Best Horse Treats Reviewed & Rated for Quality

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to keep a box of horse treats around the barn. A treat is a great way to reward your horse as well as feed it a snack between meal times. Many people use snacks for training purposes which helps to reward positive behaviors and encourages the horse to follow their commands. You can use treats to reward your horse after having gone on a long trail ride and you can even use them to help assist you with grooming your horse. Treats can be used to assist in grooming a horse or trimming their hooves. Sneaky, cleaver owners will even use treats to trick their horse to come back into the yard when they escape from the fenced-in area.

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Featured Recommendations

Rooster Booster Aloe Advantage
  • Rooster Booster Aloe Advantage
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Bite-Sized
  • Price: See Here
Mrs. Pastures Cookies for Horse
  • Mrs. Pastures Cookies for Horse
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Made in the USA
  • Price: See Here
Equus Magnificus German
  • Equus Magnificus German
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Grains
  • Price: See Here

Just like there are lots of uses for horse treats, there are also plenty of different brands that are available as well. You will want to look for treats that last for a long time and won’t go bad instantly. Another factor that you will want to think about is how nutritious and healthy the treats are for your horse. Finally, you will want to find treats that your horse will love to eat. The best treats will be able to cover all three of these categories; to not only make sure they stay good, are nutritious, but you horse loves them as well. I mean, what good are treats for horses if your horse does not find them appealing?


10 Best Horse Treats


1. Rooster Booster Aloe

1. Rooster Booster Aloe
Rooster Boost Aloe Advantage Poppermints is a great snack to give to your horse. It is loaded with peppermint flavor so that your equine friend will love you each time you give him or her a poppermint. The snack itself is made of nutritious grains that will give the animal plenty of energy and it comes in bite sizes so that they are easy to eat.
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The poppermints are flavored with peppermint. Peppermint is a flavor that many horses love so you will likely find that your hooved friend will love you every time that you give them one.

Bite Sized

Each poppermint is small and bite size. This makes it easy for you to give out one or two poppermints since they fit into your hand easily so that you can hand feed.

Cost and Value

You will find this item sold at a price that is slightly lower than the average price. The lower price turns them into an excellent value since you get a lot without paying a lot.
  • They are made of a variety of different grains so that they are nutritious.
  • Each poppermint is bite-sized so that they fit in your hand.
  • They are loaded with a peppermint flavor that makes them tasty.
  • You can also give these to ponies, donkeys, and mules.
  • They come in a container that is easy to open and store.
  • You will need to keep them away from rodents and insects.
  • The small size makes it easy to overfeed them to the animals.

2. Mrs. Pastures Cookies

2. Mrs. Pastures Cookies
The Mrs. Pastures brand cookies feature an award-winning recipe. This makes them great for keeping around the ranch or in the barn since horses will absolutely love them. Each cookie is small enough to fit in your hand so that you can easily feed them to the animal. Owners will love the fact that they are fully made in the United States.
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Made in the USA

You will love the fact that these cookies are made in the United States of America. This will allow you to trust the fact that they are made with high American food safety standards.

Natural Ingrediants

These cookies are made with natural ingredients. The natural ingredients make them into a healthy option because there are no artificial ingredients that could be unhealthy or have unknown side effects.

Cost and Value

You will find this item sold at a price that is higher than the average price. The higher price is due to them being made in the United States with natural ingredients.
  • They are made in the United States of America in California.
  • These cookies have won awards from Horse Journal by Michael Plumb.
  • They will not fall apart while they are in your pocket.
  • These are primarily made of oats, wheat, and other grains.
  • Each cookie is hard and crunchy so that the horse will love it.
  • They can develop mold if they are not stored properly.
  • The make isn't always consistent and will sometime have fewer oats.

3. Equus Magnificus German

3. Equus Magnificus German
The minty muffins are a great treat for any equine friends that love the flavor of peppermint. These muffins are loaded with molasses so that they are sweet and taste great. There is a mint in the center of them so that the horse gets fresh breath from eating them as well. It is a great choice for when you need to give medicine as well.
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Each of the muffins is high in molasses which gives them a sweet flavor. This will make the horse thank you each time they get one of these treats thanks to the flavor.


Each of the muffins is high in different grains. This allows the animal to get more than enough nutrients as well as digest the treat easily and naturally which is good for them.

