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Saucony Shadow 5000 Review Facts

Jogging allows the body to work in a different way than alternative workouts offer. Jogging not only helps increase the participant's heart rate higher than most sports but also allows several different areas of the body to work in order to assist with muscle growth and toning. Jogging also helps with other issues including high blood pressure, depression, and elevated mood. Though it may not be the most enjoyable sport when you first start out, there is something that can be said about the feeling one feels after finishing a job. I guess that's why they call it a "runners high".

Though there are several advantages to jogging, there are also disadvantages. This is usually due to the wear associated with running on the joints and the bones of the body. Hip replacements later in life are common among runners due to the wear that the hips experience over long periods of time. This can be helped by wearing proper running gear. This is especially important in the foot region. This is because a shoe that offers impact reduction seriously helps the number of ripples of the impact the body can face when stepping down.

Our website offers reviews on popular products. This article focuses on a set of running shoes by Saucony. This is our review of the Saucony Shadow 5000. We hope this article serves you in your next running shoe purchase. Happy jogging!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Affordably priced

High levels of cushioning and impact reduction

Impressive lacing system

Nice lightweight design


Not true to size/too narrow

Soft sides cause decreased stability


The Saucony Shadow 5000 offers Saucony's XT-600 triangular rubber traction outsole which is supposed to offer an increased level of traction, stickiness, and durability to the bottom of the shoe. Those who bought these runners found that the Saucony Shadow 5000 offers a very durable outsole which is beneficial for those looking for a long term product. The outsoles also seem to be lightweight in nature, not weighing down the shoe in any way. Those who bought this product appreciated the outsole which is really nice and super positive.


The midsole of these shoes is made with an EVA material which not only offers support and stability but can also help with cushioning and impact reduction. EVA is a strong rubber material that can be molded in order to contour the bottom of the foot. EVA is a common material used in running shoes due to these characteristics.

Those who bought these shoes found the midsoles to be supportive and stable. Though this is the case, some reviewers did find that the materials used on the sides of the shoe lacked the right amount of rigidity in order to offer the amount of support that they were accustomed to with older models offered by Saucony. This is discussed later in the article but it is mentioned now because it does start to impact the positive stability the midsoles provide to these shoes. Other than this issue, though, those who bought these shoes appreciated the cushioning and support offered by the midsole of the shoe which is positive.


The upper of the Saucony Shadow 5000 is a mix of suede and mesh. This is a very classic combo because mesh offers ventilation and suede is a very strong binding material that offers both durability and strength to the upper of the shoe. Mesh is important for ventilation because the thin material allows cooler air into the shoe and encourages hot air out of the shoe to keep feet at a more comfortable temperature. This is discussed a little more below in the breathability section.

Another area of the upper that is sometimes forgotten about is the lacing system of the shoe. These offer actual physical laces as oppose to straps or elastics. Those who bought these shoes were very happy with its lacing system, noting that though the sides seem to be a little weak the lacing system helps draw the shoe closer to the foot and helps with the overall contouring of the shoe (and support system). These shoes also come with additional shoelaces which reviewers appreciated as well.


Though the manufacturer's website does not state the actual weight of these shoes, reviewers were very happy with the weight of these shoes. A good deal of reviewers praised their lightweight nature and appreciated despite the support offered by the midsole, the durability of the outsole and the suede used across the upper, that these shoes were quite lightweight in nature which is really positive. This is, of course, important when using these runners for longer distances as this will help the runner go further longer.


As mentioned earlier, these runners offer mesh and suede across their upper. This is a nice combo as not only does the suede offer some strength and weather resistance to an otherwise weaker area of the shoe but the mesh also offers some breathability to the runner. Mesh is commonly used throughout the upper of most running shoes due to its ability to keep feel cooler. Ventilation is massively important in running shoes because this keeps feet cool and dry.

Sweat buildup is a problem when running and can often lead to blisters, slips and potential falls. Luckily with these running shoes, runners found that these shoes were breathable and well ventilated. This is a positive thing and made runners happy.


The Saucony Shadow 5000 offers different comfort features including a soft-touch collar for comfortable support of the ankle and heel. It also offers a soft-touch tongue lining for comfort of the upper foot. This ties in nicely with their lacing system which offers support and stability of the upper foot. They also offer a shock-absorbing EVA midsole which helps for a pain-free run.

Those who bought these runners were very happy with the amount of cushioning provided throughout the bottom of the shoe. They felt that the cushioning made these runners comfortable for long-term wear. Though they appreciated the cushioning offered by these runners, they did note that these shoes fit narrow which caused some pressure to the sides of the foot. This required sizing up in some cases and this should be noted before purchasing these shoes online. It may be wise to size up a half size or even full size depending on the width of the buyer's foot.


These shoes are narrow which makes them look a little sleeker in design. They are also are offered in numerous color options in order to suit individual styles. The upper uses a suede material which makes the shoes look higher quality as well.

