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North Face Aconcagua Review Facts

The North Face Aconcagua Jacket was created for hiking but is all-around weather resistant and warm jacket with many uses. It is a tough garment that will not disappoint whether it is used for rugged use, city life, activities, sports, or casual wear.

A Durable Water Repellent finish on the exterior that makes it resistant to wind and water. A hybrid filling is used for insulation in the baffles. A synthetic filler is used in the sides and shoulders of the men’s Aconcagua Jacket, but the body core and arms are filled with lightweight, fluffy, and warm goose down.

The well-insulated, relaxed-fit garment is made of down and polyester material. Seven vivid solid colors are available. More than 50 percent of the jacket is made of recycled substances. The full-frontal zipper permits easy access for simplicity and quick venting in taking off and putting on the jacket.

On the interior is chest pocket and on the exterior are hand pockets. All the pockets have secure zipper closures. There are a few customer concerns, but the Aconcagua is among the excellent high-quality products expected from the popular The North Face company.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Available in many vibrant solid colors
  • Created for hiking and winter outdoor activities
  • Easily accessible full-frontal zipper
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made of durable down, nylon, and polyester
  • No cold spots
  • Relaxed fit
  • Water and wind resistant
  • Well-insulated with synthetic and goose down filler
  • Complaints of neckline looking dirty after a couple of wears
  • Reports of down feathers that stick out from the seams


The North Face knows how to make durable, comfortable products. The garment has the durability that is expected of The North Face products. The North Face Aconcagua Jacket was first made a few years ago.

North Face continues to bring it back every year because of its popularity. The functional down jacket offers a casual mountain style and proven North Face durability. The North Face supplies ample 550-fill down for cozy warmth.

The jacket is even zip-in compatible with The North Face shells for extended versatility. The North Face Aconcagua Jacket is the ideal daily driver for winter weather warmth. The Aconcagua Jacket is one of The North Face favorite styles for every winter.

It has been updated from the original with a softer fabric and great new look and fit. The jacket is zip-in compatible with other The North Face shells. The jacket has snaps at the end of the sleeves to be used to snap into the ends of a The North Face shell. The Aconcagua Jacket is designed to flatter the body and still provide all the high-tech expected from The North Face.


One of the great things about down is that it is breathable.


The outstanding jacket has a high level of comfort. Several pockets permit the user to carry things, and a full-frontal zipper makes putting it on and taking it off easy. The zipper allows immediate ventilation if the jacket is too hot.

Ribbing on the cuffs seals out precipitation and cold air from creeping into the sleeves. The front zipper of the jacket extends to the neck giving protection to the neck area. Baffles that are filled with warm and lightweight goose down keep the wearer warm in the wettest and coldest weather.

Some customers said the item had a poor fit and movement was restricted. Ordering the proper size is crucial to the level of comfort. The comments were not widespread. Many reported the comfort level as high.


Some unusual comments appear in reviews made by consumers. After wearing the jacket a couple of times, the neckline is said to look dirty. It is an odd comment for a garment made of durable nylon and polyester. A black jacket may make the complaint less noticeable than lighter colors.

Some people reported down feather stuck out from the seams. The sewing is typically high-quality on The North Face products. Baffles are to be sewn tightly. Insulation should never be seen or felt. The negative comments were made multiple times.


The Aconcagua Jacket is available in sizes for men, women, boys, and girls. The jacket made for little girls provides more size options for ‘mini-mes’ or very petite women. It has a 550-fill down that is nice and warm, highly compressible, and very lightweight.

One of the benefits of the compressibility is, especially for little girls who take the jacket to school and don’t want to put it on right away, it can be stuffed into a backpack and fits nicely. The girls’ The North Face jacket is available in a floral print.

The jacket has the same satin nylon fabric that has a soft feel. It is also a goose down insulated jacket. There are also zipper hand warming pockets. The inside also has an ID label. A DWR treatment is used on the jacket as well. It can handle light precipitation and moisture well. It is a warm and stylish coat.

The North Face Boys' Aconcagua Jacket is a nice warm jacket. The boys’ jacket is a toasty lightweight down jacket. It is among the most popular pieces. Throughout the jacket, it is insulated with 100 percent 550-fill European goose down.

The shell is a lightweight nylon shell. It is lightweight but very durable. Other great features are lower hand warmer pockets that are lined with a soft brushed tricot to warm little hands that don’t wear gloves.

The zipper is such that it zips right in. One the inside of the jacket are great little features. When the wearer has the jacket zipped up and is hunkered down, it doesn’t chafe the nose and face. The inside of the jacket is finished off with a name tag spot for a name and phone number to be written in the event the jacket gets lost.

The nylon exterior is wind and water resistant. Even on cold, windy days, the jacket keeps the wearer warm. This jacket runs pretty true to size. It fits long enough in the sleeves which is great for tall people. The length hits a little below the top of a pair of jeans.

