Marmot Tungsten 2P

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Marmot Tungsten 2P Review Facts

The Marmot Tungsten 2P is a tent for trails. A combination of polyester taffeta and No-See-Um mesh creates the canopy. Polyester taffeta is also used for the bathtub style floor. Partial privacy is blended with breathability.

Users do not overheat on warm nights. The fly cover serves as a home-away-from-home when it rains. A vestibule is created over each doorway. There is extra gear storage. A footprint protects the tent from nature’s rigors.

The tent is ready to accompany a couple of hikers on long treks. It offers plenty of room at bedtime. The easy-to-pitch design allows for more time to hike. The Tungsten blends intuitive livable designs, roominess, and low cost to create a tent that can log a lot of miles with hikers.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Footprint keeps bottom dry
  • Lightweight and well-constructed
  • Perfect for three seasons
  • Sets up in five minutes
  • Suits two people comfortably, each having their own door
  • Room in vestibule to store gear
  • Length and bend of poles makes it hard to pack
  • Mesh can inhibit airflow on humid and hot nights


The process of buying a tent is a balancing act that takes water resistance, wind protection, and durability against weight and ventilation into consideration. Remaining dry is a default preference. The tent’s ability to provide stability, coolness, or warmth in various backpacking and camping situations dictates the construction and fabric requirement.

The polyester taffeta used in the Tungsten 2P is a lightweight to medium fabric that is lustrous and smooth. It is plain-woven and has a crosswise rib effect. The material is breathable but not waterproof unless treated. The polyester taffeta used in the Tungsten 2P tent has been treated to be waterproof.

The no-see-um mesh is fine screening that protects against tiny, irritating insects. It is a densely woven mesh that allows visibility and ventilation. The fabric provides some daytime privacy. The mesh is made of fine fiberglass that protects against sand flies, gnats, no-see-um, and other tiny insects found in coastal and low marshy areas. It is stronger than screen.

The taffeta used on the floor of the tent is 68D. The ‘D’ denotes thickness and weight of the fabric threads. The higher the Denier, the stronger, thicker, and more durable the fabric is. 40D is stronger than 15D. The 68D used in the tent is typical for polyester camping tents. The poles in the tent are made of durable velocity HD aluminum.


Marmot utilizes a space-optimizing Zone design that creates an efficient living space. Pre-bent sleeping zones create vertical sidewalls that provide a spacious feel inside. It is a two-person tent that has doors for each occupant to use to enter or exit without disturbing the other.

Vestibules on either side provide ample dry storage for packs and gear. Because a tent is designed for hiking and backpacking, it is made of a lighter material and has less elbow room than a camping tent, yet hikers want something that is weather-tough, lightweight, strong, and comfortable for two people.

It should have space for both occupants and the gear, have double doors and vestibules. The Marmot Tungsten 2P tent has plenty of living space and manages to be lightweight. For its minimal weight and small size, the Tungsten 2P shocks users when they learn of all the interior space that is available to unwind and relax.

The Zone design makes the best use of the allotted space with sturdy poles that have a curved build. The tent has an inside height of 42 inches. Floor dimensions are 88” x 54”. The overall dimensions of 17.3 x 15 x 6.7 inches nicely accommodate two people as well as their gear.

When compressed and packed for storing and carrying, the tent takes up minimal backpack space. In the carrying bag, the tent weighs four pounds and 13 ounces. That is an incredibly lightweight tent for the excellent comfort and protection it provides to the users.


Reviewers had a hard time finding someone with a complaint about the interior of the tent getting wet from condensation or rain. It holds up in downpours thanks to the durable fabric that has been treated for waterproofing.

The tent was tested during nights having a temperature of 90 degrees and 100 percent humidity as well as nights having a ten-degree temperature during the pouring rain. Uses did not get wet. They are thrilled and excited about owning such a durable and long lasting product.

The poles did not bend or break under 60 mph winds on mountains. This rugged tent has outstanding performance that is hard to beat. The polyester fly hugs the ground and does not sag or stretch when wet.

There is less cinching tight. Water seeping through the tent does not wake up a sleeping occupant. When buying a tent, users want a tent that provides a sufficient level of water resistance. The tent needs to defend against water penetration and prevent it from entering the tent.

Tents that are waterproofed are designed to prevent leaks and keep water out. Seams are sealed, which can lead to unwanted condensation without adequate ventilation. Users need to stop the water from entering and still be able to breathe. The Tungsten 2P tent has dedicated points that users open without letting water into the tent. Mesh door panels create cross-tent airflow.


The Tungsten is a free-standing style that has a footprint that keeps the bottom dry on the inside. Each door has a vestibule. A Zone construction made of curved poles creates a lounging and sleeping area that has more room than regular build and some larger tents. It is a backpacking tent but can be used for fun in the backyard, hiking, and camping. Take in all Mother Nature offers as the tent is taken anywhere to spend some time outdoors. It is a superb two-person tent.

The Tungsten 2P tent is available in a vibrant orange color and updated light green color. The colors are easy to see outdoors. Marmot Tungsten 2P tent is a three-season tent. The tent balances the need to handle the conditions that fall, spring, and summer offer and keep weight low.

