Vortex Razor HD Gen II

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Vortex Razor HD Gen II Review Facts

Looking for a long range optic that has ultimate precision for your rifle? Vortex Razor HD Gen II is the rifle scope that will add to your existing rifle experience like no other. It is designed to dial in shots in environments that are extreme that you would not be able to touch before using this. With the 6x zoom range, the 34 mm single-piece aluminum aircraft-grade tubing and the L-Tec turret system this scope is in a league of its own. That is only a few of the many technical features that are engineered to give you one of the highest quality scopes available.

The Razor has a traditional design but the technically advanced features that any marksman would want in a scope. The illumination and magnification features increase your precision shot. The locking turrets let you dial it in and lock into place easily and quickly. Using this scope you get the most out of your rifle.

Editor's Pros & Cons

High Quality product

Precision and Accurate

Excellent optics

Controls are easy to use and laid out well


Heavy weight

Zeroing in takes a little to get used to

Basic Features

The Vortex knocked it out of the park with this scope. The magnification range is 4.5-30x and has EBR-1C MRAD Reticle that allows you to use it at multiple powers easily. The durable shockproof scope is fog proof and water resistant, so mother nature is not going to stop you from using this scope. It uses a basic cr2032 battery that averages 150 hours. Optically indexed lenses are used to optimize the image brightness and sharpness. Premium high density lenses that result in the clearest high definition images. The 34 mm diameter tube gives maximum internal adjustment and strength.

Advanced Features

The Vortex Razor HD II has advanced features that put this scope above others on the market. The Plasma Tech application provides unparalleled coating for performance and durability. It has First Focal Plane Retide where the scale of rectile is in proportion to the image which creates consistent and accurate results.

It has ArmorTek which is an ultra-hard coating that is scratch resistant acting like a protective armor for the exterior lenses. L-Tec Turrets are a great feature to prevent accidental adjustments. Reading the elevation and windage adjustments is quick and accurate with the turrets. It also has a Turret Zero Adjustment. This is useful for zeroing purposes as it provides an expanded adjustment range in case the L-Tec Zero Stop is ever disengaged. This system is a little different from other systems but once you do it, it is easy. It has less chance of messing it up and getting it right the first time.


The optical clarity of this Vortex HD is superior to the others in the category. Users were unanimous in the statement that they didn’t think this level of scope would make that big of a difference until they actually used it. Those that saw it at trade shows ordered it right off the floor, it is that impressive. It has a bigger field of view with a high level of resolution and better contrast.

Using an apochromatic objective lens system it will correct color across the entire visual field. It optimizes the brightness and sharpness of the image. The HD lens have XRPlus coating that has the highest level of light transmission with anti-reflective coating for maximum brightness on all air-to-glass surfaces.

First focal plan gives accurate holdover and ranging to all magnifications. Argon gas is used to prevent internal fogging in all temperatures giving you a clear and consistent view on your target. The side focus adjustment allows for easy access from the shooting position.

The reticle which is a pattern of fine lines built into the eyepiece of the scope provides measurements for the most optimum target or aiming experience. The turrets are used to change the impact by using the cross hairs to raise, lower or move sideways to get optimal aim.

The illumination feature could be considered daylight bright and is easy to use. It has 11 settings which can accommodate almost anything you would want to use it for. Simply pull out the knob and turn to use. No extra switches or tools needed which is nice when out on a hunt or in cover.

Primary Use

The obvious use of a rifle scope is to get the best aim possible. The Vortex HD Gen II is a top choice with users and testers. Amazed at the level of clarity along with precision they can get with the scope. It will provide you better vision and assurance of hitting your target. For a day at the range for target practice to a day out on the mountains your targets have never been this clear.

Using the Vortex will give you the confidence to take the shot and know you are spot on that you may not have had with other lower brand scopes. You can be far away from your target but feel like you are meters away. It is easy and extremely accurate which makes it an all round enjoyable shooting experience.

The Christmas tree style reticle gives a more accurate aim. Once you are zeroed in and do some target tracking, it is easy to make the adjustments needed. It gives a quick view to do an accurate adjustment by 1 ml. The scope offers a total of 33 MRAD elevation and total 14 MRAD windage adjustments. You get more precision with this style reticle than any other.


