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Razer Xbox One Controller Review Facts

While we usually automatically go for the brand that develops the console when it comes to each as far as gamers are concerned, in this case, not only are we admiring an off-brand, but it seems Microsoft is acknowledging the fact this one deserves the same attention. You can find this controller on many sites, but we did notice the fact that Microsoft endorsed this one. That alone grabs the attention because no company with as good of a reputation as Microsoft holds in the industry is going to put their reputation on the line unless the company and its controller works at the same or greater standard. The Razer Wolverine apparently hits that bar and assures its place as deserving of a gamer’s consideration- whether for leisure or as a hardcore player. The Razer also has a similar pull as the Elite, just not quite at the same level. That being said, we would set this as being somewhere between the standard controller and the professional version Elite controller for its build.

If you are looking to be somewhere in the charts of making your way to be a professional player and want to start getting used to customizing your controller, but don’t want to dive in over your head, this is one you will want to think about purchasing. Its variety is just enough to get you into the swing of remaking your controller for your style without having too many options. Not only that but if you are one who despises the way your buttons react when you are playing, either too easy or too hard to get the reaction, this controller offers something we were drawn to in curiosity. If you want to know what had us going “hmm” and going over every little thing about it, read on and find out what makes this an interestingly unique controller. You may find yourself jumping at the opportunity to check it out first hand for yourself.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • No lag
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Customization
  • Onboard profile support
  • Easy to switch controllers
  • Works both on Console and PC (windows 10)
  • Not wireless
  • Only one size of Analog per set


This controller has taken its place right alongside the Elite controller as far as design is concerned. It doesn’t offer quite as many interchangeable pieces, however, it does have other features that turn the head. Extra buttons and controls can be found almost anywhere on this controller, and you can even use switches on it to change controller settings on the buttons themselves. What we mean is that there is a sliding switch that changes exactly how sensitive the buttons are to press. No more hair trigger if you don’t want it, but if that’s your preference, just push it the right way and suddenly your slightest tap will have your character reacting to you. This is important when switching between stealth and all-out warfare. In a stealth mission, if your controller has a hair trigger set up you could get spooked and end up accidentally giving away your position, which will quickly end your mission. However, having triggers that take a lot more to set off can cause problems in the middle of a major gun battle where stealth is not an option and you have to fire quickly if you want to stay alive. Not only can you set it before you start playing, but you can switch it in the middle of play so if you are playing a military style game you can use what you need based on each mission rather than having to save and quit to reset it.
With the ability to put on concave thumbsticks and having a controller with good rubber grips naturally in place, you are also not going to have to worry over losing your grip while playing as you might with some all plastic materials for the hardware. This controller comes with two sets of thumbsticks, one set concave, the other rounded, an interchangeable D-Pad so you can go from separate cross buttons to the faceted round pad instead, and it comes with the USB connection cord to set the controller up with either your Xbox One or PC to play. Unfortunately, this controller does not have wireless support, so you are going to have to work corded, but for some of us old school players, that isn’t too much of an issue. The nice part is that this professional grade (considered by some) controller comes with its case to keep everything in so you do not have to worry about losing the extra pieces when they aren’t in use.
It also has a quick menu button set up along the bottom which allows you to jump to the controller’s app on the One but is not yet supported on the PC. It has an onboard mic with a mute button that is also available on that bottom strip.
The biggest flaw in the hardware is the fact that the controller has a specifically shaped plug for its particular USB cable. Why is this bad? Well, like older controllers that could be unplugged on both ends (and let’s face it, most consoles are this way now) if you lose the cable connector, or it breaks somehow, there is only one way to get reconnected. No one likes being forced into the pocket of a single seller when that happens that usually means you can and will get your pocket gouged by them. So much to our chagrin, if the cord breaks or gets lost, we are likely going to pay a stupid amount to get new on or have to get a new controller altogether. Admittedly, this is a major dropping point for most. So, if you don’t want to have to worry about what you’ll have to do to get an additional power cord, then this may not be for you. If you don’t mind, however, this controller does seem to have an easier set up than most other controllers competing with the Elite.


