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Marmot Guides Down Hoody Review Facts

Outdoor activities have become increasingly more popular over the years due to accessibility and better equipment. Being in the third wave of the technological revolution, advancement in technology and the byproducts of technology has helped manufacturers produce superior products in order to protect and offer comfort to consumers. This is especially true with sporting equipment. With increased technology and higher quality materials being produced it is better than ever to get out and experience everything that the outdoors has to offer while feeling secure doing it.

We offer product reviews in order to wade through the endless number of consumer reviews (and potentially fake reviews) to provide you, the consumer, a real and comprehensive review on products offered in today's market. We look at both the highlights and the lowlights of popular products in order to determine what works and doesn't work for reviewers. Additionally, we look at the construction of the products in order to determine its quality, functionality and overall durability in order to offer a price/value comparison. This is our review of the popular product, the Marmot Guides Down Hoody. We hope this helps with your next outdoor wear purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Quite warm

Nice and soft materials used

Attractive design



Not very durable

Not true to size


Marmot is an outdoor equipment company founded in 1971. The term Marmot refers to both a group of squirrels and a designation given to those who have successfully reached the peak with another designated Marmot. The two founders of Marmot decided collectively to create a clothing line specifically meant to withstand the elements faced when climbing and the brand Marmot was born. After providing 108 jackets to producers of the popular movie The Eiger Sancton, their business blew up and became the company it is today.

According to reviewers, Marmot is better known for its limited selection of quality products. They find that the brand offers quite reliable outdoor gear and structures (such as tents) to the public. They are also known for offering products are maybe more on the expensive side. Though this is the case, they are also known for producing reliable and quality materials. The products are also known for their water protection, weather protection, and warmth which is positive.


The primary purpose of this jacket is to keep reviewers warm and protected from the elements. It is less so made for breathability. That said it does offer adjustable velcro cuffs and an elastic drawcord hem which can be used for ventilation when getting a little warm.

Those who bought this jacket had little to say about the breathability of this jacket. That said, though, there weren't complaints about it which is positive. The primary focus around this jacket is definitely it's warmth and resistance to wind and water.


The fit of this jacket is a little more relaxed. It is considered a "regular" fit which means that the shoulders are a little more relaxed and the hem is straight. There is a handy size chart available through Amazon and the manufacturer's website where they show the exact measurements for the perfect fit.

Reviewers had two common notes about this jacket, one bad and one good. The bad is that the jacket doesn't fit true to size but rather may require sizing down. This is very common with this type of product when in the regular or relaxed fit. This means that the jacket will offer a little more space throughout the torso. Some will prefer a tighter alternative and want to size down while others who prefer a looser fitting jacket may be happy with their actual size. It all comes down to personal preference.

The good note about this jacket is that the jacket is quite comfortable. The materials used for this jacket are very soft to the touch and there is fleece in the pocket which is both comfortable and warm. Those who wore this jacket made a note of how warm this jacket kept them and how comfortable the jacket was which is really positive.


As mentioned above, the materials used for this jacket are quite soft to the touch which feels like a really high-quality jacket. That becomes a problem when the materials are almost too soft. Typically this means that the material can break down a little easier than rougher-to-the-touch fabrics. Though this is the case the materials used to construct this jacket are polyester mini-ripstop DWR, polyester embossed WR and down (for insulation and warmth).

Those who bought this jacket did make a note that the fabric felt lovely but that it was clear right out of the box that this jacket felt like it was going to rip relatively quickly. The same reviewer made a note that the jacket did eventually start to rip around the pocket fairly close to the expiry of the warranty. Luckily they were able to get their money back for the jacket. At the end of the day, it may come down to what the jacket is being used for. If it is for any viggorous activity it may not stand up to the durability test.

On top of this, this jacket isn't the cheapest jacket available on the market. The jacket is certainly on the higher end in price which means that the jacket must be versatile and durable. It, unfortunately, seems to fail the durability test which is unfortunate.


As mentioned earlier, this jacket fits a little larger for some people but this may actually be because the jacket offers a more relaxed fit which means the jacket should have a little more room through the torso. This jacket also offers some adjustable features in order to assist with warmth and fit of the jacket. Firstly, it offers adjustable velcro cuffs which allow the wearer to tighten the cuffs around the wrists for the purpose of blocking the wind and fitting individual wrist in a way that an elastic wrist band may not. It also offers an elastic drawcord hem at the bottom of the jacket to, again, tighten to the desired tightness for both sizing and comfort.

