Marmot PreCip Pants

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Marmot PreCip Pants Review Facts

Marmot PreCip Pants are waterproof for hiking on rainy trails. They use waterproof and breathable NanoPro technology coating to keep the legs dry and remain comfortable. The pants do not feel like a garbage bag inside. At the ankles, there are side zips that make for quick pulling in a sudden downpour. A zippered back pocket and zippered hand pockets offer easy access to a light snack or pocket knife without digging into the hike pants underneath.

The pants have a comfortable elastic waist and a drawcord that ensures the pants won’t fall off when on the trail. If storm clouds pop up while hiking, the hiker will appreciate having packed the waterproof, lightweight Marmot PreCip rain pants. The full-featured storm and rain pants are worthy of backpacking and hiking at a price that is hard to beat. Reviewers believe the pants are the best option in the price range. Buyers don’t have to spend a great deal of money for a full-featured, highly functional, and reliable rain pant for mountaineering, backpacking, and trekking. The PreCip pants strike a balance of useful features, weight, and storm worthiness.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Condensation kept out with zipped pockets
  • Durable nylon construction
  • Light
  • Limited breathability
  • Light fabric prone to tears


Marmot crafts outdoor gear influenced by mountain instructors and guides. An Alpinist spirit of adventure is the inspiration behind the search and achievement of quality products that are good looking, dependable, appropriate, and simple.

Consumers can count on the hard work that goes into their products. Quality Gore-Tex is incorporated into its products to maintain high-quality performance products. Marmot is Gore-Tex’ oldest customer. The goal is to offer gear that is best in class, innovative clothing that is best in class, creative, and authentic. Value service, performance, and quality are the passions of the company.


Those who love the outdoors know that condensation and rain make a hike uncomfortable. When clothing gets soaked, the hiker is miserable. With the Marmot PreCip pants, hikers don’t have to be in that lousy predicament.

The precipitation pants ensure the body stays warm and dry, even when things on the outside get pretty wet. Along with nylon, Marmot created NanoPro. The material is remarkable. Once it is worn, wearers wonder why they lived without it.

It is desirable because it is breathable and waterproof. The NanoPro coating and fabric are reasonably breathable for the price. Unless thoroughly soaked, the body heat pushes perspiration in water vapor form through the PreCip material.

The pants have zipped venting that shed moisture and hot air even better. The front hand level pockets are made of mesh. They can be unzipped and pulled out like a vent. As you hike, it dumps out warm air and makes the pants more breathable.

Reviewers, using a ten-point system, rated the Marmot PreCip Pants seven out of ten. The Gore-Tex commonly used in Marmot products was not used in the PreCip Pants. It breathes better than less expensive options.


Active people want a pair of rain pants for more than standing in the rain. Wearing the Marmot PreCip pants is as comfortable when hiking as any other hiking attire. The elastic waistband permits the pant to fit over running tights and move with the wearer instead of feeling cumbersome and stiff.

The pants have some features that make them comfortable. The positive comfort attributes of the PreCip Pants are the softly draping fabric and a relatively loose fit. The lightweight material ensures the range of motion is not compromised while climbing hills on a hiking trail.

Minor things to note are the thin fabric being a bit clingy and the membrane lining being cold against the bare legs. They are minor because long pants are worn beneath the rain pants. Reviewers have scored the pants as nine out of ten for comfort and mobility.


The primary ‘cost’ of inexpensive and lightweight equipment is the thickness prone to tearing when snagged on rocks or thorns. The Marmot PreCip pants are abrasion resistant. The mostly exposed internal coating and thin fabric and subject to degradation.

The DWR coating on all pants is the first to fail. Marmot DWR lasts relatively well but does eventually fail as all DWR treatments do. Reviewers rated the pants as six out of ten for durability.

The pants have a bit of stretch that offers enhanced mobility. There is a gusseted crotch that makes layering effortless. The two zippered hand pockets and a single zippered pocket on the back are secure.


The compact pants can be taken on all but the lightest packing missions. They take up only as much space as a 12-ounce can of soda. The pants have about 75 percent of the bulk of the full-zip version of Marmot PreCip pants.

At eight ounces, they are lighter than rainwater that collects in boots on a wet hiking adventure. The lightweight doesn’t slow the wearers down and won’t let them get soggy either. The pants are necessarily baggy so that they can be slipped over other clothes to keep the wearer dry.

Several sizes are available from extra small to extra large. Some retailers carry a ‘long leg’ option. It is recommended to buy any rain pants a size larger for the same reason. The elastic waistband has a drawcord that can be used to get a proper fit around the waist.

The zippers at the bottom allow the pants to be pulled over tennis shoes or boots instead of removing them. As with nearly any item, reviewers vary about the size. Most consumers feel the pants run true to size or bit larger. The shortest available length is 32 inches. The extra coverage is excellent for tall people. They are available in both men and women sizes. A husband-wife team states the pants work well and fit nicely.


The pants are not heavy or thick, which allows them to be utilized in a variety of ways. The ultralight rain pants can be kept at the bottom of a backpack for hikes in climates prone to rain. They are ideal for layering in cold weather.

