The North Face Jester

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The North Face Jester Review Facts

If you heard adjectives such as spacious, sexy, comfy, and tough, what comes to mind? A pickup, perhaps? What would you say if those words were used to describe The North Face Jester Backpack?

The North Face Jester Backpack is a redesigned model that is made of 600D polyester. It is designed for the urban hiker (city use). There are more than 30 mixed and solid bold colors from which to choose. The backpack is lightweight with enough space for all the user’s work or school needs. It sports a mesh back panel or padded shoulder straps that have been newly redesigned. The large, main interior has a padded protective strap that holds a 15-inch laptop with space for folders, notebooks, and textbooks.

Another padded section is located in the exterior portion of the front that is perfect for a smartphone or tablet. Over the area, there is a bungee cord attached to carry items such as a bike helmet or jacket on the outside. There are two flexible and convenient mesh water bottle pockets. All pocket have secure zipper closures. Deflectors around the backpack provide nighttime safety. The backpack will not put a cramp on the wallet.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 28-liter capacity
  • 600D polyester fabric
  • Comfortably padded back mesh panel
  • Laptop and tablet sleeves
  • Large books fit in the main section
  • Lightweight
  • Molded shoulder straps for support
  • More than 30 mixed and solid bold colors offered
  • Well-organized design with multiple pockets
  • Few pockets for small items
  • Flexible material on the bottom does not permit the backpack to stand on its own


The backpack has all the necessary layers and elements. Whether going to school, hiking, or biking, The North Face Jester Backpack carries necessary items with style. The Jester has high-quality polyester and a unique design that will last a long time without construction damage.

Every person has a different purpose for a backpack. The North Face Jester Backpack meets multiple needs with its large compartments for books, a laptop, or clothes and a medium size compartment for extra layers or books. Besides the pockets for water bottles, there is a pocket for other equipment and keys.


It is both a sturdy and sleek sidekick for a tech-savvy hike. There is a variety of well-crafted materials and compartments. The fabric used in the making of the Jester is all very strong. They include 600D polyester, 4500 X 300D heather polyester, and 1200D polyester.


The comforts of the Jester include the way it feels when full, the room in the compartments, and the flexibility. The mesh back panel is padded and has what some reviewer describe as a highly breathable lumbar panel.

Users want to carry a load on their back all day to be a cool and sweat-free experience. The breathable material ventilation makes the backpack suitable for daily use. A sturdy lumbar panel provides the needed back support for hauling accessories and heavy textbooks to class.

At the top is a padded haul handle that is comfortable when toting backpack by hand. It is convenient when moving from one class to another in the same building. Carrying the pack is easier than using the straps each time. Either carry method is comfortable.

A couple of consumer comments said the shoulder straps were not as comfortable as advertised. The yoke suspension and many pockets for storing items make the Jester flexible. The flexible yoke is part of the updated FlexVent suspension system.

Its versatility affords users the comfort and freedom to wear the backpack in a suitable position for their body build. Several pockets of different types and sizes are located on the main interior compartment and the front.

In the front section, there are pockets with secure zippers to protect the table sleeve. This insulation area can be used to store smartphone and other types of electronics. Most of the weight is in the large main compartment where books and binders fit well.

A 15-inch laptop fits in a large section of the main compartment. The small backpack makes the user creative with space to remain organized. One reviewer claims the backpack feels plush against the back and makes an excellent pillow for taking a nap on the beach. The rigid FlexVent provides more than the basic support of many backpacks. The budget backpack offers a surprising amount of comfort.


The nylon fabric has a sturdy feel, and the thick zippers slide smoothly on their tracks. There are no apparent weak construction points. The packability is top notch for the size and price of the backpack. Well-contoured space makes packing easy.

The North Face has taken protective measures for the user and the items in the backpack. The pack has reflectors for nighttime safely, insulated sleeves for a tablet and a laptop. The interior laptop sleeve is padded to protect what is inside the backpack from bumps and falls.

The backpack holds a 15-inch tablet sleeve in the front section. Insulation around the laptop keeps it protected. The sections also protect from liquids spilled on the device. There is no manufacturer guarantee that the pack is waterproof, but the sealed padding affords some protection from liquids.

All around safety for nighttime or dark areas is provided by reflective shoulder strap webbing, water bottle tabs, and a bike-light loop. The deflectors increase the user’s visibility to others. The 28-liter pack responds to the user’s needs.

It is used mainly for city life or school. Even the young children of today have electronic devices that are used in the classroom and need to be protected. Tossing the items in with pencils, pens, notebooks, and books is no way to care for expensive things.

The pack protects the laptop well if it is dropped. A tablet or laptop is less likely to be damaged if it were in a pack without protection. A dirty backpack can be safely placed in the washing machine. It will stand up to many washings.

The maximum spine channel support and ventilation on the mesh back panels are responsive features. They keep the user’s back well-supported, cool, and dry. A sternum strap and whistle buckle are included for fastening purposes.