Cost and Value

You will find these muffins sold at a price that is slightly higher than the average price. They are an excellent value for the premium since they are loaded with molasses.
  • They have a mint in the center of each muffin.
  • Each muffin is full of flavor and is high in molasses.
  • You can use them for giving medicine to the horse.
  • They are made of all natural ingredients so they are healthy.
  • They are made with actual peppermint oil rather than artificial flavor.
  • Some reviewers have considered the size to be too small.
  • They can get sticky if there are stored above room temperature.

4. Majesty's Omega Wafers

4. Majesty's Omega Wafers
These wafers double as a treat and as a supplement. You can give them to the animal to help support the immune system, skin, and the coat which will help it be healthier and look great. They are NASC certified as well so you can trust that the product will do what it is claiming to do. They are easy to use and taste great.
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Dietary Supplement

This product contains omega 3, 6, and 9 as well as biotin which help to support the immune system, coat, and the skin to help the horse look its best.

No Bake Wafers

You do not need to bake the wafers in order to give them to the horse. They are fully cooked and ready to eat which makes them really easy to use.

Cost and Value

You will find this product sold at a price that is considered to be average. This makes it into an excellent value since you will not have to overpay for it.
  • You will get a supply that will last for two months in each bag.
  • Each of the wafers is ready to eat and doesn't require baking.
  • The product has been certified by the NASC for credibility.
  • Each wafer contains omega oils 3, 6, and 9.
  • The wafers will help to support the hooves, hair, and the coat.
  • You have to remember to give the horse the proper portions.
  • It's not suitable to be used for training purposes.

5. Quiko Ginger Ridge

5. Quiko Ginger Ridge
This is a great option to consider if you are looking for a multigrain treat that is free of GMO ingredients. Each one of the wafers is flavored with orange and anise and baked into a star-shaped biscuit. They are fun to give to the animal and taste great so your horse will absolutely love the flavor of these biscuits.
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GMO Free

There are plenty of people who have concerns about eating foods that are made with genetically modified organism (GMOs). These biscuits do not have any ingredients that are made with GMOs.

Orange and Anise

Each of the biscuits is flavored with orange oil and anise. This will give them a flavor that tastes similar to an orange licorice which your horse will absolutely love.

Cost and Value

You should plan on seeing a bag of superstars sold at a price that is lower than the average price. This makes them into a bargain buy since you will get a lot of value for your money.
  • All of the treats are made of natural ingredients and free of GMOs.
  • They are flavored with orange and anise to make them taste great.
  • Each wafer is made into a bright colored star shape.
  • They are sealed in bags that are flushed with nitrogen.
  • Each biscuit has multiple grains for nutrition and energy support.
  • Some reviewers have struggled to get their horse to eat them.
  • Each biscuit is hard and you can't break it up to put into food.

6. Manna Pro Apple

6. Manna Pro Apple
Just about every horse loves the sweet taste of apples which is why Manna Pro makes apple flavored nuggets that you can give to your equine buddy. They are made in the USA so you can trust that they are made with reputable food safety standards. Furthermore, each one of the nuggets is a perfect size that makes them great to use for training.
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Apple Flavored

Each one of these nuggets is flavored with apple. Apple is a great flavor because it is popular with horses so you will have no trouble getting your horse to eat the treat.


The manufacturer guarantees that the horse will love the treats and offers to refund your purchase if the horse doesn't like them. This means you won't get stuck with a bag of treats that you can't use.

Cost and Value

You will find this item sold at a rock bottom price which turns it into a bargain buy. Each 4-pound bag has more than 300 treats so you get plenty of value in this item.
  • The product is made in the United States so you can trust it's safety.
  • Each one of the treats is flavored with apple for great taste.
  • There are little nuggets so that they are great for training.
  • You can get your purchase refunded if the horse won't eat them.
  • Each four-pound bag comes with over three hundred treats.
  • Some reviewers have reported that the animals get bored with them.
  • People who have tried them say they have a bad taste.

7. Stud Muffins

7. Stud Muffins
Stud Muffins are a handmade product that you can trust. Each one of them is loaded with protein and they have flax seed to give the animal additional energy. This is a completely natural product with ingredients that are nutritious and healthy so they are perfect to use when you are training or when you are on a long ride.
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Natural Ingrediants

The product does not use any artificial ingredients. Instead, you will see whole wheat, barley, molasses, flax seed, and other all natural ingredients that will provide the animal with plenty of energy.