The overall design is truly an awesome thing. While all the usual buttons are right where you would expect them to be for an Xbox controller, it has bonus buttons to set up for those who want much tighter control over their gameplay. This was wholly designed to be a reply to the Elite, but instead of ending up on the opposition, the controller actually gained enough notoriety that it has become a comparative option. It has everything set up to give the ultimate gaming feel in a professional way. Of course, the biggest differences are that the Elite has a bit more button replacement options than the Razer Wolverine Ultimate, and the Elite is fully capable of being completely wireless on both console and PC. There is also the fact that the Elite has full versatility on both PC and Console, which isn’t surprising since it is Microsoft who made it, and the Razer is an off-brand comparatively. Still, f what you are most concerned about is learning how to work with customized controllers, and are more looking for your Xbox One, this controller comes very close to what the Elite can do.
The way the buttons are set, and where, also makes this controller a Gamers friend, and the reason they aren’t as customizable is that there isn’t much of a need. The buttons are all in easy reach of the gamer’s fingers when playing and moving where they are located (as extra buttons) isn’t really going to make it any easier to use them. One thing we did note is that the Razer has that hard to soft trigger setting right on the controller instead of in some menu, which means you can literally change it on the controller without a menu.


To say this one performs well id probably an understatement when in reference to the One at least. If it couldn’t hold up to the high-quality standards of the original creators of the One, the controller wouldn’t have been mentioned by them directly as an alternative to the Elite. This controller performs without lag, is durable and not likely to easily break, and reacts easily to the touch of the player. The only performance issues this product seems to have had with the players really boils down to two things. The first is a little more important because it does affect the controller no matter whether you are choosing to use it with the console or the PC.
The way the controller is set up to switch out certain [ieces is through magnetics. They seem to hold up fairly decently when it comes to most gamers, but those that press harder or may get overly frustrated when playing will find the magnets might not hold out. This doesn’t mean the pieces will break, or that the magnets stop working as they are designed to, but rather that the pieces might slide or slip off. This is very apparent when or if you have little ones who tend to throw controllers (or if you do!), the pieces will pop off and you may have to go looking for them. If you are playing without such high stress and can control how hard you press and how much pressure you apply, it won’t be an issue, but this is something noted mostly by those who have kids.
The second issue is under development and will eventually be a moot point according to the company, however, and that is that certain features of the controller’s customization are not available on the PC. All of its features are available on the One, but the app doesn’t have quite as much versatility on the computer front just yet. There are promised updates to resolve it, however, so it may not be too far off before the Ultimate is capable of doing everything it is designed to do on the PC.


This is a moot point in the end since the controller is not exactly wireless, however, there are a few issues we mentioned earlier in its versatility spectrum even with it being wired. Its app only supplies certain features on the One, and not on the PC end, The basic controls are available on both devices, but the more advanced features are not. With updates to the app coming in the future, the designer has promised that this will eventually not be an issue anymore for those who chose to go with the Ultimate. While not entirely a connectivity issue. It is in its own way exactly that. One would not expect it to be true of a corded controller, but sometimes getting the product out seems to be of higher priority than finishing the programming to work with everything it is intended to.
Will we eventually see it be able to join the full connectivity as the Elite which actually allowed both PC and Mac users to enjoy the controller? Maybe, but since they still have not finished connecting it completely with Windows, it will be a long way off- so make sure what you are looking for is the One when choosing this controller for its full use.


This one carries a price tag to make most leisurely gamers flinch, and even some big-time gamers since it asks the same price as the official Xbox One Elite but still has some kinks to work out before it is as versatile as the other controller. Does it match up? Is it worth it? Well, in some ways this controller promises a lot more in its lifetime package. It has more options altogether with its predesigned buttons and switches. It does offer some extra buttons and interchangeable pieces. It does have an easy mapping system and its app for the One is exceptionally easy to use and set up. It even has a better grip on the controller’s base, and is just as durable, if not more so. If you want a lot of changing up physically, however, the Elite offers more, and they stay better, though the casing is said to not be quite as sturdy if thrown (which we hope isn’t a worry for most reading this!). For now, the $149 price tag also doesn’t sit well for those who want it for both console and PC, but again, it is likely to get that adaptability on the (near) future according to the company who developed it.

Key Features

-Comes with cord, extra pieces, and case
-Easy to use
-Highly durable
-Rubber grips on the handle as well as analogs
-Very responsive (on the Xbox)

Bottom Line

If you are searching for a great starter controller to use professionally on the One, this controller has a lot of appeals and is certainly worth looking into. If you are already considering the Elite, you may find this one easier i8n setup. It is definitely as durable and will last to see the extra development in store for it in the future. It’s endorsed enough to even show up on official sites with Microsoft brand products, so there is no denying quality. However, if your mainstay is PC and the One just happens to be your side companion, you may want to look at other controllers if you want instant versatility.