The streamlined backpack keeps down the clutter because the consumer utilizes all the well-organized space. This incredible backpack holds quite a bit of cargo for its small size. It requires diligence to shuffle items to make use of the provided space and keep them where they can be found easily.

It is worth the effort. The pack is capable of holding nearly as much as some large backpacks with support frames for stability. The backpack is sturdy but more economical and smaller. Smaller means lighter. If it is necessary to walk with a pack, it might as well be a sturdy, lightweight and comfortable backpack like the Jester.


The backpack has decent padding, but without a hip belt, the small pack should not be loaded with more than ten to 12 pounds. It has a capacity of 28 liters or 1587 cubic inches. The backpack weighs two pounds. The backpack feels snug and comfortable from the time the user puts it on. It is form fitting even when loaded to the maximum.


The Jester Backpack was designed as a backpack for grade school, high school, and college. It was made for city life. There is enough space for markers, pencils, pens, binders, notebooks, papers, and books. The pack is perfect for a person on the go. The Jester has a protective tablet and laptop sleeves in separate sections. A tablet pocket on the exterior can hold a smartphone. The main one is for the laptop.

Plenty of professionals use it for work daily. It is ideal for toting paperwork, binders, and folders from home to the office and back. There is room for clothes for the gym with a bungee cord to use for shoes on the outside.

Whether carrying a lot of things or a few, the Jester is an excellent way to carry them easily, safely, and comfortably. It can be used for commuting around town as well as effortlessly carrying a load of a post-work trek.


This is an excellent backpack line that offers more than 30 mixed and solid bold colors. Unless a school requires a specific color, it is hard to pick one due to all the choices. They are all stylish, modern, and bright.

People who purchased the backpack have said the colors look better than the photos. The 600D polyester pack is a frameless, 8-liter backpack designed for use in the city. It has a well-organized design with thoughtful details and multiple pockets. The backpack is a redesigned model from prior versions. Improvements included a cozy back panel and comfortable shoulder straps. The beautiful features and small size has gained online attraction.

The empty Jester backpack does not look like a flapjack. It serves most people well. Those looking for a super cool pack will likely look elsewhere. Any product has room for improvement. Though the Jester is a nearly ideal backpack, a couple of design elements need some work.


A bungee cord at the front, shoulder straps, and water bottle pockets are Jester support features. The front exterior has a durable bungee cord for storing additional items such as a bike helmet or jacket. For comfort and safety, the hands are free when carrying the backpack. Molded sturdy shoulder straps provide comfortable support for carrying the pack all day. Along with the storage space, the shoulder straps are an essential feature.

They take the most abuse and wear of any spot on the backpack. The redesign of the Jester model was partially done to make the shoulder straps more supportive and comfortable. Another supportive feature is the two side pockets for water bottles. They are easily accessible and kept away from papers, notebooks, and books on the interior.


The North Face Jester is a straight forward backpack for the daily urban lifestyle. A user’s laptop and other essentials can be stored in a large zippered compartment. Pens and other items fit into a small zippered compartment that is lined with micro-fleece.

The North Face FlexVent on the back panel provides robust support. The backpack is very basic. Exterior pockets are not outstanding, but they accomplish their purpose. The small stretch mesh pockets on the outside are for water bottles. The main portion of the backpack consists of two separate zippered pockets. A 15-inch laptop or a hydration bladder fits in the laptop/hydration sleeve. There is no port for the bladder hose.

Key Features

* External bungee storage system
* Four pockets - two small stretch mesh pockets and two zippered pockets
* Laptop/hydration sleeve
* Sternum strap with a whistle

Bottom Line

The North Face Jester Backpack has a unique look and all the backpack facilities needed. It has separate compartments to hold a laptop and extra layers or books. The safety shoulder features lock the backpack to the body and safe from danger.

It is more of a complete companion that makes a trip more enjoyable than a backpack. The North Face Jester has an improved design and suspension that may cause it to be4 the most popular backpack on campus.

The updated FlexVent suspension system is made of a lumbar panel; sealed, comfortable mesh back panel; and injection-molded shoulder straps. The flexible women-specific shoulder straps contour to a range of body types.

The internal organization of the front compartment consists of additional secure-zip pockets, a pendolier, and a tablet sleeve with extra padding. It holds a 15-inch laptop. Reflectivity is created by reflective shoulder strap webbing, water bottle tabs, and a bike-light loop.

The elastic bungee system update provides external storage. It has a comfortable padded top handle. The sternum strap has a whistle buckle. Without an internal frame, the backpack does not stand straight. There could be a few more pockets.

It is an excellent backpack that is protective of its contents, comfortable, spacious, for its size, and durable. It is a budget pick. The consumer gets a lot for a relatively small cost. It is a burly backpack that can easily handle a daily commute.