Everything You Need To Know About Hydrotherapy for Dogs

An in-depth guide on the benefits of hydrotherapy for dogs. Everything You Need To Know About Hydrotherapy for Dogs thegearhunt.com

If your dog underwent surgery, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do for them. Your veterinarian might have prescribed them some medication, told you to allow them to relax and let them heal.

The facts are that sometimes, your dog won’t heal exactly back to their same old self. Well, what else can you do for them? Many are turning to a new treatment called hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy for dogs is a new method of therapy. This therapy helps your dog heal faster and more effectively.

Humans have been using hydrotherapy since ancient Greek times. You know if a treatment has been around for this long, that it must be effective. We just recently have been applying this treatment to our canines, and it has proven to be quite useful.

If you are interested in applying this new method to help your dog heal effectively, we will explain the benefits below. This way, you will know if it is the right treatment for your best friend. 

What is Hydrotherapy?

The first thing you may be wondering is what exactly hydrotherapy is. Hydrotherapy is the act of submerging your dog into a pool of water. Why would you do this? Hydrotherapy has been proven to speed up recovery time after operations. It also allows your dog to be more buoyant, which does not put a strain on their muscles. This way, they can put weight on their limbs and build their strength back.    

Hydrotherapy is often used if your dog has undergone surgery, has chronic pain, or for fitness.


Benefits of Hydrotherapy

The reason hydrotherapy is so popular is that many dog owners have seen results. When we decide to bring a dog into our family, we are deciding to care for this creature all their life. That means providing the best treatment and care possible.

The benefits of hydrotherapy as water treatment for dogs is that it makes them buoyant. This is great if your dog has gone any surgery where they can not put weight on their limbs. This way, they can have sessions to slowly rebuild that muscle that is lacking.

Owners that choose not to use hydrotherapy for their dogs to recover may see that their dog never fully heals. This can cause health problems down the road. Overall, dog hydrotherapy can bring a lot of benefits to your dog’s healing process.  

Another benefit of hydrotherapy is that the water is warmer. This means that it can help with older dogs that have arthritis or swelling. The warm water helps soothe these conditions and keeps your dog from pain. 

Types of Hydrotherapy

When it comes to hydrotherapy, there is a variety of types. Depending on the reasoning or treatment that your dog needs, it will depend on which type is best. Water therapy for dogs will not be the first thing that comes to mind. But it is a treatment that may be best fitted for your dog’s recovery. Below we have listed the types of hydrotherapy for your dog and which one you should look at depending on your dog’s needs. 


One type of hydrotherapy that works best for rehabilitation is the underwater treadmill. This method is best to allow your dog to be more buoyant but still put pressure on their limbs. This way, they can build back their strength and loosen their joints.

This is beneficial as if your dog has undergone surgery, and you allow them to lay down to heal. When they do go to put pressure on the area, they will not have the strength and this could cause more issues.

The way the treadmill method works is quite simple. They have a small pool of water, and a treadmill is located at the bottom. The pool will only go to about your dog’s lower neck. This way, they can be mobile on the treadmill but will not be putting pressure on the area that needs healing.

Dog Pool

The method of using a dog pool for hydrotherapy is a bit different than the treadmill method. Imagine a small rehabilitation pool that has a shallow end and deep end. You would allow your dog to enter the pool, and usually, there is a rehabilitation doctor in the pool with them. They will allow your dog to swim from end to end to build strength in their joints and loosen joints.

This method is similar to the purpose of the treadmill method. The only difference is that your dog will not be putting as much weight on their limbs during the dog pool method. This type of hydrotherapy is suitable for more severe injuries where your dog will not be able to put much weight on their limbs. 

Weight Loss

Another reason many are starting to turn to hydrotherapy is to help their dog lose weight. Hydrotherapy has been proven to help dogs get a great workout and help them to lose weight. Some of you may think this is a little overboard, but if your dog is running into some serious health issues and needs to lose some pounds, this method may show the best results and get your dog back to their old self.

This is also beneficial because if your dog is using hydrotherapy to heal, they can also lose weight at the same time. If you are not using hydrotherapy and just letting your dog heal at home, not only will they not get the same mobility back, but also could gain weight that will be hard to lose after recovery. Why not give your dog the best chance of returning to their usual self?

What Are The Risks?

Are there any risks of introducing your dog to this type of water therapy for dogs? There are a couple of risks, but these risks are uncommon but possible. When introducing your dog to any treatment, there will be some risks that are possible.

When it comes to hydrotherapy, the risk is an ear infection, skin rashes, or fatigue. These are slight risks but are possible. That is why when you are performing these treatments, you should always monitor your dog and have a trained professional present. Overall, the risks are minimal but still possible. So take the proper precautions and talk to your veterinarian about this treatment.

Provide Your Dog With The Best

When it comes to your dog, they are a part of your family. That is why that if surgery is needed, you want to provide them with the best treatment possible. Hydrotherapy is a method that many dog owners are turning to help their dog heal faster and more effectively.

It may not be the cheapest option, but it will be the option that will offer the most benefits. If your dog needs surgery or in the future needs surgery, talk to your veterinarian about hydrotherapy.