Those who bought these shoes appreciated the materials used to construct these shoes. They felt that the shoes looked high quality and they also appreciated the general aesthetic of the shoe too. The website refers to the shoes as offering a "game fresh with the on-point colorways" and it seems that reviewers agreed. The majority of reviewers really liked the appearance of these shoes and didn't feel that they were too bulky which is ideal.


These shoes offer triangular lugs throughout the outsole of the shoe. The lugs not only help with the traction of the shoe but also helps with the durability of the shoe. The outsole is also thick enough that it doesn't wear through as far which reviewers were happy with. Suede is also a really durable material being a natural one. Suede is a type of leather and leather is weather resistant. Suede also doesn't succumb to sun damage as quickly as some synthetic products.

Those who bought these shoes were very happy with their level of durability. Many reviewers bought multiple of these runners as they found that they lasted a long time. When looking at the price point of these shoes, these shoes are very impressive. Considering they are quite durable and how low the price point is, they seem to be a great bang for your buck.


The protection of these runners is in the support and stability of the shoe. The shoe offers a lace-up front with speed lace lacing system which allows the runner to not only lace the runners up faster but also draws the shoe in tighter to the shoe. This works hand in hand with the midsoles of the shoes which contour the foot, protecting the ankle and the foot from damage when running. In addition to this, the midsole of the shoe offers impact reduction.

As stated in the intro of this article, impact reduction is ridiculously important in running shoes as this will help protect the bones and joints from the wear and tear that is often faced when running. These shoes, according to reviewers, offer a high level of impact reduction which helps runners with that wear and tear but also helps with shin splits which isn't exactly long term damage but definitely very painful in the short term.


As mentioned in the outsoles section, these shoes offer triangular lug rubber traction which helps grip to the pavement and helps the runner propel themselves forward. The outsoles of these shoes are also not terribly thick and this allows for better responsiveness. One note is that they aren't the thinnest outsoles available today which means that though these shoes do offer a fair bit of responsiveness, they don't offer the best available today. Though this is the case, the traction is good which helps with the runner's performance and due to the comfortable fit of the shoe runners are able to easily wear these shoes when competing for extended periods which is really positive.


The midsole in correspondence with the upper of the shoe offers support throughout the shoe, though many reviewers felt that Saucony has changed the quality of the materials used in order to construct these runners. A couple of reviewers felt that the suede material used isn't stiff enough and the overlays which typically offer stability and support through rigidity along the sides of the shoes weren't strong enough to actually offer support which is a bit of an issue. Though the support was great throughout the bottom of the shoe, the support seems to lack a touch along the sides. This hurts the stability as well as this means that with the movement of the foot, a runner may not find that the shoe stops them from rolls and sprang ankles.

Though this is the case, the upper is quite durable and suede isn't a cheap material so it does seem that though the shoes may be less stable, the materials used are quality materials. They just may not equate to an ideal protector of the ankle and foot.


These shoes are definitely meant to be worn as a gym companion or inner-city runner. It doesn't offer the necessary protection that trail runners require and do have some stability issues throughout the upper. Outside of these issues, they are attractive in design and offer a high level of comfort. Ideally, they should be used for inner-city running, the gym or as a daily runner for running errands or long days at work on the wearer's feet.


These runners are quite reasonably priced considering how reliable of a runner that they are. Not only are they attractive and lightweight in design but they are also incredibly durable which seriously helps with their price/cost comparison. Overall, they do seem to be worth the cost associated with them and those who bought one pair bought multiples solely based on their durability and cost.


These shoes offer a decent level of traction ideal for city streets, less so for trail running.


There was very little mentioned about the flexibility of these shoes. Though they are durable and reliable these shoes are probably not meant for high-performance athletes. They are, however, great for light running and gym-going which reviewers liked. The shoe itself is lightweight and easy to move in but due to their thicker outsole, they don't blend as well as compatible products which should be noted.


These shoes do offer a decent level of stability, though as mentioned earlier, due to the material used for the upper the stability is affected a little. Luckily, they offer good support and stability throughout the bottom of the shoe which helps.


There is nothing mentioned about the drop of the shoe both through the manufacturer's website or through the comments.


- Mesh and suede upper for ventilation and breathability
- Lace-up upper with race lace capabilities
- Top eyelets for durability
- Soft-touch collar for comfort
- Lined tongue for protection
- Shock-absorbing EVA midsole for stability
- XT-600 triangular lug for better traction
-Attractive design and multiple color options for individual style


Overall, these shoes seem to be highly reviewed by buyers. Those who bought these shoes appreciated them and they seemed to offer long term wear and a nice design. At this price point, it's hard to go wrong with these runners. Remember, they do fit a little narrow so sizing up may be required. They are also not probably ideal for trail running. They are great for those on a budget that are looking for a nice looking shoe with a long life span.