Best Bed Canopies Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Bed canopies were once used in medieval times by wealthy lords and noblemen for various reasons, such as; privacy from others as the room was often shared by others. Other times they were used to keep insects away while sleeping. In the modern era bed canopies are used primarily as decorative accents.

Last Updated: October 16, 2018
By Bill Swanson:

This review has been updated to include links to proper care and cleaning of your canopy bed.

Featured Recommendations

  • Timbuktoo
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Two Openings
  • Price: See Here
  • Goplus
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Bigger Than Other Canopies
  • Price: See Here
Twinkle Star
  • Twinkle Star
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Easy Installation
  • Price: See Here

In colder environments, these types of canopies were also used to keep warmth within them, trapping your body heat, and creating a nice and healthy pocket of not-freezing temperatures in order to keep you warm at night. The drop-down sheets or nets were also often used to grant those using the bed more privacy either during sleep or during not-sleep.

Nowadays, we use bed canopies mostly more for luxury than necessity — at least “us” here in North America — though, the general design of these canopies hasn’t changed much over the last few hundred years.

It’s also common to use some form of a canopy when we city folk head to the bush for a little rest and relaxation, without purchasing the necessary acceptance of the bugs that live outdoors. But generally, the modern bed canopy is a luxurious item here in the west, and that’s exactly what we looked for.


10 Best Bed Canopies


1. Timbuktoo

1. Timbuktoo
They call it a “Luxury” right there in the name, and if Timbuktoo’s brand loyalty and reputation has anything to say about it, that’s exactly what it is. This easy to hang luxury bed canopy has a classic flavor, with a fancy feel. It has more holes per inch than almost every single of its competitors and refuses to keep fresh air out while keeping everything else from having access to your bed. Also included is a protective skirt design at the bottom of the veil, and a wonderfully protective carrying or storage bag.
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Most bed canopies have a glaring flaw, and it becomes dangerous for those that might get out of bed in the middle of the night, or fall off while sleeping: The only have a single opening and that opening is usually located at the foot of the bed. The Timbuktoo Mosquito Net has one opening on each side, making it extremely convenient to get out of bed without disrupting your partner (if you have one) or getting tangled in your canopy.

Internal Hook / Loop
There’s something to be said for manufacturers and designers that allow for more from their products. The fine folks at Timbuktoo added a hook (they call it an internal loop) within their canopy that is extremely easy to hang things off of. Add a mood light to your canopy. Hang a baby monitor or swirling mobile. Or be weird and hang another canopy within your canopy.

Cost and Value
Sitting atop our list of best bed canopies this luxury item offers a lot of value for a small investment. If you -- like we have -- consider for a moment the quality in construction, the thoughtfulness of its two biggest features, and the absolute ability to cover any size bed that exists in normal homes, you’ve got the perfect package, for barely any dough. That’s value.
  • Fits Single to California King
  • Protective Sack
  • Skirt protector
  • Two openings
  • Internal hook for additions
  • No colour variations
  • Won’t keep you warm

2. Goplus

2. Goplus
Remember not a few moments ago when we mentioned that most canopy veils are used for glamour and show, well this Goplus 4 corner canopy is the pinnacle of such a desire. In a year where most of us cannot afford a premium bedroom furniture, we sure aren’t going to be affording any four-post fancy beds designed specifically for the king and queen of game of thrones land (I’ve never watched that show). But this canopy will glamorously simulate such an elegance.
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Four Post Simulation
This egregiously gorgeous bed canopy takes the simple and aged design of a circular drop veil and adds four connecting corners to the mix. Using the screw hooks that come in the box, you can easily set up your Goplus, and have an elegant four-post feel without any of the actual posts. Step up your Malm game, and create a unique looking bedroom environment that can keep those bugs off at the same time.

Sometimes people mistakenly purchase nets or canopies thinking that the will do well as curtains, or blot out the sun. But if what you’re after is something that looks nice, and also keeps the bugs out, you’re not going to get a better quality net in many other places. The high quality polyester netting guarantees to keep nearly every bug out of your bed space.

