Best DSLR Camera Bags Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Virtually everyone loves quality images captured using a high-quality camera. Whether you are a professional photographer or do photography for fun, you would appreciate a good camera with high-quality lenses.

High-quality lenses make it even more important to carry it in a sturdy bag that will ensure it remains protected from scratches and accidental falls. The bag should also feature several padded interior compartments for easy organization and extra protection.

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The previous review listed all high-quality camera bags. Three brands had multiple items. There are other brands that have higher ratings from customers and experts. Two of items were replaced to expand the list of brands. They are the Canon 2400 SLR Gadget Bag and BAGSMART Compact Camera Shoulder Bag. They rated higher enough to be placed in the top three.

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Canon 2400 SLR Gadget Bag
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  • BAGSMART Compact
  • 4.7 out of 5
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AmazonBasics Large
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Taking good care of your DSLR camera ensures it lasts long enough to serve all of your photography needs without thinking about replacement shortly. With so many camera designs on the market, manufacturers of camera bags have been forced to improve their models to match those of modern-day cameras constantly.

However, these camera bags have grown in popularity and numbers, and it has increasingly becoming difficult to choose the right one. If you are enthusiastic about photography, you need to get a good camera bag to help protect your expensive equipment while providing ease of movement and access on the go.

Every avid photographer appreciates a good quality camera bag to hold all of the accessories and items that need to escort the camera. Also, the safety of the camera remains a top priority when shopping for a good quality camera bag.

The environment presents several harsh elements that may be harmful to your camera. For utmost protection from these elements, always do take your time when shopping for a camera bag to ensure it would serve the purpose for which it was designed. Without wasting much time, below are the best camera bags reviewed for quality.


10 Best DSLR Camera Bags


1. Canon 2400 SLR Gadget Bag

1. Canon 2400 SLR Gadget Bag
Those who love Canon products will be well-satisfied with the Canon 2400 SLR Gadget Bag. It is excellent for those who don’t like Canon products also. It is a shoulder strap bag that is easy to get off and on. The size of the bag makes gear accessible. Dividers let you move items around inside.
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There are two quick-release buckles on the front flap. The flap covers the entire bag. Five movable, padded dividers on the inside of the bag can be configured to meet the gear needs. There are two convenient buckled tripod loops on the underside of the bag. The smooth back of the bag minimizes wear and tear, and friction caused when the bag bounces against the body.

Two rubber feet protect the bag from damage when placed on the ground. The Canon logo is displayed on the front. An overlapping strap that is touch fastened connects two top grab handles. There is also an adjustable, removable shoulder strap that is ergonomically curved and non-slip.


A large front pocket with a zipper can hold accessories and small items. Inside there are two additional slash pockets for carrying such things as a battery, a lens cloth, and memory cards. The two zippered accessory side pockets are meant for filters and other items similar in size. The bag has a mesh pocket on the inside of the lid.

Cost and Value

The Gadget Bag 2400 is a Cordura bag that is rated to hold a lens attached Canon DSLR. It is designed to carry the DSLR camera having a standard lens, accessories, and a tripod. The bag is compatible with many cameras and lens kits. It is reasonably priced.


Buckled bottom tripod loops

Lots of padding on the top

Plenty of pockets

Rubber feet ground protection


Velcro on the handles serves no apparent purpose

2. BAGSMART Compact Camera Shoulder Bag

2. BAGSMART Compact Camera Shoulder Bag
The BAGSMART Compact Camera Shoulder Bag allows customizing spaces for a mirrorless camera or small DSLR gear. It is made of water-repellant and rugged polyester. The bag has padded shoulder straps.
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There is room to store a DSLR, one or two exchange lenses, water bottle and accessories like a charger, battery, cables, and memory cards. Features of the bag include a solid, padded handle.

A trolley strap attaches to a suitcase while traveling. The adjustable, padded shoulder strap and padded grip handle provide versatility and comfort. The bag is compatible with Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Olympus cameras.

Protective Design

The bag offers superior protection. The design has extra cushion to protect the camera. It has an opening style that protects the camera from falling. A reversed zipper design prevents water from getting into the bag.

Concealed on the back is a rain cover for unexpected weather. The bottom is reinforced with thick vinyl to ensure long-lasting use and provide extra protection. The three padded dividers have velcro that makes putting and fixing portable accessories easy. They protect the equipment from shock and bumps.