The jacket is advertised as a slim fit. One reviewer took exception to that but said the jacket is nice and cozy and keeps him warm. Slip on the Aconcagua Jacket and experience the warmth and freedom of a down jacket worthy of the next adventure.


This jacket has a DWR coating. It can be worn outside even in bad weather when it is sleeting or snowing. The wearer has some protection against the elements. It also works as a layer. If a wearer is layering and needs a layer to insulate against the cold, there is nothing warmer than down.

The jacket is designed to go inside The North Face shell and can be worn when skiing. The piece is insulated and can be worn anywhere from the grocery store to skiing in the mountains. It will keep away the chill from town to tram line and looks great doing so.

The consumer knows they are getting a great product that is really warm and will keep them warm throughout multiple conditions in the winter. If it were to be worn under a ski jacket, a super toasty combination is created.


The filled baffle insulation system, relaxed fit, and several pockets make the Aconcagua flexible. There is a chest pocket, and two hand pockets on the terrific garment. They are secured with zipper closures, that allow them to seal tightly.

The relaxed fit is not too snug on the body. There is room for multiple layers underneath. The baffled construction eliminates cold spots. The shoulders and sides are filled with synthetic filler and the core with goose down. How and when it can be worn is the jacket’s greatest flexibility. Water and wind resistance makes the jacket very versatile as to environment and climate.


It is essential that down jackets are periodically cleaned to maintain maximum loft and ensure a long life for the product. It is possible to wash a down product, but it is recommended that the jacket is cleaned professionally by a service that knows how to clean down garments.


One of the first things people notice about the jacket is the fabric. It is a satiny fabric with a subtle sheen to it. The jacket has a kind of unique look. It definitely feels very soft to the touch. The jacket is a down jacket with quilting on it.

The diamond quilting and satin exterior give the Aconcagua its style. There is a cinch cord at the hem. Grab two things at the side and pull. They cinch the hem closer to the body. That process keeps cold air from coming up inside the jacket. Two hand pockets can be used for a cell phone or keeping fingers warm.

They are lined with a soft tricot that keeps hands warm inside the pockets. The jacket is really sleek, comfortable, and very warm. The name may be a bit of a tongue twister, but the jacket is a remarkable piece of clothing.

It is super light. The North Face Aconcagua Jacket provides versatile warmth with everyday good looks needed for the winter. The Aconcagua uses abrasion-resistant ripstop nylon on the exterior, and The North Face supplies ample 550-fill down for cozy high-loft warmth.

The jacket is packed to the brim with warm, warm feathers. The alternating baffling style creates a flattering fit and a nice casual look. Other features include a microfleece, lined collar, and elastic cuffs to keep the sleeves right where they are desired.

A brushed lining at the collar is a cozy factor when fully zipped. It is a warm and stylish coat. The beautiful Aconcagua jacket provides all the warmth need. Designed with a flattering cut the cozy down jacket offers satiny good looks and proven warmth.

Water Resistance

It is a great looking jacket that is super warm. Nylon exterior is used that is water and wind resistant. Premium 550-fill goose down is employed by The North Face for maximum protection, warmth, and lightweight.

Wind Protection

The well-insulated jacket provides water and wind protection. The shoulders and sides are insulated with synthetic insulation called Heatseeker insulation. It helps trap body heat. The rest is insulated with 550-fill down.

It is made of goose down which is warm, fluffy, and lightweight. The reason for the hybrid insulation system may be that synthetic filler stays in place better than goose down in the shoulder area. There is plenty of twisting and turning action in the sides of the body an arm motion.

Synthetic insulation does not crush as much as goose down. The hybrid filler is likely a response to buyer complaints. The baffles are similar to horizontal open tunnels. Nothing keeps the down from moving. With synthetic fill in the sides and shoulders the down is not as compelled to be crushed by the wearer or move due to a gravitational pull.

Key Features

* Baffle construction
* Durable water repellent finish
* DWR coated satin nylon
* Features 550-fill down
* Full frontal zipper extends to the neck
* Hand and chest pockets have secured zippers
* Heatseeker insulation on the shoulders and sides
* Lifetime warranty
* Mid-weight
* Two front pockets and a chest pocket
* Wind and water resistant
* Zip-in compatible

Bottom Line

Most consumers are pleased with the jacket and would recommend it to others. Most comments reflect the jacket being in line with The North Face general excellence. There were a few comments about goose feathers that came from the seams and a dirty looking collar after being worn a few time. The protrusion of goose feathers indicates less than quality baffle stitching.

Except for these issues, the jacket is weather-resistant, comfortable, warm, and well-built making it perfect for many environments and climates. It is as durable as any The North Face product, lightweight, and true to size.