Cost and Value
At around fifteen dollars, the Goplus four corner post bed adds a whole lot of luxury to an otherwise unglamorous situation, and it does what you’d want from a netted canopy to boot. Truly, can you put a price on simulated wealth? You can’t really. But if you were to try, I’m sure fifteen dollars would be a really great price to pay for such a thing.
  • Polyester net
  • Four post bed simulation
  • Low price point
  • Large size coverage
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Can open at corners
  • Fits small, order up a size

3. Twinkle Star

3. Twinkle Star
Another carrier for the standard sensation that is just doing one thing really well and not really trying to be the superstar at the party. The Twinkle Star is a general use bedroom canopy with zero flashy dangles trying to hang their hats on the purpose of this invention. This canopy can cover beds from a single to king, and stands at an impressive seven foot six inches tall and well hit the floor around nearly every bed on the market.
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Great Base
Many people that go for the plain janes of bed canopies are looking for more of a blank canvas than a simple canopy. The Twinkle Star -- which is named after baby crib mobile -- is a fantastic place to being if your of the crafty type, and there are many of great reviews and photographic evidence that shows the types of canopies you can create with just a few strings of lights.

No Frills
The easy, and simple life is the right life for a lot of people. The Twinkle Star is going to do everything you will ever want it to and doesn’t include a single frill. This is the best flavour of basic, and it won’t break the bank.

Cost and Value
Speaking of breaking said bank. You’ll find none of that charging beyond the roof here. It’s extremely reliable, fair priced, and all of the things that you need a bug-proof bed canopy to be. Less than twenty dollars will get you a very quality standard issue white mesh net mosquito net.
  • Large sized
  • Extra fine mesh net
  • Easy installation
  • 100% Polyester
  • Over 7ft.
  • Not flashy
  • One opening

4. EVEN Naturals

4. EVEN Naturals
Sometimes you just want to step into your sleeping environment and place all of the stresses of your day on hold. Those include the what little stress might come from an over indulgent shopping problem, or the extensively overwhelming market of bed canopies and bug nets. The Even Naturals canopy net is a no frills premium canopy that comes from a wide pedigree of solid construction, and well maintained business practices.
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Eco Friendly
Somewhere along the line, manufacturers began using dyes and chemicals to strengthen and color their mesh nettings, but Even Naturals does not. This one hundred percent eco-friendly material and manufactured mesh canvas contains no chemicals, and puts off no odor.

Designing and manufacturing mech nets, bug nets, and bed canopies doesn't sound like an overly complicated process. But it can be. However, with Even Naturals’ extensive background in manufacturing canopies (fifteen years, to be exact) means you get a quality above most others. Which directly correlates to the length of time in which an Even Naturals canopy will last.

Cost and Value
Being one of the best made canopies on the market, with the backing of over a decade of experience, and consisting of an eco-friendly net, extra fine mesh, and an extremely durable overall build, the Even Naturals Canopy is an absolute steal at around twenty bucks. If you’re looking for an uncomplicated product, for an astounding product, you’ve got it here.
  • Meticulously manufactured
  • Eco-friendly
  • Extra fine mesh
  • Extra large canopy size
  • Two openings
  • May not reach your floor
  • Few note a damaged product upon delivery

5. Housweety Princess Lace

5. Housweety Princess Lace
The highly rated, and elegantly adorable Princess Lace Canopy by Housweety takes the a more kid friendly approach to bolstering both protection and appearance of your bedroom set-up. Step up your adorable game with this addition that rains pink netting around nearly every size bed.
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Pink Lace
A real evolution in your young child’s bedroom, the pink colored net of the Princess canopy is made extra with it’s pink lace frills at the top of the waterfall. The embroidered flowers in multiple colours adds a flourish unexpected from canopies at this price range, and the laced drop edge truly adds a ton of aesthetic appeal to the entire package.

Bug Free
Another exemplary product that does exactly as advertised. The Housweety Princess Lace Canopy keeps the bugs out, and looks pretty darn great while it does its job. Though, depending on where you hang it above the bed, the Princess Lace Canopy might not have the length to reach all the way to the floor. So if you’re after this adorable product for the express purpose of a bug free bed, be smart about where you hang it.