Consumers have worn the pants on mountain climbs, hiking, during Arctic research, riding a bike, working during hurricane Irma, a dog dock jumping competition, tailgating, camping, as boat gear, and watching kids’ weekend sports games.


A simple and efficient barrier is formed by the PreCip pants that grant the wearer waterproof protection while out on the trail. They are light and packable. The pants use Marmot NanoPro membrane fabric that is superb for lightweight but a very durable and abrasion resistant material that is completely waterproof and breathable.

It also has a hint of stretch, so the wearer gets enhanced mobility. There is a nicely waterproof treated membrane with the pants. The pants are very simple. There is not a lot of features going on. The pants have three zippered pockets two at hand level and one on the back, that are secure and great for storage.

They can be closed when necessary. The waist is a simple elastic waist that has a drawcord. There are no buttons, snaps, or fly on the pants. It is a pull-on pant that is easy and quick. At the cuff of the pants, a few things are going on.

There is a calf-length zipper that is great for throwing the pants on over a pair of boots without having to remove the footwear. There is a snap closure at the base of the leg and a drawcord cinch to cinch the pants around the shoes to get a completely waterproof barrier. The PreCip pants do not have to serve as a layer. They can be worn alone depending on the conditions and temperature.


No rain gear should have fabric softener added when being washed. Surface wash grime and dirt off of rain pants. Machine washing should be done sparingly with mild soap or detergent or no detergent. If put into the washing machine, wash in warm water and tumble dry on a low setting.


Marmot has a traditional format and a Marmot PreCip Full Zip version. In most aspects, the pants are identical. The fit and fabric are the same. Weather protection and durability are basically the same.

The full-zip version is easier to put on and take off and vents better. This version is less expensive, more compact, and lighter. They are excellent waterproof pants for those on a budget. Breathability and durability suffer when compared to products that are more expensive but for short exposure to wet weather durability and breathability matter a lot less.

The pants have an excellent set of mesh-lined pockets, one in the rear and two in front. The quarter-length lower leg zip permits the user to slip nearly all boot through the leg. There are more expensive rain pants that have fewer features than the Marmot PreCip Pants.

Some have no pockets. Some products perform better, and some that cost less. Marmot PreCip shell gear strikes a balance and is an excellent value. Reviewers took a glance at the scoring matrix and found the pants to be the most ‘average’ of those reviewed. They provide reliable performance at a price that is reasonable. Less expensive products suffer some aspects of performance.

Water Resistance

The PreCip provides excellent weather resistance, especially for the $80 price tag and weather resistance compared to more expensive models. Reviewers rated the water resistance as a nine. The Nano Pro technology fabric is 100 percent waterproof. It is Marmot’s proprietary fabric for waterproofing.

Fully sealed seams provide complete waterproof protection. The pants will stand up to a deluge. They will protect the wearer from the elements no matter what the adventure. The taped seams keep the user dry.

The membrane of the Marmot PreCip pants is fully waterproof. The DWR lasts better than most. Short zippers leave less room for breach. The water resistance of this model is better than the Marmot PreCip Full Zip. Logic and experience that mechanical zippers are prone to leak.

The pants have a waterproof membrane and outer face fabric that is DWR-treated. The functionality is to keep oils and sweat from clogging microscopic holes in the breathable, waterproof layer that would reduce breathability and possibly make the wearer feel wet on the inside.

Wind Protection

It would be wonderful if all the hikes took place in sunny, dry weather. Wind and rain would never be a reason not to go hiking. A pair of waterproof pants decreases the wind-chill effect. It keeps the lower body dry.

Some wear rain pants for wind protection rather than rain protection. They serve as a thermal layer. There are many clothing options for an outdoors person to wear for more than rain protection, but snow and wind protection as well.

It can be challenging to find rain gear that protects from wind, keeps out snow and rain, not overheat the user, be durable, and inexpensive — the best border is on the soft shell side. Wind shell-type clothing is more breathable.

Waterproof pants need to provide breathability or perspiration will cause the wearers to be soaked in sweat. Modern waterproof pants are made of waterproof/breathable fabric such as NanoPro used in the Marmot PreCip pants. NanoPro is made with a microporous coating of polyurethane that is slightly wind permeable.

Key Features

* 100 percent taped seams
* Ankle side zippers
* Back zip pocket
* Elastic waist with drawcord
* Marmot NanoPro breathable, waterproof fabric seals out the elements
* Snap-tabs at cuffs
* Zip hand pockets

Bottom Line

There may be pants that are lighter, more comfortable, more durable, more breathable, or more protective, but none strike a balance of the attributes like the Marmot PreCip Pants. They are made of NanoPro fabric that is 100 percent waterproof and very breathable.

They have a dry touch coating on the inside that keeps them from getting clammy when getting wet. They have a side zip that allows the pants to be put on and taken off with boots. The pants have a drawstring on each cuff to cinch the hems closed. There are a drawstring waist and three pants pockets. The pants are super lightweight and excellent for any rainy weather.