to fix the holster’s size according to your body size and shape.
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Tanned Genuine Leather

This piece of high-grade equipment is manufactured of vegetable tanned genuine leather by the World's Best Tanners, insuring that your shoulder holster is resistant and durable.

Good Concealment

In an effort to enhance your comfort, the straps of this shoulder holster are adjustable. Depending on the circumstances, you can easily conceal your equipment by properly adjusting the straps. They will stick to your body, so that no one will notice the holster.

Cost and Value

Not only will this item give you the certainty that your gun is kept in a proper position, but it’ll also make it easier for you to use the weapon in an emergeny. It’s also made in the USA from the best materials.

Fits different model Glocks

Made of top grain leather

Fully adjustable

Horizontal design


Not ideal for large frames

Belt stabilizer not included

4. US Military Style Right Hand

4. US Military Style Right Hand
Companies that offer military style products for everyday use understand the importance of providing a product that is not only secure and safe to use but also made from the toughest and most durable materials known to man. With this in mind, such products such as shoulder holsters are made from quality materials and tested dozens of times to showcase how durable and efficient they may be. From the trusted company, US Military, they have introduced Military-Style Shoulder Holster with a right-hand focus that goes over the shoulder and under the arm. Let’s take a look at why this product is worth your consideration.
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The Material

Most people expect military gear products nowadays to be created and designed from products such as PVC, Polyester, and other wear and tear resistant materials. However, there is one material that we all know that is extremely durable and can truly withstand the test of time, leather. It is extremely surprising to see a military grade company create a security gear product such as a shoulder holster out of leather. However, they understand the durability that leather has and how it can truly withstand almost anything. This quality material is not only durable and ware and tare resistant, it is made from genuine cowhide leather.


This right-hand draw leather weapon holster is designed with functionality in mind. Unlike other holsters that go around both shoulders and around the back, known as horizontal or vertical shoulder holsters, this one ties around both. The design can be worn as follows: tie the strap under the right arm and over the chest or over the right shoulder moving towards the back. The leather safety strap and adjustable leather harness create a functional but high-quality design that goes unmatched by many other shoulder holsters.

Cost and Value

The quality of this shoulder holster, in particular, is overwhelmingly strong as anyone would expect from leather. Now, considering that it is genuine cowhide leather, a consumer might feel that this would cost an absurd amount of money. However, it is in the mid-to-low range cost for shoulder holsters. The value alone is not the design and material, it is the amount of security that a person feels wearing it, that alone is cannot have a price.
  • Genuine leather on the entire product including straps, interior, exterior, and holster.
  • The high-quality design makes it easy to carry and comfortable to wear for long periods at a time.
  • Military-style design shoulder holster for novice or experts.
  • Adjustable leather harness and leather hold-down loop makes it easy for different sized users.
  • Made to securely and safely handle any autoloader.
  • Not for left-hand draw.
  • Leather can take a bit to adjust to your body considering it is bulky and really tough.

5. Condor Vertical

5. Condor Vertical
When designing products that are meant for safety purposes, a manufacturer understands the importance of quality materials and an effective and seamless design that can transcend any possible emergency or vital situation. With this in mind, Condor brings us the Vertical Shoulder Holster in Black, an important and needed solution for law enforcement officers to carry important items such as a weapon and magazines effortlessly and comfortably. Let’s talk about the two most notable features about this well-engineered and practical product.
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Modular Design

A manufacturer that designs military style and tactical gear most likely understand the importance of appealing to a wide range of consumers - not only that but a wide range of law enforcement officers. With the modular design, whether you are left handed or right handed you can easily and effortlessly draw your weapon at a moment’s notice due to the left and right-hand usage of this product. This alone makes it a universal shoulder holster that can fit almost all types of users and consumers.

One Size

Speaking of the universal usage of such an important security item, with one size fits most design, the Nylon material is comfortable, easy to use, perspiration resistant, and extremely durable. Designed for all law enforcement officers, security personnel, or emergency correspondence teams, this vertical shoulder holster is an important solution for anyone looking to conceal a weapon and carry important items.

Cost and Value

With a universal design, the cost to value ratio of this product can be seen as a really low cost to an incredible amount of value. Alone the design, the agility, endurance, resistance, and modular design make this the essential and needed product for all law enforcement officers. At a reasonably low price, you can receive one of the best tactical gear products out in the industry today.

