Cat Zoomies and Other Silly Cat Behavior Explained

An in-depth guide on cat zoomies and other interesting cat behavior. Cat Zoomies and Other Silly Cat Behavior Explained

Every cat owner has heard of cat zoomies before and even been woken at six am by a cat running through the house at top speeds. Most of us never worry about the zoomies our cats seem to indulge in on occasion, but should we be worried? It seems that there are a few instances out there where those zoomies aren’t just cute and normal. There are times that you need to make an appointment with your cat’s vet to see if there is an underlying cause.

White-CatHowever, cat zoomies aren’t the only silly cat behavior we as pet parents have to put up with out of our beloved felines. There are many more. From chattering to rubbing and from bringing you their kill to kneading everything, cats are complicated and dare we say it, strange little creatures. Luckily, there are explanations out there for most of the behaviors that have you scratching your head when your feline pal does them, and in this blog, we will go into a few of them. We will also go into a few facts and myths that many people don’t know or either isn’t true about the world’s kitty cats. So, pull up a chair and let’s dig into our blog on cat zoomies and other silly cat behaviors that need to be explained.

We all know that cats make the best companions, it’s just occasionally the stuff they get into will drive you up the wall. They are naturally curious, often run through the house like they are being chased, bring us things we truly never wished to see dropped into our laps and knead us like bread dough on occasion. In this section of our blog, we will try to explain some of the most common cat behaviors out there to prove they aren’t really crazy, just a little bit different. First up is cat zoomies, something all of us as cat owners have experienced with our feline pals and often wondered about.

Cat Zoomies

If you have ever been sitting in the living room watching your favorite TV show, and your cat came running pell-mell from one side of the house to the other. You watch in awe, at their fast moving little legs and wide eyes, wondering where that came from. To understand cat zoomies, you first need to know what they are.

Cat-LickingWhat Are Cat Zoomies?

Believe it or not, cat zoomies are typical, normal cat behavior. Cats suddenly out of nowhere decide to run up and down the stairs, from one side of the house to the other, and even across your lap, meowing loudly all the way at lightning speeds. Then, just as suddenly as the behavior began, it stops and your cat relaxes and often goes to sleep.

What Causes Cat Zoomies and Should You Worry?

Cats need exercise and cat zoomies can often mean they just need to get more of it. If your cat is running through the house too often for you, increase their exercise by playing with them more and giving them more toys to play with as well. If you are worried about your cat and the number of times she seems to get the cat zoomies, schedule an appointment with her vet, as it is better to be safe than sorry. For the most part, however, just enjoy the chuckle as your cat acts like the Flash.

Chattering Kitties

One of the most common cat behaviors out there is called chattering. If you have heard your cat make an intense chattering sound when she is sitting by the window and spots a bird on the other side of the glass, then you have probably wondered what is going on. Experts say that it’s the cat’s frustration with not being able to get out and chase their prey. Other experts claim that it’s a totally normal kitty instinct, as their muscles tense and they prepare to go after their prey. Either way, this type of behavior from your feline pal is totally normal.

Kitty Gifts

If you have ever been walking out of the front door and had a dead bird or a dead snake dropped at your feet, then you know cats are known for this strange behavior. While it may be gross, it’s actually an extreme moment of acceptance from your pal. The act of gifting you with their catches means that they see you as a part of their group and are eager to share their hunt with you. However, if you are not thrilled with the rodents, birds, and other creatures your cat lays at your feet, try putting a bell around the cat’s neck so he has more of a challenge when it comes to the hunt.

Kitty Rubs

When your cat rubs his face and head against your hand or leg, he is not only being affectionate but branding you as his own. This is called bunting, and cats do it to show ownership of their humans, In other words, he is showing pride that you are his human.

Kitty Kneading


When your cat jumps up onto your lap and starts kneading it as you would a batch of dough, it’s nothing to be concerned about. Experts say that this behavior goes back to when your pet was a kitten and kneaded his mommy for comfort and to eat. Adult cats do this when they are content and happy or sometimes when they are stressed and want to calm down. Whatever the reason for this behavior, you should be honored that you remind your feline friend of his mommy.

Kitty Can Sleep Here!

