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Columbia Saturday Trail Pant Review Facts

What is worse than an ill-fitted pair of pants when doing physical activity? Getting and being active is hard enough as it is but to have workout attire that doesn't move with your body is plain frustrating! It isn't always easy to find material that works well with the body. It should offer some stretch in order to allow the activity participator to move around freely. It shouldn't rub especially when sweat and moisture are involved. On the note of sweating, it should offer some sort of ventilation and breathability to delay sweat. It should also offer some sort of quick-dry properties in order to keep the participant comfortable especially in cooler climates. The fabric should be durable enough to hand some more vigorous activity. It should also be easily cleanable. Depending on how you sweat the fabric will more than likely need to be washed in hot water with some sort of detergent and it's very important that the garment can handle that type of wear. There are more and more athletic companies starting up. Working out and sweating it out has proven to offer so many benefits outside of just weight loss. It helps with one's longevity, it is a social activity and it's a stress reliever. We aren't living in the 1920s anymore where sweating was considered faux pas. It is now something that we all can do for our health, as a social activity and to help us live our best lives.

Our website offers product reviews in order to assist those looking for information either on the "best of" or individual products. This review is focused on the Columbia Saturday Trail Pant. This particular product has been around for a couple of years and earlier this year went through a bit of a revamp in shape and size. Reviewers had a lot to say about these changes. We looked at what reviewers liked and disliked about the changes. We also look at the quality of materials used to make these pants as well as its features including breathability, style, and fit. This is our review of the Columbia Saturday Trail Pant. We hope this review helps you with your next active pant purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The fabric offered by these pants is regularly reviewed as being very good and very comfortable
  • Many reviewers appreciated the waistband of these pants as well 
  • Reviewers appreciated the breathable fabric of these pants 
  • The durability offered by these pants was also regularly praised 
  • These pants are not true-to-size and may require sizing up by 1 or 2 full sizes for the right fit
  • Reviewers who had earlier versions of this pants didn't appreciate the newer loser and lower waisted design now offered by this model


Columbia is a popular outdoor brand that originated in Washington County, Oregon. It was originally founded in 1938 and due to its rapid sales growth, it became one of the largest outdoor apparel companies on the market. Their start was with jackets which were breathable, waterproof and offered interchangeable shells and liners. This versatility was truly their selling secret. Today Columbia can be seen in any major sports apparel store. It also has its own stores throughout Canada, the United States, and the world. They employ over 7000 employees (as of 2007 reporting) and had reported earnings of $2.46 billion in 2007 as well. As a brand, they are very well known for its excellent customer service as well as their reliable sportswear. They are ideal for all avid outdoors people as well as those looking for something clean, tailored and easily transferable between day wear and athletic wear.


One of the areas that Columbia athletic wear is known for is their breathable and yet waterproof fabric. Their breathable-waterproof fabric is why their company became what it is today! These pants do not let the company down. These pants offer Columbia's Omni-Shield which is both water and sun repellent meaning that not only will it protect the wearer's legs from water but also protect them from the sun. Though this is a nice feature often times with water repellent material like Gore-Tex (a highly waterproof material) you see superior waterproofing with very little breathability (for the most part). This is not the case with these pants. Those who bought these pants found them to be quite breathable, allowing those wearing these pants to move around freely without worrying about overheating or sweating too much. Reviewers really appreciated this about these pants which is really positive.


These pants offer some stretch properties like Columbia's Comfort Stretch. Reviewers appreciated the little bit of stretch offered by these pants though some found that it wasn't quite enough to move around freely. Some reviewers noted that though these pants are comfortable they can use a little more stretch. Walking upright is fine for those reviewers but they did find that crouching down proved to be a little uncomfortable and offered some pulling at the hips and knees. These pants also offer roll-up legs in order to convert these pants from full length to Capri which offers another level of breathability and ventilation to already breathable pants. Reviewers liked this feature, especially when on longer hikes and when out in the garden. The pants roll up easily and stay connected well. The waist of these pants seems to be a small point of contention for some reviewers. Because earlier versions of these pants were a little higher in the waist, the new mid-height waist was a little uncomfortable for some reviewers. They found that the earlier version comfortable fit over their stomachs which made reviewers feel more secure about areas they normally were a little self-conscious about. They found that these pants are a little low in the waist which countered their love of the earlier version. Otherwise, though, reviewers were quite happy with these pants especially due to its soft and smooth pant material.