Cost and Value
The average price, for a little bit of extra beauty in you or your child’s room, plus all of the given practical uses for a canopy net, and you’ve got yourself a pretty great value here with under twenty dollars.
  • Lace Top
  • Light Pink Colour
  • Low Price
  • Elegant design
  • Big Princess vibes
  • Some may consider it unsuitable for a boy’s room
  • No supplied mounting / hanging hardware

6. Boho & Beach

6. Boho & Beach
Have you ever sipped cold slushy beverages on a beach under the beautiful drapings of the sunny sky, an ocean breeze for a blanket, and a canopy for privacy? Well this brand name might sell you on that, but the Boho & Beach Canopy is probably more your speed if you like playing knights and wizards in your castle of a bedroom.
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Fantasy Life
A top halo coated in white feathers takes your bedroom fantasy adventures to a whole other realm. Prepare to fly atop the mountains or another world with these mount-like feathers. Adorning the sides of your functional bug net canopy are silver stars that bring the night skies into your bedroom. Take a trip to a fantasy life, with the Boho & Beach Bed Canopy.

Dreams For Your Daughters
In nearly every review for this product you will see a parent exclaiming how fantastical this is, and how much their daughter (teen or younger) truly adores this mesh mosquito net. An abundance of positive feedback directly (or slightly indirectly) from the exact target audience, in a positive light means magic.

Cost and Value
This is a premium canopy, and considering the success it has seen on the marketplace via reviews and comments, it’s safe to say that it’s a great one. Possibly the only thing holding this back is that it’s fifty percent more expensive than others attempting to hit the same audience. At over twenty bucks, the Boho & Beach Bed Canopy will cost you a few dollars more than others on this list.
  • Fits up to twin
  • Easy to set-up
  • Feather crown
  • Silver star inlay
  • Premium build quality
  • Premium price
  • More sheer than photographed

7. GYBest Lace Curtain

7. GYBest Lace Curtain
In a similar vein as our number three pick on this list, the GYBest Round Lace Curtain Dome does an astounding job of adding a little bit of extra flare to the canopy game. This time, with a little more sheer, and frills than the flower embroidery from the other item. It’s lightweight elegance, and gets the job done if you’re also looking for a proper bug mesh net to save you while you sleep.
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Glamour Colourshift
Pink is a fantastic color, no matter what way you look at it. And if the target audience or end user for this canopy happens to like pink, there in luck. But unlike many of the other canopies on this list, the GYBest Round Lace Curtain Dome comes in a lavender shade of purple, and a lilac turquoise shade of blue as well. Fit your mood, or your child's favorite color to your order, and get this awesome looking canopy just they way they like it.

Lace Dress
Though most have designed the peak of their canopy mesh nets to look simple, or are just hung over a frame, it’s a neglectful misuse of the first place that draws the eye when they look at a draping canopy over a bed. The GYBest Round Lace Curtain Dome has added a few layers of lace skirt to the top that truly makes this canopy stand out. It’s adorable, sweet, and glamorous.

Cost and Value
Cheaper than other premium canopies on this list, at around ten dollars, the Round Lace Curtain Dome does what is asked of it, and quite a bit that’s not asked (like greatly increasing the aesthetic value of your bed canopy), and at roughly half the price of other top tier bed mosquito nets. The Round Lace Curtain Dome is a tremendous value.
  • Beautiful colour options
  • Lace skirt at the top
  • 100% Polyester
  • Premium build materials
  • No premium price tag
  • No installation hardware
  • Will not fit larger beds

8. DaTong Pop-Up

8. DaTong Pop-Up
It’s no surprise that folks spending a little bit of money to keep their sleeping environment bug free might want to have a little bit more out of their mesh net or canopy. In comes the DaTong pop-up tent that acts as a canopy, but is self structured, and stands completely on it’s own without any mounting or holes in your walls. The DaTong pop-up is the best self supporting mesh canopy you can buy right now, for the price.
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More Than a Bedroom
If you’ve never had to try and mount or hang a normal bed canopy in the woods over your dining or picnic table, or even your tent, only to realize that you’ve have to park your things under a tree to give you something to attach it to. Well the DaTong Pop-Up tent is completely portable, and is self supported, so it can be opened up anywhere, including in the middle of nowhere.

Carry With You
Speaking of taking the DaTong Pop-Up tent to the middle of nowhere, your trip will be far easier thanks to the collapsable design, paired with its instant and easy set-up. The entire tent and canopy completely folds down to a flat, and packs away into a small carrying bag that is super easy to throw into your luggage, or motor vehicle.