Everything about the Vortex says impressive and durable. There is no easier way to say it except this scope is made to be used. The details put into the material and the single tube construction make this one that you can pass down for generations. Lets start with the lenses. They go through a cutting edge Plasma Tech application process that is a coating for performance and durability that can not be matched. The reticle is glass-etched and protected between two (2) layers of glass to extra protection.
Then Vortex applies ArmorTek to all the exterior lenses which is an ultra scratch-resistant coating to protect against oil and dirt that can damage a lens.

All that material and protection was just for the lenses, now lets get into the rugged exterior. This scope not just looks tough but is tough. It was created from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum. This simply adds pure strength. It adds to the waterproof effectiveness as well. It has O-ring seals that will prevent dust, debris and moisture from getting into the rifle scope. The hard-coat anodization provides a matte finish to stay camouflaged.

This scope can withstand repetitive use and recoil without being effected. The locking features of the turret to the durable mounting rings that are torqued into place, giving this a secure fit for the longevity of your firearm. All the components are easy to clean and maintain. It is recommended to only use the lens cloth that come with scope. It is designed to remove debris that may be on your scope without scratching the lens. The scope itself can be wiped down for dust or dirt from a day at the range before storing.


Mounting the Vortex optic is easier than you may think. First things first, always check your rifle is safe and clear. Place the ring halves on the rails taking into account the eye relief of the scope. Lightly secure the halves yet leaving them movable for adjustments needed. Take your scope and set it in the rings and slide it into place. Put the top ring halves on and lightly secure again for later adjustment. Check for full surface contact of the rings by sliding the scope back to front and side to side. Tighten the bottom half rings making sure they are all the way forward on the recoil lug.

Slightly tighten the screws, your scope should still rotate and slide in the rings. Set the eye relief to where you can get the widest view you possibly can. Next use a bubble level to make sure it is rifle is level with the length first. Next will be level the scope to the rifle. Place the level on top of the turret and a second bubble level that sits on the rail. The two levels need to be identically level so adjust accordingly. Once they are lined up fasten the screws the rest of the way. A recommendation is to not tighten beyond the maximum torque for your specific rings.


Vortex wasted no expense on the quality products used to create this high end scope. The body is a single piece tube that ensures strength and its waterproof ability. Aircraft-grade aluminum gives the rigidity needed to keep this scope shockproof. It has a hard anodized stealth shadow finish. This hard durable coating provides a matte finish, to help camouflage the scope. All of the adjustable settings move with clean easy twisting and click into place without being loud. They are designed to move with just one hand to keep your other hand free and ready. The turrets are not spring loaded you simply pull up and adjust to where you need it. Once it is where you want it, push it down to lock into place. The adjustments have a knob type texture for easy grip and rotation.

The body design of the Vortx Razor HD Gen II is to create a scope that performs to its highest optic available level while being durable. The technology of the internal parts are protected by this engineered material to withstand not only the weather elements but the dirt and debris that can easily change or damage your scope. This body keeps the scope functioning for years of use without scratching the lenses or the outer shell.


There is no denying it, the Vortex Razor is one of the heaviest scopes on the market. It weighs in at 48.5 oz or just over 3 pounds. That is not necessarily a negative in all cases because it is packed with premium materials, used to give you the most clear long range magnification. The weight is only a fraction over some others in the category which once placed on the firearm you do not even notice the difference. It just feels massive when you take it out of the box. The durability for protection of the components but also can take repetitive use without showing any wear. When you are investing in a scope of this level that is important.


The initial thought of the Razor might seem like a lot however when you do comparisons you will find it is lower than it should be. The quality and performance far out performs those in the same price range. The Razor has the precision and reliability of scopes that are over $1,000 more in price. They also have a high level of customer service, providing quality service says a lot about a company and the products they represent.

Key Features

L-Tec Turret System
Magnification 4.5-30x
34 mm Aircraft-grade aluminum tubing
First Focal Plane Retide
XRPlus and ArmorTekcoated lenses
Durable coating
Easy Mounting
Fogproof and Water Resistant

Bottom Line

The Vapor Razor HD Gen II is a premium quality scope that users can not say enough to support why it is in the top of the category. Stating that they are amazed with craftsmanship, attention to detail and accuracy it testimony in itself. Designed with cutting edge technology and with the user in mind, it is worth every penny. The details really do matter, you will take this scope and experience for yourself.

From the single tubing to the crystal clear lenses and the L-tec turrets the quality is seen and shown in your shooting results. Quick adjustments, reliable accuracy and durability this will be a scope that you will take out of the box and continue to be your go to scope. Once you use it you, will tell all your friends about it and probably make they try yours.