Hand Made

Every one of these stud muffins is made by hand. This means that you can trust that they were made with care rather than being manufactured at some plant by a machine.

Cost and Value

You will find that this product is sold at a price that is considered to be average. This makes it into an excellent value since you are not going to overpay for it.
  • Each one of the treats is handmade by a person.
  • They use all natural ingredients rather than artificial ones for health.
  • It contains additional protein which will help to give an energy boost.
  • There is flax seed as well to provide additional energy.
  • They are sold in a sealed buck to help them last.
  • They can get stale if you aren't careful about storing them.
  • The container is not durable and can get cracked or broken.

8. Equus Magnificus Muffins

8. Equus Magnificus Muffins
These muffins are a great option for when you need to give medication to the animals. They are large enough to slide a pill inside of them so that the horse doesn't notice the pill and will take their medicine. You can also use them for training purposes as well since they smell and taste great which makes the horse desire them.
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Each one of the muffins is large enough to allow you to slip a pill inside of the muffin. This will help you when it is time to give the animal medication.

Great Smell

They are scented which will make the animal want to have one of the muffins. The scent will make it easier to give the muffin to the horse since they smell and taste great.

Cost and Value

You will notice that the product is sold at a price that is higher than the average. This is because it is a premium product that is made of all natural ingredients.
  • It's sold in a sealable container so that it lasts longer.
  • All of the ingredients used in it are all natural.
  • The muffins smell great and entice the animal to want one.
  • You can slip medication into the muffins so the animal doesn't notice it.
  • They are sweet and chewy because they are high in molasses.
  • You will need to take care to store them or they go bad quickly.
  • Reviewers have reported that worms get into them if you aren't careful.

9. Probios Digestion Support

9. Probios Digestion Support
Probios has been specifically formulated to help support digest without having to use an lactose. This is a great way to help boost the animal's digestive system in order to help alleviate health issues that are related to the digestive system. Each one of the wafers helps to maintain a proper balance of bacteria in the animal's GI tract so that it feels better.
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Live Bacillus

Each one of the wafers contains live Bacillus bacteria which will help to maintain a proper balance of bacteria in the GI tract of the animal and help it to digest food easier.

Apple Flavored

The wafers have been flavored with apple. Apple is a flavor that is loved by almost all breeds of horses and having apple flavoring is a great way to get them to eat it.

Cost and Value

You will find this product sold at a price that is lower than the average price. This makes it into an excellent value since you get digestion support without having to spend too much.
  • The wafers do not contain an lactose in them for easier digestion.
  • They are filled with bacteria that helps to promote a healthy GI.
  • All breeds of horses will benefit from this product so it's versatile.
  • They are flavored with apple which makes them easier to give.
  • The wafers will help to promote the absorption of nutrients.
  • The apple flavoring is an artificial ingredient rather than a natural one.
  • It can be hard to get some horses to eat these.

10. Manna Pro Apple Wafers

10. Manna Pro Apple Wafers
This is a wafer that is flavored with apple so that the animal will love how they taste. You can easily use them for training because of the small size that makes them easy to chew as well. You can easily carry these around in your pocket which makes them perfect to take along with you while you are on a trail ride.
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Easy to Give

You can give up to two pounds of these treats in a single day so they are ideal for training since they won't result in a lot of weight gain.

Small Size

Each of the wafers is baked into a small size which lets you keep them right in your pocket. The animals will have no trouble chewing the wafers either so they are great for that reason also.

Cost and Value

You will find this product sold at a price that is considered to be around the average price. The price turns them into an excellent value because you get a lot of wafers in a single bag.
  • Each twenty-pound bag contains over seven hundred treats.
  • The wafers come in either an apple or peppermint flavor.
  • They are small which makes them easy for the animal to chew.
  • The size also makes them easy to carry in your pocket.
  • These wafers are made in the United States of America.
  • Some reviewers feel that they are too large to be used for training.
  • They are hard which makes them difficult to break apart.

Treats are a great way for you to interact with your animal. Giving a treat is a great way to reinforce positive behavior so they are great to use for training purposes. Every single time you see a behavior from your horse that you want to reinforce, you can give it a treat. This way, the horse will continue to engage in behaviors that will inevitably end up in the animal getting a treat. This tells the horse that it has done a job well done. You can also use treats as a way to give medicine to the horse as well. Sometimes animals are reluctant to take their medicine but you can disguise a pill by putting it inside of a treat.

