Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2

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Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2 Review Facts

There are plenty of reasons why people love to go camping. One is because they enjoy being outdoors and exploring all that Mother Nature has to offer. Another reason could be that they want to be able to experience what it is like to live like a nomad, at least for some time. This might include knowing what it is like to sleep under the stars, cook food by a campfire, and only use the most basic of necessities in mandatory circumstances. There are lots of great reasons to try camping out at least once in your life, but there are some important pieces of equipment that you need to have. One of these is a tent because you want to have somewhere to sleep in case there are poor weather conditions, or just so that you can have somewhere to store all of your belongings. An important feature that many people look for in a tent is that it is lightweight. This is because people usually have to transport the tent to and from the campsite at some point, as well as all of their belongings, and if the tent is too heavy, it will make the trip seem like much more of a hassle than a fun adventure. Many more companies have started to create tents that weigh less than their counterparts to attract a wider variety of people.

Other than that, people liked the fact that this tent has two doors, making it a lot easier to get in and out of, and the fact that the tent is made out of durable materials- another surprising feature for a lightweight tent. Now, let’s find out more about what people liked and did not like about this tent, and whether or not we think that you should consider purchasing this tent for your next camping trip.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This tent is made out of very lightweight materials, meaning that it is easy to transport this tent to and from your camping location

  • The tent is huge on the inside and it offers plenty of comfort and headroom

  • Many people said that the tent is made out of durable materials

  • The tent has two doors that make it easier to get in and out of

  • The tent is perfect for use by two people

  • If handled correctly, people say that this tent could easily last for many years


  • The tent does not fare well against rainy weather, and some people have claimed that rain sometimes gets in the tent

  • Some people said that the way the zippers operate in the tent is strange and a bit difficult to figure out



When taking into consideration the fact that this is one of the most lightweight tents on the market, one might wonder what materials it was made out of in order to allow it to be so lightweight. This tent is made out of nylon both on the rain fly and the inner tent. Nylon is known to be a good material for tents because not only is it easy to clean, but it tends to fare well against poor weather and it also is very lightweight. It is also a popular material for many other kinds of outdoor gear and is a common material used to create a lot of outdoor gear.

The three poles of the tent are made out of aluminum, which is a typical material used to create tent poles.


This tent is best to be used by two people, so if you are someone who enjoys hiking and camping with a partner, this tent is perfect for you. Out of many tents that are available on the market, the Tiger Wall UL2 is one of the lightest. This is a feature that many people appreciate. The pole and the privacy panels are a bit heavy, but the tent itself weighs 2 pounds and 9 ounces, which, again, is very lightweight for a tent. When packed, this tent is 18 x 5.5 inches, which is fairly small for a tent and further makes it easy to carry.

Another important feature of this tent is that it provides a lot of headroom for two people to be able to sit up inside of it. As we mentioned, the pole of the tent makes it a little bit heavier, but this pole allows you to have extra room inside. The peak height of the tent is 39 inches, which is taller than many lightweight tents. The floor area is 28 square feet. Overall, if you are with another person, this tent will provide you with a lot of room. A lot of people were pleased with the fact that this tent is extremely lightweight, and therefore, it is easy to move around when people travel. The tent also has a lot of room for anyone who goes camping with it to feel comfortable. You have a lot of headroom so you can sit up in the tent; this is something that is not usually offered with tents that weigh less.

Another area where people have been making increasing demands when it came to tents was that the tent had plenty of room for them to move around in. Some people enjoy going camping as a family, and they want to make sure that there is enough room for their family to sleep in a tent. Or, some people like to take more belongings with them on a camping trip and they need the extra room. Some taller people might have difficulty getting in and out of a small tent. And finally, people simply enjoy being comfortable. A tent that fits both of these categories is the Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2. 


This tent has a very simple design. There is a color-coded system which allows you to know how to set up the tent easier. There are two side doors, which means that you will be able to get in and out of the tent a lot easier, and the privacy panels on the side mean that you don’t have to feel exposed to everyone else in your campsite. The poles extend over the top of the tent, meaning that you will have a lot of extra headroom.