Cost and Value

There are three main compartments and six mesh pockets. There are so many pockets that often, some go unused. Two side pockets hold water bottles. A front zipper pocket holds the camera and accessories such as memory cards, a battery, and cables. The back pocket holds valuables like wallets, iPhones, earphones, and keys.

The rain cover is an unexpected perk. There is a small piece of velcro on the luggage strap that can be attached to the handle to keep rolling luggage in place. The bag is available in three colors - grey, heather blue, and heather red. The bag is priced in line with other camera ba

Convenient pockets

Great design




Velcro on dividers pulls at the lining when rearranging.

3. AmazonBasics Large

3. AmazonBasics Large
This large bag is great for carrying your digital camera and lenses or any other camera accessories that you may wish to bring on your photography mission. The removable interior allows you to adjust it to fit the body of virtually any DSLR camera, including up to 3 camera lenses as well as other camera accessories you may be having.
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Tablet Compartment

There is no need to leave your tablet at home on your way to the wild and yet there is plenty of room left for it. The bag features a padded slot for tablet devices.


The AmazonBasics bag provides comfort on the go using its adjustable, extra-padded, shoulder straps. It would still feel comfortable even when fully loaded with your gear.

Cost and Value

The bag provides enough space for camera and accessories, including your tablet gadget, which will enjoy a padded compartment to protect it against damage caused by impact. The bag is pocket-friendly too.

Thick, padded compartment for tablet device

Enough room for camera equipment and accessories, as well as tablet

Sturdy straps for safe-carrying

Removable interior to fit any DSLR camera body


The straps are not very durable

May not be large enough for those who carry several items

4. Kattee Leather

4. Kattee Leather
This leather product allows you to bring your dear DSLR camera with you whenever you are going on outdoor trips to the wild. This will give your camera equipment and accessories all the protection needed to ensure they are safe. If you are a digital photojournalist or sports and news photographer, then this canvas shoulder bag is for you.
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Durable Double Bags

This retro and classic style SLR camera bag is durable with a cotton liner to deliver the ultimate comfort your camera needs. It will outlast most bags on the market.

Flexible Inner Liner

With two adjustable and fully padded dividers, the bag features a flexible and highly customizable interior with a built-in microfiber cloth to help provide the protection your camera’s LCD screen needs, as nicks and scratches could ruin your shot.

Cost and Value

The interior of the camera bag is very soft and offers your equipment the protection it needs against scratches, all for a small price of a few dollars.

A cotton liner for complete care

Padded dividers for interior customization and flexibility

Microfiber cloth to offer protection to camera’s LCD screen

Simple structure to make it easy to use


Sharp metal zippers could damage your gear if not careful

May not have enough space for ‘heavy packers’

5. eCostConnection Medium

5. eCostConnection Medium
This medium carry bag features soft padding for your camera equipment. Whether you have a Canon, Nikon, or Sony camera, you can be sure that your equipment will be safe and protected once you pack it inside here. The sturdy construction makes it durable and easy to carry to your travel destination for your photo-shoot event.
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Sturdy Construction

This is medium in size and features sturdy construction for durability and ease of movement. You can easily pack the essentials on the go.

Comfortable Carrying Handle

The bag has compact compartments to hold your camera equipment, with a carrying handle to make it easy to move around the forest while documenting the beauty of nature.

Cost and Value

The bag has 2 side pockets to hold as many accessories as the space will allow. The removable shoulder strap provides great convenience. In addition, it is affordable.

Sturdy construction to ensure durability when holding your camera equipment

2 side pockets to store camera accessories

Removable strap for great convenience

Comfortable handle for carrying with ease


Limited storage space

The straps are not sufficiently padded for extra comfort

6. USA Gear DIgital

6. USA Gear DIgital
This quality construction camera bag is another one of USA Gear’s great innovation works. You can quickly grab your camera through the side door while ensuring the rest of the equipment and accessories remain intact inside the bag so that you will never miss a shot. Its durability is based on the heavy-duty buckles, metal zippers, and reinforced handles.
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Room for Everything

Eight pockets are designed into the bag to hold your camera, batteries, adapters, flash drives, memory cards and other equipment you might find necessary. The space is large enough to keep all the gear yet the bag remains lightweight and portable.

Padded Protection

The laptop slot is fully padded and zipped for superior protection. Accidental bumps would not harm your laptop or cause scratches to your valuable camera equipment.

Cost and Value

The bag is fully padded for complete protection from accidental bumps that may cause scratches to your pieces of equipment, and the bag is spacious and has room for everything. It is affordable too.