These pants offer some stretch which helps keep the pant in better shape due to less pull on lighter fabrics. They also offer water protective and sun protective features which not only protects the wearer but the pant itself. The knees offer articulated knees as well which offers protection to the fabric as well as some comfort to the wearer. The materials used for these pants are regularly reviewed as being quality and the material feels quite soft despite its durability. Reviewers were quite pleased with the durability of these pants buying multiples of them in different colors. Overall, they are quite durable and long lasting which is really positive.


This area seemed to be a bit of an issue with reviewers. Earlier versions of this pant seem to fit really well with a narrow leg and a higher waist. Due to its quality material, reviewers found that they could easily wear these around and to work without looking as though they were wearing an athletic pant while still getting the comfort of one. With recent changes to sizing and fit these pants seem to have done a 180, where they actually are now much lower in the waist and looser in the leg. This makes the pants look a little baggy when on. It also falls mid-waist now which some reviewers who felt more secure in the stomach area now feel as though they are exposing too much belly. The looseness of the pants, as well, seems to make the pant look a little baggier which reviewers felt offered a more relaxed and sporty look to the pants. Though this is nice in some aspects those who were wearing these pants for work or dressier purposes found that newer versions of the pants can no longer be worn without looking a little relaxed for those environments. Additionally, the actual size of the pants seems to have changed as well. Reviewers who had boughten numerous pairs of these pants in one size (one reviewer noted an 8) had to buy sizes much larger just to fit (the same reviewer noted they had to size up to nearly a 12) which ended up negatively affecting the length and the look of the pockets when wearing these pants. Overall, it sounds like reviewers who bought the earlier version of these pants were much more satisfied with the earlier version and were unhappy with these changes sadly.


These pants are intended for some wear and tear meaning that they are ideal for hiking and outdoor adventures. Some reviewers found that the material and the style are so clean and pressed looking that they could wear them to work as well. They also roll up making them ideal for camping activities as well!


As mentioned earlier in the size category, these pants have some mixed reviews in regards to the flexibility and stretch of them. It seems that these only give a slight stretch and not much more. Reviewers found that the slight flexibility was nice but some found that the slight stretch wasn't enough. The waistband of the newer version of these pants is an area that was praised though for comfort and flexibility. It was less so in regards to where it sits (mid vs high).


These pants are machine washable, however, like with all water-resistant material it is wise to wash these pants in cold water with more gentile fabric cleaners. The reason for this is that hot water and harsher cleaners can breakdown waterproofing and sun-protective features in the material. By washing in cold water and laying to dry these pants will last a lot longer.


These pants offer a straight leg and mid-rise design. Reviewers noted that they would wear these pants easily in the garden or to work without looking too sloppy. Though this was the case, it sounds like the newer design of these pants is a bit different from original versions. Reviewers found that they couldn't really wear these to work anymore as the legs got a little loose making the pant look a little baggy. The mid-rise waist was also a point of contention with reviewers as mentioned earlier. The waist doesn't hide any belly fat like earlier versions did making reviewers feel a little self-conscious in that area which they didn't in the earlier version of these pants. Overall, the pants are made of quality materials which make the pant look better than alternatives on the market, however, due to the baggier leg now reviewers found that they aren't as versatile as they use to be which presented as a bit of an issue.


As mentioned earlier, these pants offer the Omni-Sheild protection offered by Columbia which offers sun, stain and water protection. The water beads and rolls off the pant rather than absorb. Reviewers were happy with the level of water resistance offered by these pants noting that they often wear these pants on all sorts of activities both in the sun and in the rain and never had issues. Overall the water protection and resistance offered by these pants sound reliable which is really positive.


These pants offer sun and water protection but don't mention anything in regards to wind protection. These pants do offer high levels of breathability and ventilation, though, and may not be best for areas of really high or really cool winds.


- Rain and stain repellent
- Mid-rise waist and modern straight leg design
- Articulated knees for easier movement
- Omni-shade sun and water protection
- Roll-up leg to capri option for better ventilation
- High breathability for less moisture build up
- Zip-closed pocket for protection of more valuable contents
- Comfort stretch for easier movement


Overall these pants seem to be well-liked by reviewers. The highlights being the soft and yet protective Omni-Shield nylon and elastane blend fabric used for these pants. Other highlights are the roll-up features which help with the already well-regarded breathability of these pants. The flaws of these pants are the new design which some reviewers found to be a little baggy at the leg and a little too low at the waist. There are also some mixed reviews in regards to the amount of stretch offered by these pants which makes sense being that the elastic blend is only 4% of the overall fabric. Otherwise, though, these pants seem to be reliable, comfortable and a good buy. They should definitely be taken into consideration when looking for your next adventure pant!