The best treats are the ones that support the health of the animal and taste great. You will notice that there are plenty of differently flavored treats so it will be easy to find one that works for you. Many of these treats are made of whole grains and natural ingredients so it is easy to give your horse a boost of energy when it needs on. Treats are generally small and can easily be carried around in your pocket so you can take them with you when you are riding on the trail or grooming your horse. There are plenty of reasons to give your horse a treat so you should always pick the best ones.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Horse Treats


When you are looking for treats to give to your horse, you will want to make sure that they are nutritious and aren’t loaded full of calories. A horse’s snacks act the same way a snack does with a person. If you snack on unhealthy treats, you will ultimately be unhealthy. If you snack on healthy treats, you will be healthier. If they are loaded with calories, you can end up causing the animal to gain weight which will work against its long-term health. Therefore, one of the first things that you are going to want to do is look at the ingredients label to see what is used in the treat.

Some people also have concerns about artificial ingredients and GMOs. Artificial ingredients are ingredients that are used in place of natural ingredients. Maple syrup is a common example because what most people consider to be maple syrup is, in fact, corn syrup that has been flavored to taste like maple syrup. The same principle holds true with animal treats as well. Sometimes a treat is apple flavored but instead of using apples to produce the flavor, they use sugar, can contain artificial coloring, and other sweeteners to make it taste like apples. Artificial ingredients can be higher in calories plus they may not always be safe.

GMO stands for a genetically modified organism. These are plants and animals that have been altered at the DNA level. For example, many GMO plants grow longer roots to reach water or they are resistant to certain herbicides. There are plenty of people who do not want to consume food made of these products because the health consequences are still largely unknown. If you are concerned about using GMO or artificial ingredients, then you should try and look for snacks that use all natural ingredients. This will help give you piece of mind that you are giving healthy snacks to your horse.

Type of Treat

When it comes to snacks, you will typically see nugget, biscuits, wafers, and muffins. Naturally, the animal is going to let you know what kind of snack it prefers but there may be reasons to introduce it to one snack over another kind. It may require a little bit of trial and error in order to figure which snack type your horse is actually going to want to eat so don’t be afraid to experiment. You may even find that the animal likes several different kinds of treats, and could be used in progression with training sessions based on which one the animal likes more.

The nugget is a small snack that isn’t shaped in any particular way. Since they are small, they make great choices for training since you can keep them in your pocket and give out one or two as needed. Nuggets are also easy for the animal to chew but they don’t work well for hiding medicine. Biscuits and wafers are circle shaped snacks that tend to be flat. You will notice that they vary in their size so sometimes you will need to break them apart in order to hand out the proper potion.

Muffins are larger snacks that are shaped like the type of muffin that people eat. These are great for training but they are also perfect for giving the animal medication. The reason is that they are large enough to stuff a pill into them which keeps the animal from noticing that there is medicine in the treat. Many of these muffins can be broken apart for training purposes as well. If you aren’t sure what kind of treat to get, then you may want to start with the muffin because they can be used for training and medication purposes.

Shelf Live

The shelf live refers to how long the snack will last when it has been stored properly. There are two different considerations when it comes to the shelf life that you are going to want to think about when you are purchasing snacks for the horse. On the one hand, a longer shelf life will mean that there is less chance of the snacks spoiling prior to you giving them to the horse. This will result in less waste and it will give you more value for the money.

However, there is a downside to a longer shelf life that you also going to need to be aware of as well. In order to keep food from spoiling, the manufacturer has to reduce the water content and increase the sodium in the food. It also needs to be more acidic as well and you may have to store the snacks at a specific temperature. In other words, the more protected the snacks are from spoiling, the higher chance that they will not be as healthy either.

You are going to need to find the proper balance between the two concerns. If you give your animal snacks that are spoiled, then there is a good chance that it will get sick from food poisoning. This certainly isn’t the outcome that you are going to want to experience when you are trying to reward your horse. On the other hand, well-preserved snacks are likely to contain more sodium and they will be drier than snacks that have a short shelf life. This can cause a loss of flavor and make them less healthy than snacks that have a shorter shelf life.