Reinforced straps and handle make is easy to comfortably carry the bag

Spacious room to carry laptop, camera equipment and accessories

Padded laptop compartment for safekeeping

Metal zippers for durability and ease of access


Overstuffing the bag may cause it to be short-lived

Zippers are not as longlasting as the bag itself

7. Vanguard CSC

7. Vanguard CSC
This backpack is designed to fit your DSLR camera with lens attached. You can also bring 2 extra lenses, a 13-inch laptop, a flash drive and a couple of other accessories to your travel adventure. The padded interior will ensure that your equipment and other personal effects are safely protected during the whole journey. You will enjoy your leisure time or vacation without distraction.
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Padded Insert

This model comes with a thick, padded insert located in the lower compartments to hold your camera equipment with lens attached. Your camera will be fully protected from unexpected impact.

Complete Coverage Rain Cover

This product comes with a total coverage rain cover to help protect it and its contents from rain. Your equipment and accessories will stay dry in the event that there is a heavy downpour.

Cost and Value

With a padded 13” laptop compartment and padded insert for the camera, the bag offers the ultimate protection your items need. The rain cover will keep the water away. In addition, the price is quite modest but higher than most bags.

Complete coverage rain cover for protection against downpour

Padded compartments for laptop and camera

Several compartments, pockets and pouches to help you stay organized

Water-bottle side pockets for complete hydration


The camera compartment may not fit very large cameras with lens

The image on the Internet may not match actual size


This vintage-design DSLR/ SLR camera messenger bag is the true meaning of durability. Not only is it guaranteed to last longer than most other camera bags on the market, but the bag will all offer maximum protection even from water that might damage your equipment, thanks to its waterproof functionality. You never have to worry about the safety of your camera when it rains.
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This product is made of waterproof material to make you worry less about the rain and focus more on the wild experience. You can be sure that your equipment will be kept from moisture.

Various Compartments

This DSLR/ SLR camera holder is designed with several compartments to hold the camera, 2 lenses, a tablet, phone, and chargers. You can even bring your flash drives and memory cards with you.

Cost and Value

The product's waterproof design ensures you never have to worry about rainfall. With several compartments to carry accessories at a humble price of a few dollars, this is the real deal.

Waterproof for complete protection from moisture and rain

Several compartments to carry various accessories

Shockproof padded camera inserts for protection against scratches

Vintage design for hiking and travel


Ideal for travel but not everyday professional photography

Compartments of this bag may be a little too small for larger camera models

9. Altura Sling

9. Altura Sling
Altura has designed yet another sling backpack suitable for virtually any DLSR camera. Its lightweight makes it the perfect travel companion, with enough room for keeping your accessories and accessing them easily when needed. The padded divider compartments are highly customizable to fit your camera, lenses, as well as other accessories you might need to carry to your next trip to the world of adventure.
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Customizable Divider Walls

The bag features a highly customizable interior to accommodate your camera equipment no matter the shape or size. You can pack every accessory or item in its own place.

Mesh Pockets

This sling backpack also features mesh pockets to make it easy to carry camera accessories or other items to your adventure.

Cost and Value

With a customizable and padded interior designed to make it easy to store virtually any DSLR camera equipment, you can be sure that your money will be invested in the right product.

Lightweight and durable for reliability

Padded divider compartments for easy organization

Mesh pockets to hold more accessories

Quick side entry for easy access


Bag may be small for those who need much space

The straps are not very durable

10. Altura Photo Medium

10. Altura Photo Medium
This camera bag is both lightweight and portable. It is suitable for travel because of its compact nature, allowing you on-the-go access to your expensive camera for the ultimate photography session. It will comfortably store your items and protect virtually any DSLR camera, thanks to its versatile case. Whether you have a hybrid superzoom or mirrorless camera and its essentials, this is your ideal storage solution.
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Durable Polyester Material

Crafted from a highly durable polyester material, the bag is definitely long-lasting. The carry handle is also fitted with reinforced padding to make it durable and comfortable to carry.

Velcro Insert

Velcro-fastened padded insert is for keeping your camera and lens separate. You can also keep any other small camera accessories separately.

Cost and Value

Crafted from polyester material to ensure the bag will serve you for longer, and Velcro-fastened padded insert for keeping camera accessories separate, this bag gives peace of mind. It is also pocket-friendly.