6. Under Control Tactical

6. Under Control Tactical
At times, a brand comes along that wows an industry with a brand-new product that is both durable and resilient to even the toughest of jobs. Now, in an industry such as law enforcement or security person, it is vital to have gear products that are made from the most robust materials. The Under Control Tactical Best Concealed Shoulder Holster surprised an industry when they introduced a revolutionary product made from the highest quality and professional grade materials known to the tactical industry. This shoulder holster is not only made from great products, it is designed with usability and functionality in mind.
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Compact Design

The compact design behind this universal concealed carry shoulder holster is meant to be waterproof, lightweight, and a perfect fit for small to medium-sized weapons. The dual handgun pouches are made are made with a tear-resistant design that is meant to withstand even the toughest of moments in the law enforcement industry. When comparing this design to many others, we can tell that it is a fan favorite among people looking for the ideal concealed weapons carry shoulder holster that can fit extremely important items.

Police Grade Features

This shoulder holster not only boasts a simple design that is also easy to carry and compact, it is made with law enforcement officers in mind. The police grade material is subject to even the toughest terrains and situations. Now, the adjustable shoulder strap can securely hold two magazine pouches or flashlights. This built-in feature makes it a great solution for police officers, or other security personnel to feel safe and secure.

Cost and Value

When it comes to price and value, we like to ensure and share with our audience the most important and best grade products. This shoulder holster is known to offer value to many that need a simple design that is also user-friendly and can carry practically anything a law enforcement officer may need. With this concealed weapon carry shoulder holster security and safety is at the forefront of the manufacturer's creation process.
  • The comfortable design makes it easy to strap on and go.
  • The ability to carry multiple items means nothing is ever left behind.
  • Waterproof and lightweight shoulder holsters allow the user to run, jump, bend and even swim.
  • The military grade material is meant to withstand the test of time and possible ware and tare.
  • Trusted military grade gear manufacturer.
  • Consumers mention that the lack of a thumb break of one-handed retrieve slows down the drawing process.
  • Consumers have mentioned that the Velcro may be a bit much.

7. Linixu Deep Concealment

7. Linixu Deep Concealment
In an industry that may seem saturated by tactical gear products, it is important to stay ahead of the game always providing modern-day solutions to specialized industries. In the field of law enforcement or security personnel, numerous brands always try to make themselves known as some of the best tactical gear products out there. This is where Linixu comes into play. With the Linixu Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster, any law enforcement officer or security team can rest assured that they are receiving a quality product for important tasks at hand.
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Tight Body Design

The design of this particular shoulder holster is different than many on the list because it is intended for concealed carry without a jacket. This is something that can be seen as somewhat difficult to pull off considering a weapon can be rather large, especially if you also want to include magazines. However, the tight body frame design is created so it fits snug to the body, does not appear loose, and with a black shirt, can fade into the shirt itself and not appear bulky.

Comfortable Carry

Many law enforcement officers or people in the emergency service field that need to carry a concealed weapon understand the importance of being comfortable. Well, this manufacturer understands the need for deep comfort when carrying such important items. Therefore, the design of this particular shoulder holster is meant to conceal your weapon in a way that also distributes the weight of the weapon to the shoulders and back evenly, for less drag or weight on those areas, allowing a user to move swiftly and comfortably.

Cost and Value

At an average price, this shoulder holster does not offer as many features as other shoulder holsters on this list. However, it is the concealed weapon carry design without a jacket that makes it a possible contender on many law enforcement officers list. This may be the best solution to any officer or enforcement agent that needs to conceal a weapon on a hot summer day. With that said, a value is not measured alone by how well it conceals, it is also measured by durability and comfort, another aspect that make this shoulder holster a great solution to any law enforcement personnel.
  • Designed in the United States from military grade materials.
  • Extra padding on the shoulders means a user can wear it for long periods at a time.
  • Fully adjustable size can fit different body frames.
  • Offered in 3 different sizes; M, L, and XL.
  • Black color works well with other black clothing or shirts.
  • Not ambidextrous design. You either have to purchase a left-hand draw or right-hand draw.
  • People have said the sizes run small.

8. Galco Classic Lite

8. Galco Classic Lite
In the tactical gear industry, there are numerous manufacturers that run the gamut, always staying on top of the industry as a leader and professional. Galco shows an industry that they are still relevant and needed even after 25 years in the market. With the Classic Lite Shoulder Holster, any consumer is guaranteed to receive a product that is not only extremely durable but known as one of the most premiere, robust, and structurally sound designs in the game. The reason being, this particular shoulder holster is made of leather, one of two on this list. We can say that this particular product is winning the race!
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Trusted Design

This manufacturer has used the same trusted design for years a patented and trademarked connectors design that achieves usable functions alongside precision, durability, and pristine comfort. This leather shoulder holster offers plenty of versatility functions with great fit and function for virtually any body size.

