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Zeiss Conquest V6 Review Facts

Looking for your next long-range rifle scope to use on your next hunting trip? Well, you may find yourself stopping here on your hunt, as this one packs a definite notable punch in the world of scopes. Is it worth it, though, or is it just an average scope with a lot of hopes stored into its overall performance?

We aim to find out all the nitty-gritty details for you, and we hit the mark for all of our readers. Whether it holds up under fire or not, we will let you know and bring you the truth of the Zeiss Conquest V6. Get ready though, because like other scopes we have seen there isn’t just a ‘one size fits all riding out with us. We had to buckle down once again on which version we chose to write about because there are five, and each one has options on top of the base itself.

So, which one are we bringing to you? How about we mainly discuss the favorite? The 5-30×50 is the most purchased of all five types, so we’ll mainly be trying to stick with this as our topic- but we will toss in a little here and there about your other choices in this line of scope.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Well known company

Great materials

A lot of options


Easy to find information

Great eye-relief


0 is slightly off

Basic Features

The essential features of any scope come down to the fact that they all have magnification elements, and each one has a way to mount onto your rifle. In all truth, to call anything ‘basic’ for this particular group of scopes is downplaying a genuinely innovative design by a company that many felt had been falling behind amongst its competition. With V6, Zeiss has gathered all they have learned with the last several scopes and combined it to make one that surprised previous owners and had them wowing.

We’ll instead cover the different types offered here, giving you a little bit of an idea of what you have for base options. The five types are the 1-6x24, 2-12x50, 2.5-15x50, 3-18x50, and the one we are looking at the 5-30x50, which is the most popular version of this scope. The reason for this is due to its versatility in use for hunting.

Advanced Features

So, what are the additional options for these? Well, the first notable is the different focal plane reticles. Each type has a different set of reticles, and some only have a single option while others have two, three, or four choices.

The one we are looking at, the 5-30x50 has four different second plane reticles to choose from, all of these are non-illuminated.

There is the ZBr-1 #91, which uses the MOA standard of measurements with a line thickness of .14 at 25x with five magnification sets. The second option is the ZMOA-1 #93 and it has standard MOA with a thickness of .14 at 25x but only three magnification settings. Your third option is the mil-dot #43, which is cm/100 m measurements with line thickness being .3 at 30x, bar thickness at 1.7, dot size at 1.3, the distance between being ten and opening at 50. Finally, you have the Plex style #6, which again uses MOA standard, line thickness at .10, bar thickness at .58, no dot, and opening at 8.08.

The targets it can be used with are long-range target/shooting, target shooting, varmint/small/big game hunting and safari plains hunting. The guns it works best with are long-range target/game, varmint, and specialty rifles.

It has six-layer lens multi-coating, fluoride lenses, weather resistance, SCHOTT glass, low light transmission, two focal planes, six times zoom, is waterproof and nitrogen purged. To say that this particular scope has a lot of features, as we mentioned before, is an understatement. This specific model is anything but basic in the way the company has it set up for you no matter which version of it you go with.


Most scopes we have had the chance to research and check out have proven to be clear, but often we fond there is at least one or two aspects that the users claim could be improved upon. To our amazement, Zeiss seems to have been paying attention to these minor issues and gone all out to assure it is not an issue with this line. This scope doesn’t fog up or have problems with light or rain, which is a spot many scopes tend to pass on.

The part most seemed to indeed fall short on was eye-relief. This is not so with this product. We found that anyone we crossed who had tried this scope had no complaints at all in this area and actually felt impressed with it to the point of praising this aspect. The other side is if the relief was excellent, the field of vision often faltered between magnifications.

Often you had to either deal with haloes or a reduced area of range, which you could see without moving your weapon or yourself to find your target and keep it in your site. With this particular model, the field of view remained open, and there was much less of a need to move to see something as it traveled into your chosen target location. This was what wowed most users when they tried the scope.

Another issue of clarity was light and reflection, depending on when and where you were hunting. Glare is an issue that anything with glass magnification tends to have to either deal with or find a way to conquer. This scope had it conquered, and even without being illuminated, it held up in low light and prevented glare as well as light haloing effects, leaving your line of sight ultimately clear.