The polyester material makes it durable

Velcro-fastened padded insert for easy organization

Lid opens fast and away from the body for easy access

Two zippered side-pockets to keep small accessories


Zippers may become broken after a while

Shoulder straps may also become ripped if you carry several heavy items

For avid photographers, photojournalists, sports and news photographers, and other photography enthusiasts out there, a good quality camera can make all the difference between success and failure. Whether you have ventured into professional photography or just looking to spend your leisure time documenting the wild using skilled photography, a high-quality camera is all you need to get the job done.

However, the challenge comes in when you want to transport your camera to the desired location. Carrying a camera presents numerous challenges for many people. Expensive cameras cannot be carried in just any bag; you have to invest in a good camera bag that will help protect your equipment.

Criteria Used for Evaluating the Best Camera Bags

Different manufacturers design and make different bags to suit different types of cameras and to appeal to different users. Do not be overwhelmed by a large number of camera bags available on the market today. You should take your time to select a good bag that will accommodate all of your camera accessories and the camera equipment itself.

Some of the features to consider, include the material used to make the bag, padded interior to protect your expensive camera, and bag size to accommodate all of your accessories and items. Adjustable straps to fit your size, padded handle for extra comfort, pockets, and compartments for easy organization are things to consider.

Also, consider pouches to hold several different things, and tough exterior to withstand the harsh elements of weather and the environment that might damage the bag itself, your equipment, and accessories. Below are the criteria for evaluating the best camera bag for your valuable gear, lenses, smartphone, laptop, tablet and a range of other accessories you need to make your photography work easier.

Material & Construction

Construction is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for your next camera bag. Whether you plan to use the camera bag for jungle trekking, hiking, or taking a stroll through the city, it is essential to consider the material used to make the bag. If you are an everyday photographer, the bag should be sturdy enough to withstand the rigor of day-to-day use.

The material should match the toughness required to withstand the harsh elements of the environment and outdoor activities. While it should be made of sturdy material to resist wear and tear, it should also be breathable to ensure you do not sweat so much that you feel uncomfortable carrying the material.

If you are a photographer residing in a wet city frequented by rains, then you should opt for waterproof material to keep out all the water and protect your equipment from water damage. You may also consider bags with total coverage cover to ensure you have less stress when there is a downpour.

Water damage potential makes it even more important to consider one with sealed zips to prevent water from seeping into the camera bag, as being outdoor exposes you and your equipment to various elements of weather.


The material used determines the bag’s weight. If you like carrying lightweight, then you should probably consider bags made of light material. Thick, waxed leather or canvas could significantly add to the overall weight of the bag and package.

While it might not become immediately apparent how much your package weighs, the weight of the bag when empty and the weight of the equipment and accessories you are carrying will make the bag so heavy that people with back issues will worsen their condition. It is advisable to avoid heavy material if you tend to experience back problems.

The material tends to affect the durability of the camera bag as well. In this regard, camera bags made from animals skin or leather material often outlast all of the other materials regarding strength. If leather is stitched together rather than glued, it is more likely to last longer.


Contrary to popular belief, bigger is never always better. The same is holds in the case for camera bags. Most people want bigger bags because they can be able to pack most things and move with them on the go. They can also have access to whatever they need while exploring the world of natural beauty.

However, are you ready to handle the weight that comes with size? Besides the weight, another issue of concern is the number of compartments and pockets or pouches. The more pouches and pockets there are, the better.

If you purchase a bag that has several compartments, you can have a place to store your camera equipment, lenses, laptop, tablet, phone, memory cards, flash drives, and any other accessories you may need during your field trip or crazy adventure.

However, all this depends on you as a person and the nature of the photography task you intend to undertake. If you are a professional photographer, then you should go for a large bag with several compartments, pouches, and pockets, as you are probably going to need more than just camera equipment on your photography assignment.

On the other hand, if you are a seasoned traveler who loves to document his or her journey and capture the beauty of nature, then you probably already know the importance of traveling light. You need to pack light and distinguish between what you want and what you will need during your field trip. In that case, you should probably choose a smaller, lighter camera bag that can accommodate your camera equipment, lenses and a few accessories you might need to make your travel complete.

Comfort and Fit

Photography can be a tiring task, especially if you are going to be doing it for a significant part of the day. If you need to walk around with your gear all day long, then you need to feel comfortable while at it. If your camera bag does not feel comfortable to carry around, then you probably won’t be doing it for longer.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced photographer, then you know the importance of having multiple camera bags to suit different occasions. You can alternate between a messenger bag, a shoulder bag, and a backpack. The choice depends on you as an individual, as people prefer to carry different types of backs as a matter of personal preference.