As far as the colors go, we have only seen the tent available in yellow. However, the tent does not have an unattractive design and no one has mentioned the color as being a potential dealbreaker.


Usually, tents that are made out of very lightweight materials usually are not as durable. This is because the people who make the tents have to use materials that are not as sturdy in order to ensure that the tent is as lightweight as they want it. However, people were genuinely surprised that this did not seem to be the case with the Tiger Wall UL2 tent. No one who purchased and used the tent complained that they had experienced any sort of failures when they used the tent on the trail, nor did they feel as though this tent were made out of flimsy materials. However, it is important, as with anything you own, that you treat this tent with care in order for it to last you as long as possible. Some people recommended that you purchase some sort of tarp that would allow the floor of the tent to remain protected against rougher surfaces.

Weather Resistance

One of the areas where people had the most complaints with this tent was with its lack of ability to fare well against poor weather conditions. People who used the tent in the rain said that they noticed rain would get into the fly and splash into the tent. The tent is made out of nylon, which is known for being a relatively waterproof material, but it does not extend far enough to be able to prevent any rain from getting in. You probably won’t get soaked from the rain, but you should not expect to remain dry, either. The mesh material on the top of the tent naturally allows rain to get in, and since the nylon does not extend far enough, some rain is bound to get inside. The only thing that some people had issues with when it came to the Big Agnes tent was that it isn’t the best at dealing with rainy weather, but people said that there are plenty of other good things about this tent that almost makes up for its poor performance in the rain.


The official retail price of this tent is $400. Many people have said that they do not feel as though this is a fair price for such a tent, especially since it is rather small and does not offer as many features as some other tents do. And, since it is not so resistant to the weather, some people felt as though they could get better deals elsewhere. However, considering how lightweight the tent is, how durable it is, and how comfortable it is for use by two people, others feel as though this definitely is a good option for its price. At the end of the day, it depends on your personal preferences and what you are looking for in a tent.

It is also worth mentioning that you will likely be able to find this tent for a cheaper price on some online shops, such as Amazon, which offers the tent for $395. If you are looking for a footprint to make the tent much more durable and long-lasting, you could get a footprint by the same brand for approximately $65 by the same brand.

Best Use

This tent is best to be used for camping in nicer weather conditions. If you plan to go camping somewhere that is rather dry and that does not get much rain, you will find that this tent is a great option for you. Also, plenty of people recommend this tent to people who go backpacking for longer distances, especially since the tent is very easy to transport from place to place. The tent is meant to be used by two people, so if you are someone who enjoys backpacking alone or with someone else, this is a good option for you. However, if you plan to go camping in your car, this option might be a little expensive for something that you won’t get the most use out of.

Key Features

-This tent is one of the lightest tents on the market and is perfect for transport
-If you are someone who prefers to go camping with one other person, this tent is perfect for use by two people
-The tent is spacious enough to sit up comfortably inside
-There are two doors on the tent, which is a feature that many people look for in a tent
-There are panels which provide privacy if you are going camping in an area with many people
-The mesh material provides great breathability on warmer nights and the ability to stargaze

Bottom Line

While this tent may not have performed the best in the rain, plenty of people consider it to be one of the best when it comes to the balance between something comfortable enough to use and something that is light enough to carry long distances. A lot of people who like to go hiking said that this tent did not cause them any problems as they carried it in their backpacks, but the tent was comfortable enough for them to get a good rest after a long day. The tent is perfect for use by two people, and thanks to the tent’s design, two people can sit up in it at once, which is not a common feature for lightweight tents. The tent also has two doors, which means that you will easily be able to get in and out of the tent without being forced to disturb your partner. And, the panels on the sides will provide as much privacy if you need if you see that there are quite a lot of people enjoying the same campsite. There are plenty of advantages to the tent, despite some of its obvious disadvantages. However, people said that the Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2 tent is a great option if you want something that will last you for quite a long time and if you want something that provides the rare perfect balance between being lightweight and being comfortable.