A Thorough Guide on Choosing the Best Healthy Dog Food Brands for Fido

An in-depth guide on choosing healthy dog food. A Thorough Guide on Choosing the Best Healthy Dog Food Brands for Fido thegearhunt.com

You just adopted a puppy and introduced him to your home. His tail is wagging, and he is getting used to his new beautiful home. Did you know this new puppy needs to eat around four times per day? Not only do they need to eat quite frequently, but they also need healthy and high protein dog food.

The reason that your new pup needs a healthy dog food is that puppies grow at a quick rate. They need food that will help their growth and provide them with all the nutrients they will need.

Now, when you make your first visit to your local grocery store to look for a kind of dog food, you may be overwhelmed by the options. Below we will take a look at precisely what you will want to look for in nutritious dog food for your pup and some of the top brands. 

What Makes A Dog Food Nutritious

When you are looking for the perfect food for your pup and their growth, you will see that every dog food will tell you it is the best. The issue is that each product is going to want you to choose them, and it is up to you to sort through the junk. The first thing you want to know of is what makes a dog food nutritious. You will then be able to sort out the junk and decide on a healthy option that will be beneficial to your pup. 


So what makes a dog food healthy and nutritious? Well, first off, you need to understand that dogs need some protein. So if you are looking at an option that is made primarily from grain or vegetables, move along. This food is most likely just filler, and will not give your dog the protein that it needs to develop. So, your first step on finding that perfect food to make sure it has some protein in the ingredients.  

Fats & Carbohydrates

Another essential ingredient that needs to be in dog food for your pup is fat & carbohydrates. Now when we hear the words fat and carbs, we think they are bad. The case is that just like us humans, dogs need a balance of carbs and carbs. This balance will provide them with the energy they need to perform their daily routine.

Without any carbs or fatty acids, they would not have the energy to move around and play. Some examples of healthy carbs or fats that can be found in healthy dog food are vegetable oil or soybean oil. 


Like us humans, dogs need a variety of vitamins to make sure they develop and stay healthy. Look for a dog food that is rich in vitamins. This is a sign you are on your way to finding a healthy and balanced diet for your little pup.

One of the reasons why vitamins are so crucial to your dog’s development is because vitamins help develop strong and healthy bones and teeth and encourage hair growth. Think about your dog’s body as a machine, and vitamins are the oil that allows that machine to run smoothly.

The Bag Says It All

When looking at a bag of dog food for your pup, the ingredients are not the only place you should be looking at. The bag itself, at first glance, should tell you about the food that is contained inside.

By the way that the bag is advertised or by the name of the dog food, you should be able to decipher if this food is worth taking a closer look. Most of the time, if a company is not willing to invest in the way they present their product. They most likely are not investing in the quality of their dog food.       

If you want to take it a step further and make sure the dog food you are getting is the best option for your pup, you can always contact the company to get some more information and to learn how exactly it is processed. Overall, your dog is a part of your family, and you want what is best for them.

Canned Dog Food VS Bagged Food

Another dilemma, that comes to mind when looking for the perfect dog food for your pup, is if canned food or bagged food is better.

If you have looked into dog food already, then it is no surprise that wet food is more expensive. This is because wet food usually contains more fresh protein and less filler. With dry food, the reason it is more affordable is that it includes more grains.

If you can afford to keep your dog on a balanced diet of wet food, this may be the better option. But do not be fooled into thinking that every canned food is full of high proteins and vitamins. Make sure you take the same time you would find dry food and make sure the canned food you decide to go with is the best one for your dog.    

If you are looking for a high fiber dog food, then you may want to stick with a bagged food for your pup. You will find the most amount of fiber in dry foods, hence their dry texture.  

The Best Dog Foods For Your Pup

With all the options of dog food on the market, it can be tough to find which one will be best for your dog. That is why we decided to lend a hand and let you know about three types of dog food that are highly recommended by other dog owners. These options have been tested and have great results in providing your pup with the nutrients they need to strive.

Purina Pro

Purina has always been known for providing nutrients food to your dog. They have a variety of types of dog food, but the one that sits well with other dog owners is Purina Pro Focus. This dog food is manufactured specifically for puppies to help them get the proteins and nutrients they need to grow.

It is also made with omega-6 fatty acids and made from the real chicken, so you know your puppy will be getting everything they need. If you are still looking for dog food for your puppy, Purina Pro is a great brand to check out.   

IAMS Proactive

Another dog food that is packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals that will help develop a healthy lifestyle in your pup is IAMS Proactive. IAMS has always been a company that promoted a healthy lifestyle for your dog. They have looked to provide the best food possible to ensure your dog is healthy and active.

IAMS Proactive is made from high-quality proteins and made from all-natural ingredients. It is an excellent option if you are looking for new dog food for your little pup. You can also find IAMS at your local grocery or pet store, so you will have no issue finding this brand. 

Blue Wilderness

A great dog food if you are looking for one that is healthy and organic dog food is Blue Wilderness. Blue Wilderness is made from all organic and natural ingredients. If you decide to choose this dog food, you can sleep well, knowing your dog is getting one of the best options on the market.

Now, this brand does not have a cheap price tag but will provide your dog with the best food possible. There is a variety of Blue Wilderness products on the market. All are made with high-quality proteins, which are the most crucial ingredient you want to make sure are included in your dog’s food.

Always The Best For Your Dog

Your dog is part of your family, and they deserve the best. You have to consider that the food that you choose for your pup is the food that it will eat for the majority of their life. You want it to taste good, as well as provide them with the nutrients they need.

Look close at the food that you decide to provide for them. Do not solely choose it because of the price. If you can not afford to provide your dog with the best food, you should consider if owning a dog is for you. Look to provide your dog with the best life possible, and they will repay you in all the love they can provide.