Natural Energy Boosters to Try Today

An in-depth review of natural energy boosters. Natural Energy Boosters to Try Today

If you have recently found yourself just as tired when you wake up in the mornings as you were when you went to bed the night before or find yourself feeling super sluggish throughout the day, your energy levels might be running a bit low. It is possible as well, that you are on the verge of exhaustion, however, and we will go into a few of those signs and symptoms in this blog as well. If you’re feeling tired all of the time or if you just simply need a boost to make it through the day, you don’t have to rely on energy drinks or other artificial means to get that burst of energy when there are plenty of natural methods out there to help you instead.

When you walk into any store, it’s easy to see the multitude of vitamins, supplements, and herbs that are being touted as the next best thing in energy boosters and while some of these might work, there are natural energy boosters out there that could work better for you instead. On top of that, there is no scientific proof that these energy boosters work to boost energy levels. Luckily, there are things you can do and natural remedies out there that will help to boost your energy the natural way.


In this blog, we will concentrate on the signs and symptoms of exhaustion and some of the natural energy boosters and tips you can try to amp up your energy levels. So, without further ado, let’s delve into our blog on the best natural energy boosters and the best tips out there today.

Signs and Symptoms of Exhaustion You Should Watch Out For

Sometimes, no matter how good your sleep schedule, you still wake up exhausted and have to literally drag yourself out of bed in the morning. In many of these cases, these people are actually suffering from exhaustion. But, how do you know if you’re just super tired or on the verge of collapse? If you’re experiencing any or all of the symptoms below, it might be a good idea for you to consult with your primary health care provider for help and try a few of the natural energy boosters and tips in our upcoming sections also. Below, you can find the symptoms of exhaustion that you need to look out for.


  • You’re having a hard time thinking straight or thinking at all
  • You’re beyond stressed out
  • You’re constantly counting sheep to get to sleep, day after day, after day with no luck
  • Your healthy foods have been replaced with junk food and fast food that doesn’t have to be cooked
  • Your lips are always dry and cracked
  • The thought of going to the gym or exercising is too hard to bear
  • Your mood is cranky to be polite
  • You’re always short of breath, even when you’ve done nothing to get that way
  • You constantly have a cold and can’t seem to shake it
  • You would rather lay up on the sofa watching Netflix than get out in the fresh air like you used to

Any of these signs can be from many different things, but when combined they can spell trouble. That’s where some of the natural energy boosters and tips come in handy. We’re going to go into those tips and boosters in the next section of our blog.

Tips for Dealing with Low Energy Levels Revealed

You’ve tried everything you can, short of drinking and taking the things that you know are bad for your health and still can’t get those energy levels where they’re supposed to be. Below, we have a few tips that will help point you in the right direction.

Control That Stress

Most people don’t realize how much being stressed can drain your energy. Have you ever noticed that you’re less productive when you’re stressed, that you flit from one thing to another never really getting anything done? That’s because you’re stressed and being stressed is a hung energy drainer. From talking to a friend to joining a support group and from yoga to meditation, doing something to relieve that stress will help bring up your energy levels and help you get back on track as well.

Get Out and About

Getting out and about is the perfect way to raise your energy levels as well. Whether it’s a brisk walk or a trip to the gym, exercise will raise your energy levels and help you sleep at night, which in turn will again raise those energy levels also. Exercising seems to be a win-win here, doesn’t it?

Lighten Your Load a Bit

Overwork is one of the number one causes of low energy levels. You’re only one person and you can only do so much. This doesn’t have to be from your job. It’s everything combined, from your job to your family and from social obligations to cleaning your home, you can take on too much and soon your energy levels will drop to an all-time low. Try streamlining your to-do list a bit, by only doing the must-haves and letting the others go. Try delegating some of the responsibility as well and you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel in a few days.

Restrict the Time You Sleep

While it might not make sense to you getting less sleep can actually raise your energy levels. Try to avoid napping during the day so that you get a full night’s sleep once you’re in bed. Sometimes getting too much sleep is just as bad as not getting enough and it can make you exhausted as well.