The System

This particular system is created by law enforcement officers in mind, or people needing to carry the most important items on a day’s mission. The product itself includes a holster, harness, set of system screws, and an ammo carrier for extra versatility. Made for semiautomatic pistols, small weapons, and revolves, this shoulder holster offers strength and endurance alongside a design that is inconspicuous and easy to wear.

Cost and Value

How can anyone compete with over 25 years in service? This manufacturer has not only developed a product that is needed for industry professionals, they have built a trust between buyer and consumer that allows them to stay relevant and modern. With innovative premium cut features and a quality build product, this company excels with finessing the best tactical solutions for people today. Offering plenty of Glock sizes, the range of this holster is universal.
  • Center Cut Steerhide Leather that is synonymous with this brands trademark.
  • Four independently pivoting straps make it easy to use and ware.
  • Tie down, cuff cases, and accessory attachment usability.
  • Flexalon backplate for extra security and comfort.
  • Leather material is durable and can withstand resistance and ware and tare.
  • Since it is leather it is more rough and tough than other padded materials and holsters.
  • Consumers have mentioned that their magazines did not fit in the magazine pouch, but it is often rare.  

9. Tactical Holster for Glock

9. Tactical Holster for Glock
In the law enforcement field, having the right gear and being able to react at a moment’s notice is precedent over anything else. With that said, the King Holster team has created the Tactical Shoulder Holster Glock with a universal design making it easy for law enforcement officers to use and bring along the most important items that they need at any moment. Let’s dive in and look at two notable features.
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Universal Design

In any case, the weapon that an office, security personnel, or law enforcement officer needs can range. With that in mind, this manufacture developed a tactical shoulder holster that is virtually designed for ranging weapon sizes. This tactical holster can fit a medium to a large weapon and is also designed with ambidextrous use. Therefore, whether you prefer to left-hand draw or right-hand draw, this product allows you the choice of both.


What makes this shoulder holster in the race to be one of the best is the level of comfort it provides the user. Many law enforcement officers throughout the day may need to run, jump, bend, and other actions that if with the wrong gear, can impede them. This is where this product shines! With the adjustable shoulder straps, a law enforcement officer can either wear this tighter framed to the body or loose. More so, it allows for different sized body types to be able to enjoy the benefit of a secure and durable shoulder holster.

Cost and Value

When it comes to cost per value, many different items offer numerous features. Although this is properly priced in the mid-level range and has incredibly positive reviews from industry professionals, it does not offer as much value as other products on this list. However, it is tight in the race as one of the best. Either way, the value of this product shines in functionality and universal design, making it a great choice if a consumer decides to purchase it.
  • Trusted company.
  • Can hold virtually any pistol or Glock size.
  • Universal holster can be adjusted.
  • Double magazine pouch means a person can take the most valuable items.
  • The pouches do not offer fully tare-resistant materials.
  • The fit may be a bit small for a bigger person consumers have mentioned.  

10. Federal Shoulder Holster

10. Federal Shoulder Holster
Shoulder holsters are vital for the job of any law enforcement officer or security personal. Therefore, the manufacturing process has to be with security, comfort, and precision in mind. However, at times there comes a company that not only excels at providing these measures, but they take it one step further to enhance the actual product itself. Federal does this with the Federal Shoulder Holster, an extremely thin and versatile creation that will enhance the concealed weapons carry process for any law enforcement officer.
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The design of this product goes beyond conventional thinking. Most companies offer Velcro and other important materials that are used for comfort, design, and durability. This manufacturer does too, in a different way. The design itself is intended to stay wide and flat with the shoulder pads constructed of Cordura, two layers in total to be exact. This material is then laminated and edges bound for added security and comfort. What is specifically great about this design is that it is thin and flat, allowing any user to wear it under clothing without needed a jacket or oversized coat.


Now, the design does not at all affect the features behind this specialized and formulated industry leading product. The features include a reinforced stop for your thumb, a channel that protects sights, and an adjustable tie-down strap that can be attached to your belt. All of this is constructed from a fine knit patented nylon webbing that allows for all-day comfort without feeling heavy, itchy, or pain.

Cost and Value

Costing as much as the industry standard, it is surprising due to the build quality of this specific shoulder holster. In fact, this American-made shoulder holster offers plenty of value in one small package. Created by a company with over twenty years’ experience, they have perfected tactical gear for law enforcement officers and more. With that said, the value behind this concealed weapon carries shoulder holster is high above the cost, offering a sense of relief and security in a package that is light, thin, comfortable, and easy to wear. Getting one today ensures better security tomorrow.