Most pet owners get a chuckle out of the places they catch their cats sleeping. Cats seem to love and have the ability to get into and fall asleep in the tightest spots. Whether it’s a dresser drawer, behind the couch, in a little corner, or in a box that you feel like they shouldn’t even be able to curl up in, cats love to sleep in tight places. Most of the time, they would prefer this to curling up in their own soft bed or your bed as well. This can be traced back to the ancestors of your cat, who slept in tight places for protection in the wild.

Laptop Kitty

There are plenty of places for your cat to rest in your home, so why does he choose to curl up on your hard, uncomfortable laptop? Think about it, your laptop is warm after you have used it for a while, making it the perfect spot to curl up for a nap. Now, when your cat decides to crawl up on your laptop when you’re using it, it could mean that he wants your attention. Cats are really smart like that!

These are just a few of the silly cat behaviors that many cat owners have wondered about from time to time. From sleeping on your laptop to kneading you like bread and from sleeping in the strangest places to bringing you not so wanted gifts, cats are their own little creatures, and not about to change. Next up, we will discuss a few myths about cats that need to be dispelled, starting with a few of the myths that are out there about cats and children. Ready to learn? Then, let’s get started.

Myths About Cats and Children Dispelled

There are many deep-rooted myths associated with cats and children living together.  Below we will get to the bottom of a few of them together.

Myth: A Cat can Suffocate a Sleeping Baby

While cats do look for warm, soft places to curl up and drift off to sleep, the cries of a baby are usually enough to dispel the cat from jumping into their cribs and laying on them. It is still better to keep the cat out of the babies room, however, just to be on the safe side. The fact is that no cat will jump into a crib and try to suffocate a baby on purpose.

Cute-KittyMyth: Cats Are Jealous of Kids

While the arrival of a newborn into the home is certainly a big change for your cat, it is not usually jealous of the baby. The baby is, of course, new to the cat and he will be wary when the baby is around for a while. The thing is to still let the cat go about its normal activities so that he knows nothing has changed. Let the cat be close to the baby and the babies objects, within reason of course and with supervision. Starting them out together will lead to a beautiful friendship as your baby grows.

Myth: Cats Carry Dangerous Diseases they Transfer to Children

Despite the fact that the concern is widespread, cats do not carry dangerous diseases that can be spread to children. While Toxoplasmosis can be spread to pregnant women, feline diseases cannot, meaning that dangerous diseases aren’t able to be transferred to children.

These are just a few of the top myths out there when it comes to children and cats that needed to be dispelled. Now, we will move into a few of the other myths out there about cats that need to be dispelled as well.

Myth: Declawing a Cat is the Same as Trimming their Claws

This is one of the most common myths out there about cats. It is important to note that declawing a cat is actually a surgical procedure that involves amputating the first joint of each of the cat’s claws. Not only does this surgery leave them defenseless if they should ever happen to get outside, but it is also extremely painful and not like trimming their claws at all.

Myth: Cats Who Are Kept Indoors Are Unhappy

There are cases where older cats who have been allowed outside are unhappy indoors. However, a cat that has been kept indoors all of their lives are not going to be unhappy about never being allowed outside. It is important, however, that you provide them with scratching posts, climbing towers, and toys to keep them occupied and able to get the exercise they need.

Myth: Female Cats Need to Have One Litter Before Being Fixed

Not true, in fact, it is better to have your female cat spayed before she can get pregnant, as she can suffer more harm during pregnancy than she can during being spayed. Spaying a female cat helps to not only control the growing stray cat population but also helps to prevent uterine cancer, mammary cancer, ovarian cysts, and even the possibility of complications during pregnancy as well.

Myth: Pregnant Women Should not Own a Cat

While it is true that toxoplasmosis can be spread from a cat’s litter box, there are also other ways it can be contracted as well. There is no reason that you should have to get rid of your cat when you are pregnant, though it is recommended that you not change your cat’s litter box, have someone else do it for you.

Myth: Cats Are Easy Pets to Care For

One of the most common myths out there is that cats are low maintenance pets. Before you decide to get a cat as a pet, it’s important to note that they do require a lot of attention and money to be spent on them, just like any other animal out there. You have to be responsible and care for your cat just as you would any animal you bring into your home.

This concludes our blog on cat zoomies and other silly cat behavior cat owners have often worried about. While they are cute and strange behaviors for sure, there is a reason behind your cat’s madness.


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