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Fishing in the old way where you guess where to toss your line can be a good way to pass time, but if you are interested in catching what you are after and not just having a quiet and uneventful fishing trip, you want to catch what you came for. So how can you be sure that you are in the right spot without scaring off the catch? Why not try an underwater camera that offers to aide in just the right vantage point? That’s where the Marcum 5 can really be a true fisherman’s greatest asset. This camera allows you to search your target area without having to worry that your big catch will notice and abandon their spot before you can reel them in. This small camera can slide into your ice fishing hole and give you an excellent view of the underwater terrain. As most ice fishermen know- you have to know where the fish will go, and this little camera can tell you that without being too intrusive. Find the fishes favorite food, find the fish. It’s simple enough that with only a little help and instruction, a child could learn how to use it to help catch the best fish in an area.

An even greater plus is in the overall size itself. This camera’s viewing area is the size of a smartphone but has clarity that will allow you to see even small details around the camera. With a light hand and slow decent, you can locate the weeds where underwater insects like to gather and set up for fishing right where the best catches are likely to be. The camera has a fifty-foot cord and a ninety-degree field of view. It has several different ways to view your destination for fishing as well from dark water LED to infrared to help you see exactly what you need to see in order to make your best fishing experience yet.

As one of the best in its line, you will be hard pressed to get a better fishing camera than this. All of its features are well contained in this portable device and no matter where you want to fish, you will get a great result when using this product. If you want to know more about all of what the Marcom 5 can do for you and what makes it a camera worth grabbing- for yourself or as a gift for that fisherman in your life- read on below and decide for yourself!

Editor's Pros & Cons

50 ft line

High definition screen for viewing

Several light/color/sharpness settings

Portable size

One-year warranty


Not as large of a screen as others

Camera a little hard to control at first

Basic Features

This camera comes with a fifty-foot length cord to search out your perfect fishing spot. The length of the cord is wound within the case for easy storage but is not automatically retractable, so the user of the camera has to see to the cord itself. For as compact and lightweight as it is though, this is a minor drawback overall. The smaller storage space makes it easy to carry even in your pocket so that you do not have to worry about it taking up room for other needed items.
The screen is easy to view, but it is best seen when not in direct sunlight, so it is great for short or long-range fishing trips onto the ice in early evening or morning runs. Since it also comes with its own case, you do not have to worry that pushing it into a pocket will damage the screen either, it is protected and can even be set down on surfaces like ice without fear of it getting water in it, the case will keep the base from collecting any moisture from the surface of the ice.

Advanced Features

For more advanced features you have a display and range of abilities that you might not expect from such a small device. This camera has a great viewing screen size and in high definition as well. You can choose high-quality color for clearer waters, or you can switch to the Dark water LED and infrared viewing for the murkier waters to locate what you need. With the ability to sharpen the image or soften the color intake, you will be able to check every spot you need with just a little work.


One thing that the Marcum is hard to handle with is once the camera is lowered. Due to the cord, the controls may be a little hard to get used to. With such a compact device, this is to be expected. Once you have the hang of it though, the camera and its ability to be used easily anywhere makes it a perfect piece for any fisherman looking to be ready while on the go. It would make a great gift for both old and new hands to using a camera to find that perfect fishing spot. The instructions are easy to understand and follow and set up is next to automatic.


Although not a wireless device, where one would need to check for connectivity in the sense of connecting to the internet or a computer, connectivity between the camera and the viewing screen is vital. The connection between the two through its cable is good for a compact device. When compared to larger and less compact devices, it may not seem as sensitive or as great of an image, but one has to balance out the priority, portability or extra viewing space. With a smaller screen and size overall, it is more portable and easier to bring on any trip, even those unplanned ones. The image quality is amazing, however, for its size and the connectivity with its camera as well.

Power Source

This wonderful piece of hardware comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, this means that it does not require you to go out and purchase batteries every time you run low. It also has an on-screen indicator to tell you when it needs recharged again. With a six-hour continuous life-span, it can easily see you through your fishing trip with very few times needed for charging. Since it is USB rechargeable, it also makes recharging it a breeze! You also know when it is ready, with an indicator light that switches from red to green when it’s fully charged and ready to go. You can recharge it anywhere there is a USB port available, whether into a computer, or an adapter for a car or boat lighter port. No more need to run to the nearest electrical socket to charge your camera device.