After spending enough time evaluating and scanning through a wealth of different shoulder holsters, we realized that this market is incredibly saturated. In truth, if you an experienced consumer, you can agree that there are so many different options online and in stores. As a result, this can make it incredibly difficult for a consumer to figure out what is best for them. Due to this, they make impulse decisions and miss out on the best products. Our goal with this article was share with interested buyers, like yourself, our in-depth research and insights regarding the best in class products so you can begin getting your money’s worth on tactical gear.

We understand that tactical gear can be an expensive cost. This is why we hope you found our insight valuable. Throughout the article, we wanted to provide enough information and tips, so making a decision as to what is the best product for you, makes sense. Additionally, we know that one of the main reasons why people do not do research or evaluated different products is because it’s time-consuming and a hassle. However, we did all of that work for you. On top of that, we created this guide to make it even easier for you. What we can say is that this list comprises the absolute best shoulder holsters on the market, which all have been positively reviewed by interested customers, like you!

So, what type of shoulder holster speaks to you?


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Shoulder Holsters

After we have spent enough time evaluating and researching a wide selection of shoulder holsters available for consumers today, both online and in stores, we have come to the strong conclusion that there are a ton of products. So much so that it may be true that consumers are being inundated with different shoulder holsters options, which we discussed earlier in the article today. With that being said, it’s important, as a consumer, to be able to weed through different products in efforts to highlight the very best products for you. Now, the only way to do this is through thoroughly evaluating each product. You might be asking, “Why should you do that? That would take too much time!” In truth, if you are passionate about saving money and getting your money’s worth on a purchase, then it’s that pertinent. Consider this….

When we begin to generate our list of the best shoulder holsters available today, we took the time to create a list of requirements and criteria. This became our guideline for what products should be like, include, or offer consumers. In this, we were able to quickly evaluate product’s credentials and eliminate the worst, and highlight the competition. After further research, we were able to figure out what 10 products were the subject of the conversation and worth any consumers consideration. This article serves to offer all of the information and answers to any questions you might have – so you don’t need to spend hours doing the research. If you are looking to understanding a bit more about how we found or evaluated these products, continue reading!


When it comes to evaluating any product, whether it’s a shoulder holster or not – the most important aspect to take into consideration is the materials used in constructing it. Now, going into this field, we had a deep understanding of what type of consumers should be on the lookout for. If you are wondering, the absolute best materials available for shoulder holsters are:

  • Cordura Nylon
  • Leather
  • PVC
  • Cotton Canvas

The reason behind this is that these materials are high-quality, durable, long-lasting, and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Understanding this, as we evaluated each product, we carefully looked at how each company talked about the product’s build. We wanted to know whether a manufacturer was confident in the build of the product and “talked-up” the material, or did they focus on another feature. In addition to this, we even looked at what previous customers were saying regarding the quality of materials.

Design and Build

The design and build of a shoulder holster are one of the most important criteria, second is the materials of the product. Now, as you might imagine, there are many different ways that a company can make a shoulder holster. If you head to a store or look online, you will get overwhelmed with an assortment of styles. Now, as we performed our research, we realized that the best products on the market today are designed with the consumer in mind. The reality is, not everyone is left-handed, and not everyone is right-handed. In this, top-end companies began to create products for all users, regardless of what their hand-strength was. In addition to this, we also took the time to look at the images to see how the product was physically built. Does the design of the product make sense? Does it appear to complex for use? These are types of questions that we asked, leading us to the best 10 products listed above.


Carrying a shoulder may not always be the most comfortable experience if you are not wearing one of the best shoulder holsters on the market. As we began our process of picking out the best products available to you, we made it our dominant intention to only pick products that were built with comfortability in mind. If you are new, you are going to want to look at the types of materials that a manufacturer is using and how they are talking about comfortability features. In today’s article, you will find that almost every single product was built with some comfortability mechanism. Whether that meant softer materials or even the inclusion of padding – only the best manufacturers understand what’s important to consumers.


Given the nature of a shoulder holster, it’s important that the product is built with durability and longevity in mind. Do you really want to buy a shoulder holster that snaps on the first day? Of course, not! This is the reasoning behind why, during our evaluation process, we made it our intention to only look for products that boast in durability and offer consumers a near lifetime experience. To find out this information, we first began looking at the images of each product and how it appeared. From there, we looked at our different companies talked about the build of the product. Is the company talking about the durability? How long do they say the product will last? To ensure readers, we even went as far to look at what previous customers were saying about their experience with durability. If you choose to do this – be careful to cast aside any biased opinions.