It isn’t going to matter how nutritious the snack is or what shape it is made in if the animal doesn’t like how it tastes. The flavor is going to be a deciding factor for the animal and if your horse doesn’t like the flavor of the snack then good luck trying to get it to eat it. Chances are that horse will likely refuse the eat the snack or it might just spit it out. For this reason, you are going to need to figure out what sort of flavors your horse likes in order to get treats that it will actually want to eat.

This is going to take some trial and error because all horses are different and have different personalities. For example, some animals really love the taste of apples but can’t stand peppermint. If this is the case, then you are going to want to look for apple flavored treats and avoid the peppermint ones. It is also likely that some horses will prefer the texture of dry and crunchy treats while other ones would rather each treats that are soft and chewy.

As the horse’s owner or trainer, it is up to you to figure out which kind of snacks the horse will eat. The good news is that many brands of snacks come in multiple flavors or textures. This will help you try out different combinations of flavors and textures to see what the horse will actually want to eat. It is also possible for horses to get bored with a particular snack as well so you will need to find out some backup treats when this happens. The better job you do at this the happier the animal will be.


The packaging directly relates to the storage of the treats. It matters because you are going to need a way to keep the treats fresh and tasting good but also protect them from insects, rodents, and worms. It’s not going to be a good use of your hard spent money if you enter your barn and find that all of the treats were eaten by a wild animal such as a raccoon. When you are looking at snacks for your animals, you should pay attention to the packaging to see if it is sufficient to keep unwanted pests away from the snacks.

Sometimes the snacks come in a sealed plastic bucket that has a snapping lid. This is the best kind of packaging for a few different reasons. One reason is that the plastic keeps moisture from humidity from entering into the snacks which will help them last longer. This will keep them from developing mold and going bad. Additionally, it is hard for animals like the horse or even rodents to get into the bucket and steal the treats. Most of the time the plastic is too thick for them to chew through.

Many treats are sold in paper or plastic bags. If you get treats that are packaged in this fashion, then you are going to need to take steps to protect them. Animals can easily chew through such packaging or even claw it open and shred it. It is a good idea to store them in a locking metal cabinet or some other secure area to keep this from happing. This will help to protect your inventory of snacks so that the horses get them rather than critters.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I give the treats to other animals?

A: The answer to this question is going to depend on what is used to make the treat and what animal you are planning on giving it to. Horses have different anatomy from a dog but they are similar to a donkey. In this case, it may be fine to give the treat to the donkey but not to a dog. If you plan on giving the treat to something other than a horse, then you need to read the ingredients making sure they are safe for the animal.

Q: Can I put a treat in the horse’s food?

A: There are plenty of cases where it is common to put a treat into an animal’s feed in order to encourage it to eat its dinner. When you are doing this, you should try and avoid putting the snack into the food as one piece. A clever horse will simply pick out the snack and ignore the rest of its meal. Instead, you should try and break it up and mix it through the food.

Q: Are GMO ingredients safe?

A: GMO soybeans have been around since the mid-1990s and people have been eating them for years without even realizing it. This isn’t to say that they are necessarily safe for everyone but many people have been eating GMO food for a long time without any problems. However, every GMO is different and there is a lot that isn’t known about them. Just because GMO soybeans are safe doesn’t mean that GMO salmon is safe. It can’t be definitively said if GMOs are safe or unsafe. There is too much that we do not know.

Q: Can dietary supplements be used as treats?

A: They can, but there is a catch. A dietary supplement is intended to support the animal’s diet and needs to be given according to the directions. You may use one or two a day as a treat, but you should never use them for training purposes or give them out in a quantity that exceeds the recommended use. They are fine to use at meal times to encourage the animal to eat and they work great for promoting health.

Q: Why should I buy treats rather than making my own?

A: There are usually two reasons to prefer buying a treat rather than making your own. One reason is convenience since you do not need to spend time making and baking your own snacks. The other one is shelf life since manufactured snacks are designed for warehousing, distribution, and merchandising and will last longer than treats that you make yourself. If you want to make your own treats, then go for it since there are plenty of recipes available.

Q: How do you feed a horse a treat?

A:  Feeding a horse a treat is rather simple.  The individual should lay out their hand, palm up, with their fingers flat together and bend backwards towards the ground.  The individual then, with the other hand, places the treat on their palm. They then can offer their palm to the horse, who will take the treat. This allows for the individual’s fingers to be out of the way when the animal goes to bite the treat.


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