You are the master of where this camera aims, and so its accuracy is based on your control. If you know where you need it to go, you simply lower it and control how and what it views once within the water. With the onboard camera light, even darker areas can be seen more easily. If you do not need it or want to be able to see the area without lighting it up, you need only change how the camera takes in its images. You will be able to pick up on insects and their favorite places to eat, which improves your chances to catch fish- even under the ice! Murky waters will not deter your ability to find that spot either as you find the exact lighting and level of color you need to view with in order to see the places you think are the best spots. Accuracy when choosing a place to fish, is very important- no one wants to mistake a stray sinking leaf for an area where fish might find a consistent source of food.


Protected from surface moisture with the case it comes with, this camera will not be so quick to let you down. The waterproofing on the camera and its cord holds up to all kinds of temperatures and will not fail you when you need it. The case also protects the viewing case and camera when stored from scratches and bangs. With the soft yet durable material, there is enough padding to keep everything inside safe from accidental drops. Of course, as with anything mechanical, you will still need to keep it out of areas where too much weight or other objects could crush it. Nothing with computerized parts is ever fully protected, so it is best if you keep it where there is less chance of accidents.
Keep the camera well away from areas where it could get snagged on weeds, rocks or branches, however. Intentionally placing the camera in areas where you know the camera or it’s a cord to the viewing screen may be caught, snagged or snapped will void the warranty. As with anything you purchase, seek to protect your merchandise. Durability does not mean testing how much it can take- it only means that it was built to the best quality possible for its type. Keep this in mind, and not only will you find your camera lasts out of its own ability, but that if it does have issues later, you can get it fixed or replaced through its warranty, which makes it an even more perfect choice.

Ease of Use

The Marcom Recon 5 is easy to handle but may take a little getting used to when controlling the camera under the water. A little practice and it is easily figured out and handle. The cord is its main input from the camera and using it to control which way you are facing once its submerged takes a little getting used to if you have never handled a device like it. However, switching views, choosing what style of lighting and being able to read and use the charger is easy. With simple instructions, and several videos out there, learning to use this camera will likely prove a breeze even to most first-time camera users. The manual is written in a way that even a beginner can learn everything it does, and where to go on the device to find what they want to adjust.


For a portable fishing camera, this display is much cleaner and bigger than you might expect. With a high definition quality, you won’t have trouble seeing everything you could need or want to see. The different types of settings even allow you to view in full contrast color, dull colors, low color, and even in infrared so that you can take in every bit of information no matter how dark it is where your camera is resting. The display is about the same size as most smartphones, and the menu options are easy to see and control. If you want great quality in a compact device, this is definitely the best choice.


While not one of the cheapest camera’s available on today’s market, it is also not the most expensive. Between its build quality and options, however, the Marcon Recon 5 is most assuredly one of the best, if not the best, pocket-sized fishing camera’s available. It is sturdy, gives plenty of options and has one of the better-quality viewing screens available. If you are looking for quality, this is definitely the camera you want. As with anything we bring to your attention, cost is weighed with the value of what your hard-earned dollars are going towards. Some other camera’s may try to boast that they are worth more but cannot hold up to the competition in the long run. When you take the lower priced items, you also run the risk of cut corners, which you will not find here with the Marcom. Comparatively, if you want to know you will be spending less overall, we can assure you, this camera will be what you want. Why spend more to replace camera after camera when you can have and use the same camera for years and only replace it when you want to, instead of because it doesn’t work.

Key Features

-Hi resolution screen
-rechargeable lithium battery with a six-hour constant run time
-50-foot camera cable
-LED camera light, infra-red, and color level choice options
-USB recharged
-case included
-one-year limited warranty
-full 90-degree view range

Bottom Line

This camera offers everything when it comes to underwater viewing, and it is portable! When looking for that perfect item for fishing, whether as a gift or as something for your own gear, this is one of the best finds of the year. It is high quality in a small package without breaking the bank. No matter whether you are a sometime fisher or it’s your greatest passion, you can be ready to go at the drop of a hat and know you’ll be able to pick the best spots for catching that prize fish. Bottom line- you will be hard pressed to find a better buy in a compact camera anywhere.