Cost and Value
This canopy, or mesh mosquito net runs a little high in comparison to the rest of the items on this list, but being that it is self sufficient, that increase in dollars might be worth it depending on whether or not you’re seeking a canopy for things other than your bed. If you’re on the hunt for something that just stays above you bed, the value might not be here with the DaTong Pop-up.
  • Packs down small
  • Travel friendly
  • Premium build quality
  • Lace accents
  • Bottom netting
  • Above average price
  • Single colour option

9. Sid Trading Triple Lace

9. Sid Trading Triple Lace
When you look to step up your canopy game, and you want those extra frills, there are some great options out there. But the Sid Trading Triple Lace Canopy lands on our list because it does the insane upgrade to your elegance you’re seeking, but doesn’t fall into that childlike wonder category.
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Medieval Legacy
Stepping up that glamour and climbing back into the 17th century, the Sid Trading Triple Lace canopy has a frilled peak with multiple (probably triple, thanks to the clues in the name of the product) layers of lace fringe that speaks to a beautiful, and more mature version of some of these other products. The shape, and the design at the peak also remind us of a castle tower, and who doesn’t want to add a little medieval elegance to your decor.

Large Canopy
As the main goal of these bed canopies is usually to keep pestering insects from getting at your delicious skin while you sleep, there is an awful lot of canopies on the market that don’t fit around common bed sizes. Nor do they reach the ground around said beds, which is mostly necessary if you’re looking to create a proper bug seal around bed.

Cost and Value
Some extra frills and endearing design here will cost you a few extra dollars, but the extremely well-made materials used to combine into the making of the Sid Trading Triple Lace bed canopy are worth that bump. If you’re not one to take a blank canvas and make your ideal looking canopy, this option is a strong one for an out-of-the-box look.
  • Lace fringe peak
  • Limited colourways
  • Easy to set-up
  • Premium quality materials
  • Large scale
  • Premium price
  • Complaints of wrong product shipped

10. OctoRose

10. OctoRose
Ripped straight from the dreams of our number two item on this list, we’ve got a slightly lower budget version with a little bit less of a clean finish. The OctoRose 4 Poster Bed Canopy is beautifully crafted, and works with or without actually having to spend a ton of money on a modern bed that has four posts.
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Many Colours
The one thing that the OctoRose 4 Poster has over any of the other four post simulated bed canopies is the insane amount of colour options it has. On the basic product page, you can choose between fifteen colors that include a wonderful shade of turquoise, a dark and romantic rose, a dreamy black and many more.

Fit Full
The OctoRose 4 Poster Bed Canopy includes mounting materials and hardware, and is smartly designed to fit beds from single to king size, making for a full range of fits from a single product. There is no visible example of these canopies not fitting a customers bed through product review scouring, and it will work as advertised in keeping your bed area protected from bugs.

Cost and Value
Slightly below average price for the type of premium canopy this falls under, the OctoRose 4 Poster Bed Canopy kicks your bedroom aesthetic up a dozen notches without breaking the bank. With the largest number of colour options available as well, the OctoRose steps up to the plate, and you won’t be hard pressed to find a colour to match your bedroom feel.
  • 100% Polyester
  • Comes with hardware
  • Insane amount of colour options
  • Four post simulation
  • Ideal price tag
  • No frills
  • Might be too large for small beds

No matter the reason you’re looking to put up a canopy over your bed, or a child’s bed, be it for bug protection, kicking the romantic atmosphere up into high gear, or adding some wonderous elegance to your bedroom aesthetic, there are plenty of options out on the market.

We found 10 amazing products that fall somewhere near the “average” price tag for bed canopies, and ensured that they brought a unique angle to the mesh net game.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Bed Canopies


Whether you’re buying a mesh netted bed canopy for protection or for any other reason, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is flushing money away.

We took building materials, and company practices into great consideration when choosing our list items here. This includes going back into the manufacturer’s product history, ensuring a long lineage of well-maintained production practices, and high-quality end products.

As proven by end user reviews, everything on this list is a prime example of the value of the price you pay for it.

Most (if not all) of these bed canopies are made with 100% polyester mesh netting, and well-made pipes and poles used to frame the bed canopy. Some of the products listed here come with mounting hardware, whereas others do not. Some are self-sustaining and stand up on their own, and the make and quality of all these aspects were taken into consideration when narrowing our search.