Primary Use

Though this has a few things it is not intended for, its versatility leaves a wide-open area for defining a ‘primary use. To put it as simply as we can, it is meant for users to easily target and shoot your choice of game or targets. This doesn’t cover what this can do, though and narrows its use from the high volume it can really do to sounding like it does next to nothing.

In case you missed our earlier mention, this gun can take on all forms of smaller game, targets, big game, and even safari plains game. It will keep you focused and able to target perfectly. We mentioned in the cons that this could be slightly off zero; however, what we couldn’t say was that this could be fixed with the right tools, knowledge and manuals. You can make sure 0 is right where it is supposed to be, so you hit every time you aim!

Not only is it great for the types of hunting we mentioned, but it also works with four types of rifles! Saying this product is anything but complex with a multitude of uses would not be honest. We want to get you excited and send you away with this scope on your list of things to dig deep into before you even chance passing it up for something else.


Everywhere we looked, we found nothing but praise for the longevity and reliability of this scope from its users. It held true to form no matter what type of testing was put to it and came out with flying colors and a higher than expected ranking in its class. With the lightweight body presented, this is a fantastic feat to hold for any product that has to handle high impact ritually to just be used.

Not only does it handle well on its own and keep its word on being defended against the elements, it also comes with another extremely coveted area of protection for you as a buyer. Every product this company makes comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer faults, and this model comes with an additional 5-year no-fault warranty on top of that! So, no matter what, your scope will be there for you, and that is extremely important for any hunter when considering which to purchase.


The appropriate mounting tools and equipment are essential with any scope you intend to use, and these are no different. The owner’s manual explains everything from start to finish for you and advises you to heed everything. This is important to prevent accidents not only to your equipment but for your safety as well. The immediate first instruction is to ensure you have a high-quality ring and base that properly fits your rifle. This is so that nothing goes wrong when you fire while using the scope.

Not following procedure is likely to cause injury to the shooter more than it is the scope itself. So the second thing in the manual is not an instruction, but a warning and explanation about recoil. This is because one of the first things you do when setting up is to set the eye-relief. The angle/position you plan to use can make all the difference. If you are planning to be prone, the biggest thing you can do to keep safe is to have it set to maximum eye-relief. Ater all, it is more important to make it home in one piece than it is to bring home a great haul.

If you follow every direction given in the manual, you’ll not only find set-up is easy, but that your scope will give you the best and most accurate shot you can get.


All together this scope has an 11-piece body that makes up every working part you need to know about in order to set up and use it. The manual gives a great break down of each and every area so that you can be as familiar with your scope as you need to be in order to get everything done. You can find the description for all of them within the manual and it gives you a visual rundown of how to reset your scope so that target is on 0.

The parts in the body are mainly broken down into three areas, and with this line, you do have a slight difference in the body appearance between the scopes. Other than size, the scope we were looking at flares out between the eyepiece and the elevation areas, in the manual A-D is wider and goes into the smaller tube area right after, and it flairs out again near the end of the scope.


Why is there no illumination when it comes to the larger scopes in this line? Isn’t it important enough, or desired enough to make it worth it? Well, there are two reasons for the choice on the larger scopes that do not have the illuminated reticle as an option, even though the smaller ones do.

So why? Well, the first reason is that they are larger, and one of the main draws for this particular model of scope is that it is incredibly lightweight for its size and use, even more so than the majority of its competition, and adding illumination means adding weight. Secondly, price, because they wanted to make sure that their scope could be afforded even at its larger scale.

All together this particular version of the scope is 27.9 oz and is still lighter weight than most others out there with similar magnification settings.


Normally this can run upwards of $1799 USD when purchasing it online. However, as this article was written it could be found on Amazon for only $1148 USD with free shipping which is quite a deal. This may seem pricey for a non-illuminated scope but combined with its warranty we have found that every owner is likely to tell you its worth every penny. While there are cheaper options available, you may find you get exactly what you pay for. This one gives you your money’s worth and then some.

Key Features

- Durable
- High quality
- Weather/water/shockproof
- Versatile
- Five main options
- Easy to use
- Adjustable

Bottom Line

If you want one of the most versatile scopes on the market, you have found it. While pricey, this scope won’t ever let you down. Its abilities are considered some of the best in its class.