Limit Your Alcohol and Stop Smoking

Of course, you have heard this one a million times, about everything in the world. But it’s true that alcohol and smoking make you less healthy and can lower your energy levels. Avoid smoking altogether, but if you want to drink, do so in moderation right before bed to help you sleep better. This does not mean to drink until you pass out, because then you’re not getting restful sleep at all, just saying.

Other Tips for Increasing Your Energy Levels

  • Use caffeine to your advantage
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat for energy, which means veggies and fruits, not candy bars and chips
  • Boost your iron intake
  • Get out in the sun more
  • Get out and enjoy life more

Energy Boosters to Try Today

If you’re not wanting to try the energy boosters that are in drinks and foods, because we all know that the side effects and dangers are not worth the sudden instant energy, then there are energy boosters out there for you to try instead. Read on below for a few of them.

Peppermint Essential Oil and Rosemary

Essential oils have been used quite a bit recently for everything from stress relief to pain relief. It is also great as a natural energy booster as well. Dabbing some peppermint oil on your wrist or dropping a drop into your bathwater can relax you and give you the energy you need to get through the day. The same holds true for rosemary and other essential oils as well. Find the one out of the great variety of options out there that works the best for you.


Eggs are rich in protein and protein gives you energy. So, really anything with protein in it is going to give you a natural energy boost. It’s important that you include a protein with every meal to keep your blood sugar levels balanced and to keep you from sinking into that mid-afternoon slump that so many of us have problems with. One prime example of a protein energy boost is trout with quinoa salad or poached eggs with avocado. The list of choices is endless when it comes to fats and proteins to give your energy levels a much needed natural boost.


We’ve all seen the “Popeye” cartoons at some time in our lives and how much stronger and energetic Popeye becomes after downing a can of spinach. That might be a little overdone, but there’s no doubt that a serving of spinach will increase your energy levels. Being low on iron can leave you short of breath and feel horrible. Leafy, green veggies are the perfect fix for that.

Butternut Squash

Most of us think of the fall of the year when we think of preparing butternut squash, but it’s good no matter what time of the year it is. From butternut squash soup to fixing it fried, steamed or in another recipe, these little yellow things are great to get the blood going and your glucose levels back to where they should be. If you’re not a fan of squash, try brown rice, lentils, or chickpeas instead, all of which are great ways to raise those energy levels.



Again, few of us think of eating turkey unless it’s the fall of the year and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. However, it’s a great source of protein and it’s rich in vitamins B, B6 and B12 as well. It will give you an energy burst and help to reduce those acute symptoms of exhaustion as well. Try a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread for an energy boost and a healthy food option as well.


Foods to Avoid When Your Energy Levels Are Low

While there are quite a few foods out there that will help to boost your energy levels, there are also a few foods that you should avoid when your energy levels are on the drop. We will go into a few of those foods below as well.

Double Espresso

While drinking that double espresso will give you a jolt of energy, it doesn’t last long and the resulting sugar crash is not a good thing for your health. Actually, it’s best to avoid anything that contains caffeine if you want something where your energy boost will last. That’s not to say that you should never drink a cup of coffee or a soda again, just lay off of them as a way to get a boost of energy and enjoy them just because you like the taste instead.

Sugary Sweets

Cakes, pies, candy bars, and other sugary sweets might be good and they will give you the sugar rush needed to get through whatever task you’re concentrating on for the moment, but the crash and burn is right around the corner. Instead, try fruits that give you energy or healthy veggies as a snack. You’ll have the energy you need and won’t have to worry about the crash and burn that comes at the end of a sugar high.

These are just a couple of the foods to avoid if you feel that your energy levels are dwindling. If you have been exhausted and none of the tips and foods suggested are giving you the pick me up you need, then it’s time to make an appointment with your primary health care provider. Sometimes, there is an underlying cause of exhaustion and low energy levels. Your doctor will be able to help you find out that problem and fix it. If it is just that your energy levels are too low, your doctor can prescribe something or recommend a diet that will have you revving to go in no time at all.

This concludes our blog on the natural energy boosters and tips to try today to up your energy levels. Remember, if you have the symptoms of exhaustion, it is probably best to make an appointment with your doctor for a checkup instead. Until next time, stay safe and keep those energy levels up naturally, everyone!


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