Those who bought this jacket noted that though they typically wear a size smaller they did find themselves needing to size down to get a size that is comfortable for them. The adjustable hems and cuffs were of convenience to reviewers and offered some nice weather resistance to those people as well which is positive.


The primary use of this jacket is for warmth. Marmot is first and foremost an outdoor brand. They are well-known for their outdoor gear and the warmth of their products. This jacket offers a down-filled hood and body. Down is definitely one of the warmest and lightest insulations available on the market. It also offers zippered hand pockets and chest pockets for both protection from the elements and protection of the assets within the jacket. It offers a wind flap behind front zipper as well as adjustable cuffs and a drawcord hem.

Those who bought this jacket really appreciated the build and the design. They loved the weather protection features that aided in keeping them comfortable and warm even in poor conditions. They liked the fit of the jacket (once fit correctly) and appreciated how warm this jacket kept them. In addition to these features, they felt that it did what it was supposed to do for the price they paid. The primary concern is the durability which reviewers felt it lacked and may defeat its use if the use is meant for extreme adventures.


The flexibility is kind of irrelevant. Though the jacket has no real flexibility features (outside of the drawstring) it does offer something called "Angel-Wing Movement" which is something offered by Marmot to assist with the fit of the jacket. The Angel-Wing Movement feature helps keep the jacket in place even when moving around. This includes when the wearer brings their head over their head. This would require the material of the jacket (theoretically) to be more elastic and flexible in order to do so.

Reviewers liked this feature noting that with alternative jackets, the lack of this feature, causes some major problem as it can lead to too much airflow to travel through the jacket causing a steep decrease in warmth retention when out in colder areas.


The Guides down hoody, like other waterproof jackets, offers DWR waterproofing. This means that there is a layer on top of the polyester that protects it from water and wind. The issue is that this layer does breakdown when washed. Not all washing but more so washing in hot water with harsh chemicals. In addition to this, the jacket is lined with fleece which in itself requires special washing.

Though it is possible to machine wash down it is wise to actually bring this jacket to the dry cleaners instead. This will both protect the waterproofing abilities of the jacket as well as help keep the down within the jacket in the best shape possible. If deciding to wash this jacket at home either hand wash in cold water or machine wash on delicate in cold water. Using light or natural cleaners will also help keep the jacket in the best shape possible and, of course, with most quality materials, air drying on a flat surface is always recommended.


This poduct, like most of the Marmot options on the market, is quite attractive in design. It offers a straight hem which keeps it looking more modern even if the finish is a little more relaxed. The jacket is offered in numerous color options including black, blue, red, grey and light blue for individual preference and style. It is single-colored and has single-colored hems and zippers for a more blended design. The hood is also quite tight to the back of the hoody which is quite modern.

Those who bought this firstly said that though the materials don't feel durable, they felt that they were quite high quality which gave the jacket a much nicer appearance. They liked the look of the jacket right away, the warmth and the weather-resistant features were a really nice add-on. For the cost, this jacket does make sense as the price point is quite high with this jacket. Overall, it is a stylish and high-quality jacket with a patching price tag.


As mentioned earlier, this jacket offers a DWR polyester material throughout the exterior of this jacket offering the beading effect when water hits the jacket. The adjustable hems and cuffs also really help with the water-resistance offered by this jacket, also keeping water out and keeping warmth in.

Overall, this jacket offers good waterproofing abilities keeping the wearers warm and dry throughout their outdoor activities.


This jacket also offers some wind protection via the adjustable hem and velcro cuffs. The material used (the polyester and down) significantly help keep wearers warm and protected even in areas of high winds. Those who bought this jacket said they felt protected and warm even in rough conditions which is really positive.


- Down-filled hood for ears and head protection
- Down-filled and down-defender enhanced body for maximum heat retention
- Zippered pockets for protection of hands and assets
- Wind flap behind front zipper for even further protection from the elements
- Adjustable cuffs and hem for a better fit and more warmth
- Angel-Wing Movement for less movement of the jacket when moving around
- Attractive and fashionable design offered in numerous color options
- Made by a reputable company


The bottom line is that this jacket is pretty impressive. The primary concerns about this jacket are its sizing issue, which really doesn't seem to be a sizing issue so much as a personal style preference. The other issue is that this jacket may not be the most durable jacket available. The down can also weigh down the jacket a little bit but this was a minor note by only a handful of reviewers. Outside of these minor issues this jacket seemed to be well reviewed by consumers and offered the warmth, weather resistance and reliability that reviewers appreciated which is great. We definitely recommend trying it out for your next outdoor jacket purchase.