The backpack option is excellent for carrying several items. With two padded straps, it will be able to distribute the heavyweight evenly to allow you to carry the package more easily. You will feel comfortable carrying the bag all day long.

Also, backpacks are a lot more spacious than messenger bags. The only challenge comes in when you have to take it off your back to gain access to your camera equipment and other accessories. Unlike messenger bags which you can flip the top cover over and remove your camera equipment and lenses, there is no shortcut with the backpack.

If you keep changing the lenses and accessing your accessories continuously, then this option could be a little inconvenient. You probably need the messenger bag for quick and easy access to your equipment and other items.

The messenger bag is ideal for shooters who are quick and continuously change the lenses. If you will need to be accessing your bag several times as you take shots, then this option is probably good for you. All you have to do is swing the bag over, flip the top and remove your gear. Once you are done, you can then return the cover and swing it back.

While this can be convenient when keeping and retrieving cameras, it can feel uncomfortable if the photographer has to spend a major part of the day walking around carrying the bag and taking photos. Therefore, it is imperative to know what you will be carrying as well as how frequently you’ll need to use the items inside the camera bag.


While this might not be important as far as the functionality of the bag is concerned, appearance does appeal to personal taste and preference. Sometimes the appearance can impact the safety of the carrier. If you are going to carry the camera in a risky area frequented by gangs and thieves, then you are better off carrying a bag that conceals what is inside.

When someone looks at your bag, it should not immediately become apparent that you are carrying a DSLR/ SLR camera in an expensive-looking camera bag. Flashy and fancy bags tend to attract thieves everywhere you go.

Experienced photographers know the importance of concealing your items when going to an unfamiliar place. They ensure that the camera bag does not look appealing to potential muggers. If a mugger gets the idea that the bag contains thousands of dollars’ worth of expensive gear or state-of-the-art equipment, then you risk losing your camera equipment, camera bag and all the accessories inside. You could also lose your important pieces of works or pictures you have already taken. Sometimes, looking fancy in an unfriendly neighborhood can be costly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are camera bags?

A: These are large, sturdy construction pouches with compartments to keep camera equipment and accessories safely and retrieve them easily. If you are traveling and intend to use your camera to capture photographs and make memories, you probably need a camera bag to help protect your equipment from the harsh elements of the environment. Camera bags also feature thick, foam padding for complete protection.

Q: Why do I need a camera bag?

A: While you don’t necessarily need a camera bag to carry your camera equipment and that you can still use a regular backpack or messenger bag to transport your DSLR camera to where it is needed quickly, camera bags are specially designed to carry and protect camera equipment. They are also padded to protect other items, such as laptops and tablets, and feature several compartments to help you stay organized by putting every accessory or piece in place.

Q: What features does a good camera bag have?

A: If you are shopping for a camera bag, you should consider the size of the bag. You don’t want to be carrying a huge bag all day long if all you need is camera equipment, 1 or 2 lenses and a few accessories. Your comfort also matters. The bag should feel comfortable around your shoulders or on your back.

You should consider whether the straps are padded and thick enough to provide the much-needed comfort when you are photographing all day long. Also, look for high density and durable material that will last long while withstanding all the wear and tear as well as the rigor of day-to-day use. It should also have several compartments and pouches or pockets to help store and organize all of your accessories and equipment.

Q: Should I go for a messenger bag or a backpack?

A: Well, your choice of a bag should depend on what you intend to use the bag for, including how you will be using it. For instance, if you are going to be photographing all day, then you probably need a backpack because you will feel comfortable while doing it.

However, if your work will involve accessing the bag several times a day to change lenses with every shot taken, then you probably need a messenger bag because of ease of access. Personal taste and preference all do play a role in the choice of a camera bag.

Q: Where can I get a high-quality, reliable camera bag?

A: Most departmental stores across the country stock a wide variety of high-quality camera bags. However, for convenience, you can quickly log onto your personal computer or tablet and visit one of the popular e-commerce websites. You can quickly browse through the product description page and select one that meets your needs before placing your order. You can then have it delivered to you or your preferred location.

Q: How much will I be spending?

A: Camera bags vary in prices depending on features and functionalities. Some of the features that determine the cost of these bags include material, durability, size, design, compartments, padding, pockets and pouches, and so on. You can always find the price on the product description webpage.


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