Three-season tents that are properly pitched can withstand light snow and downpours but not heavy blizzards, violent winds, or harsh storms. Tent designers make every effort to keep the weight low. In general, cut weight means less space, less durability, and fewer features.

The Tungsten 2P is a lightweight tent that is reasonably roomy and comfortable. Livability is a word for features that cause the time spent inside enjoyable. It is directly related to how spacious or cramped the occupant feels. Older model backpacking tents had hardly any headroom, minimal floor space, and steeply sloped walls. Thanks to advances in design and materials, the Tungsten 2P feels much more inviting and open.


If durability is a must, the Marmot Tungsten 2P is the go-to tent. The durability of the tent is due in large part to the polyester fabric used instead of nylon and the sturdy Velocity HD poles. Two D-shaped doors are operated by durable zippers that open and close them.

Main support construction is facilitated by Velocity HD poles that can withstand strong winds even in terrain not protected by trees. Aluminum poles are chosen because of their durability and their high strength-to-weight ratio. Over time, engineers have been able to reduce the weight by shrinking the wall thickness and diameter.

Even though the material is waterproof, sewing through it punches holes in the waterproofing. A hot-melt seal tape over the seams seals the holes. Fully taped seams add durability and protection for plenty of long-lasting rugged use. Superior fabric and thickness have surprised many buyers. The floor, fly, and canopy are made of sturdy taffeta material.

For top ventilation, No-See-Um mesh is used in the canopy. Polyester does not pose the problems of sweating and condensation that canvas material does. There are no problems with moisture or mold inside the tent.


Many customer reviews attest to the protection from the elements this tent provides to campers and backpackers. Polyester fibers are durable, light, and tend not to stretch. A tent made of polyester is naturally water resistant, quick to dry, and resistant to tears due to its elasticity.

It is not abrasion resistant. The durable waterproof material has a coating that protects against water. The seams are taped for protection and durability. Taped seams provide coverage for the entire unit, even the rain fly and floor.

Once inside, the users don’t have to deal with elements. The tent can hold its own during cold and hot temperatures, strong winds, and downpours of rain. It is an appealing option. Due to the durable materials and superior construction, the tent is sturdy.

The included floor and footprint keep the tent bottom dry. There is a waterproof rain fly with terrific working doors that keep the rain and harmful sun rays that can damage tent waterproofing out. Fantastic weather protection is among the comments most frequently made by buyers because it is pleasingly unbelievable.

Keeping the tent dry provides comfort and safety measures. It protects camping gear so that it does not have to be replaced every year. The No-See-Um mesh offers protection against mosquitoes and other insects.

Weather Resistance

The Tungsten 2P is a hybrid style tent that uses a long fly to aid in weatherproofing, except at the tent end that is waterproof. Overlapping ensures the body remains dry with a tightly zipped fly. When the floor door is open, the interior is exposed to rain falling directly in the tent and drips off the fly. If the overlap had a few extra inches, the problem would be solved.

The interior is mostly meshing except for parts of the sides and the head. Windproof nylon is used in those areas. Reviewers tested the tent in an exposed area on a windy night. The tent, and the fabric well-supported.

Guyline attachments permit extra wind protection and stability. Foul weather conditions that should be addressed in the design of a tent include varying durations and intensities of precipitation. Wind varies from high to low velocity and gusty or steady that lasts from several days to several minutes.

Precipitation varies from a torrential downpour to a slight drizzle; dry, light snow to wet, heavy snow and various levels of hail and rain. A three-season tent like the Marmot Tungsten 2P is an excellent choice to keep occupants dry in light snow or rain. It has mesh fabric panels on the sides and top for keeping out insects, weight reduction, and better ventilation.


Tents are essential pieces of equipment for outdoor lovers. A tent protects from bugs and the elements during deep wilderness outings or casual excursions. They can be expensive. Whether testing the waters or an experienced outdoor lover, buying a tent is at the top of the list of gear collection.

There are many options available. Some things to consider when buying a tent include the weight of the tent, where camping will take place, how many people will be using it, and how easy it is to set up. The Tungsten 2P is a two-person tent that is spacious and quick and easy to set up or break down. The MSRP is $200. At that price, it is an excellent value for the first time and casual campers.

Key Features

* Color-coded ‘easy pitch’ fly, poles, and clips
* Footprint included
* Interior pockets for organizing small gear
* Lampshade pocket holds headlamp for ambient light
* Placement provides large interior volume
* Room sleeping area and excellent headroom
* Seam taped fly and floor
* Strategic clip
* Two D-shaped doors
* Two vestibules
* Vertical walls created with Zone pre-bend construction

Bottom Line

There are no substantial negative comments to be made about the Marmot Tungsten 2P tent. It is spacious, easy to use, long-lasting, durable, weatherproof, highly-protective, lightweight, comfortable, and durable.

Buyers have been excited about its superiority. It is an outstanding tent available at a very reasonable price. It is packed with features. The tent is ideal for minimalist campers who only need a few essentials for comfort. The Easy Pitch clips and color-coded poles make it easy to set up. It also has a spacious sleeping area, a Lamp Shade pocket to fill with a headlamp for ambient light, and interior pockets.