Oftentimes products that are specifically used for one thing in the past are maneuvered around their intended use to produce a different result.

In the world of bed canopies — which all began to provide users with added privacy, insect protection, and heat collection — people have gotten very artistic and interesting with the things that they adapt their canopies for.

It’s imperative that a loose product like a bed canopy isn’t pigeonholed into a single corner, but rather extends beyond an invented purpose.  

Aside from the unintended use cases, a good or great bed canopy should have many options, whether it be colorways, mounting options, or aesthetically generous with variable outcomes.

Flare & Elegance

In the 21st century, bed canopies are generally used to bring a lot of added glamour to your bedroom, whether it be just desired extension of aesthetic, or purposefully attempting to add a little romantic flair to your situation, they’re used mostly for looks.

Yes, some of the canopies on our list are plain. Some are standard on purpose. These are fantastic in two specific scenarios. The first is a world where you want just that. Plenty of people prefer to have a no-frills look in their accessories and furniture. The plain standard for bed canopies is exactly as advertised. You can’t go wrong there. The second scenario are those that want to add the flair themselves, and starting with the blankest canvas you can is key in this case.

Atop the list of elegance and flair, our choices look at aspects like the Goplus Four Corner that simulates extra elegance by mirroring the look of a four post bed canopy without the need to actually own a four poster yourself.

Others like the Princess Canopy add colorful flair and cute aesthetics to your bed canopy and can evoke feelings from fantasy worlds, or royalty. Additions include things like embroidered flowers, lace fringe, stars stitched on the mesh, or a feather halo on the peak.

The flare and added elegance when shopping for bed canopies are extremely key.


Of course, the biggest criteria for finding the perfect bed canopy for you is your own budget. There are a lot of pretty decent options, at almost any price point. You could blow the entire budget you have for that fancy new bed on an extremely luxurious silk canopy, but we steered clear from there.

Most folks will spend near the average, and that’s why we stuck to that bracket without choices. We have a few options that landed near the bottom of the average scale, as well as a handful of premium standard bed canopies that get near the roof of the range.

Things like a mesh bug netting bed canopy are like others, you get what you pay for. Finding an industry average price that translates well with a standard of quality assurance and premium build materials is a true gift, so we removed that need for you.

Even if you don’t find something you’re interested in getting on our list, you’ll leave with the knowledge you need to find an appropriate price range for a pretty great bed canopy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will it fit my bed?

A: Yes. In a general sense. Most bed canopies are designed in a single size, and that specific one size is meant to fit “all beds”. Some of the products on our list stop at the king sized bed on their fitment list, but others go well beyond to California kings, and texas kings to fit. Most canopies are adaptable, they are not solid at the bottom, meaning they can easily drape over many sizes of beds — apart from one item on our list that is a solid bottom entity, and cannot fit beds bigger than it’s bottom dimension.

Q: Does it come with mounting hardware?

A: Most of our picks do. But it’s not a standard in the market for bed canopies to include mounting hardware. Some come with hardware that you might not want to use, so it’s safe to say that you should not count on the fact that your newly purchased bed canopy will come with the hardware you need. Should they? Yes. It’s odd that all canopies don’t at least come with cheap hardware as an option to use once you get it into your home.  

Q: How much money should I spend?

A: Being that the price of these things can get a little wavy, and that the price of the canopies we put on this list was carefully considered prior to adding it to said list, we think you should spend around the average price for a fairly premium canopy. That price is roughly twenty dollars Canadian, and between ten to fifteen American. If you spend much less than that, expect to have to replace your canopy quickly, and if you’re spending far more than that, we hope you’re getting one that also sings you to sleep, or does your algebra homework.   

Q: Can I manipulate or customize it?

A: This will depend on how creative you are. Plenty of our options are a great place to start if you’re thinking of adding a little bit of flare to a standard issue canopy. If you’re the type to bite off fun and fruitful arts and crafts projects, then an interesting bed canopy is a very awesome thing to customize, as you will see it or use it every day.

Q. How can I properly care for my bed canopy?

A. At some point your canopy bed net will need to be cleaned. Proper care will allow your canopy to look good and last a long time. If your canopy has any type of decorative netting or beads it will more than likely need to be washed by hand. Canopies without excessive decoration can be washed in a washing machine on gentle cycle and air dried.


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