Sizing is always an incredibly important consideration. You would not want to buy a shoulder holster that you were excited about – just to find out, it’s too big or small. Before jumping into performing our research, we knew that sizing is an important characteristic. As we looked at each product, we were careful to only highlight products that came in either multiple sizes or one-size fits all with numerous adjustable features. Additionally, we always wanted to ensure that each manufacturer offered consumers enough information regarding how to figure out what size was best for them. Typically, this can be done through a visual size-chart or a description. As with any notable feature, we always suggest that consumers should double-check this information with what consumers have said. Since sizing is always a major concern and problem, most customers will reflect on the sizing of the product.

Cost to Value Ratio

In our opinion, one of the most important aspects that we need to take into consideration when evaluating any product, whether a shoulder holster or not – is the cost to value ratio. What many people may not know is that only through measuring the cost to value ratio can we, as responsible consumers, understand if we are getting our money’s worth for a purchase. Now, when it comes to the shoulder holster industry, we took the time to first, look at the price tag of the product. In this, we compared it to what other companies are charging. Typically, as you might have picked up from our article, all products that are considered “best in class” charge a relative price. In other words, they are all close together. From there, we took the time to evaluate the value of each product, in relation to its costs. This leads us to answer questions like: What value does this product offer at this price tag? Are there products that offer more value at a better price tag?


The last consideration that we would like to mention is the idea of an appeal. Now, all shoulder holsters on our list are meant for the art of concealment. So, the aesthetic appeal is not as important as aspects above; however, it can make a significant difference for a consumer that is comparing similar products that are the same price, offering the same value. With that being said, when developing our list, our intention was to take appeal into mind. As you can tell from the images in the article, every single shoulder holster on our list offers some degree of visual appeal, making it a favorable option. Now, we would like to mention, the appeal of the product should never be the selling factor. If you are finding a manufacturer focusing on the aesthetic design rather than the safety or material design – you should skip that company and move on.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you need a shoulder holster?

A: If you are new to the industry, chances are, you might be wondering – do you really need a shoulder holster? Now, this is a great question. You might be thinking – can’t you simply just buy a pair of tactical pants or maybe a belt holster for holding a weapon? However, as many people may share, such equipment and gear can be uncomfortable. In addition, shoulder holsters have proven to become more popular because they are comfortable, safe, and secure. On top of this, shoulder holsters offer an increased sense of reliability and control. Don’t forget, since a shoulder holster is attached to the shoulder of the body it also does a great job of concealing. So, if you are in a field that may require such efforts for work, or perhaps you are a hunter wanting to make it easy to carry equipment and tools, a shoulder holster might be perfect for you!

Q: How do you know how a shoulder holster will fit?

A: If you are wondering whether a shoulder holster will fit your body frame, you should first consult with the sizing chart that most companies offer consumers. You may find this as a visual graph or in the product description. Now, we would like to say, you should not make an impulse purchase right after looking at the sizing chart. If you want to ensure that a shoulder holster will fit your size frame, you should then consult with previous customers. Since sizing is such a major concern for many consumers – you can guarantee you will find individuals talking about their experience. Pay close attention to individuals who talk about the sizing and fit. You should also note whether or not the product comes with adjustable features.

Q: What types of guns can a shoulder holster fit?

A: This is quite a complex question – not from the perspective that it’s difficult. However, it’s a complex in the sense that there is no “real” answer to the question. In truth, every single shoulder holster is designed differently. Due to this, each shoulder holster is designed to fit a specific selection of guns. So, if you are interested in learning what type of guns a shoulder holster may be able to fit – you will need to look at the specific product’s manufacturer. Given the importance of the question, most companies will share with consumers a list of possibilities.

Q: How do you clean a shoulder holster?

A: This is an absolutely great question that many consumers are asking. Now, before we can offer any advice – we must say, if you are looking to learn how to clean a specific shoulder holster, you need to consult with the manufacturer first. Reason being, they are the creators of the product and know a lot more regarding how to maintain the material, specifically. You would not want to toss a shoulder holder into the washer machine, just to find out that it destroys the material, right? With that being said, we highly recommend taking the time to research the material of the shoulder holster. If there are scuff marks or dirt on the holster, you may be able to find a DIY cleaning routine, based on the material used to make the product. Evidently, before you use any chemicals, contact the manufacturer.

Q: What are the best materials to look for in a shoulder holster?

A: One question that many customers are wondering is what is the best material to look for in a shoulder holster. In our opinion, the best material on the market today is called Cordura. This is a very high-class type of nylon that can truly withstand anything that you toss at it. This means, the material is not only waterproof, it’s wear-and-tear proof, stain-proof, and even rip-proof. With that being said, on our list today, there were a few products that were made from this high-quality material. If you note, these products are typically a tad more expensive than regular products, simply because of the quality of materials.


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