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Best Gifts for Yoga Lovers Reviewed & Rated for Quality

last updated: Jun 10, 2019

Do you have a loved one who is addicted to yoga? Well, you may be wondering what to buy for them to brighten their faces. Have you ever received a gift and wondered whether it is indeed meant for you. If you are considering surprising someone with a yoga gift, it should be a calculated move such that what you chose blends well with their style.

Without a doubt, it's a lifestyle, and the recipient will feel loved and appreciated. How do you select one in an ocean of possibilities? If you are struggling to find what to give a family member or a friend who is really into it, worry less since we have amazing ideas in our collection list.

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Yoga Mate Perfect Towel
Yoga Mate Perfect Towel
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Yoga Mate Perfect Towel
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10 Best Gifts for Yoga Loverse

1. Clever Mat

Clever Mat
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Making to the top of our list is this elegant mat from Clever Yoga. Probably you have heard your loved ones complain about sore elbows and knees after continuous sessions. Maybe it’s time you bought them a quality mat. Why not surprise them with this option, which is super thick and designed to give the user a better experience?

It protects the joints and offers maximum stability and support. It’s thick at 6mm with a dimension of 72 inches X 25.25 inches which is sufficient size for any yogi tall or short.


This mat protects the joints and offers maximum stability and support to the user during practice. It gives the user much confidence during practice since it has a non-slip reversible surface which grips the floor and eliminates the risk of sliding.

The rough top texture surface ensures your hands do not lose grip when changing poses. Therefore it is gentle for any exercise, whether vigorous or gentle. It is also easy to clean, lightweight, and can be carried around with ease.

Safe to Use

This mat is the best you can get your loved ones since it is safe and does not contain any toxic materials. It is made from premium materials which are eco-friendly and safe for the body, mind, and soul. It is composed of TPE foam which is free from PVC, latex, phthalates, silicone and other harmful chemicals.

Cost and Value

This mat is made from high quality materials and is designed to withstand tough workout sessions. It durable and will not wear pretty fast even with regular use. The material used in its construction locks out bacteria which may build up due to dirt, sweat, or moisture. For the price, it will give you value for money.

2. Yoga Mate Perfect Towel

Yoga Mate Perfect Towel
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Second, on our list is this towel from Yoga Mate. From a distance, it looks like a standard towel; however, this one here is not your average bath towel. It is a high-quality towel with super absorbent characteristics and ideal for steamy workout sessions where there is one really sweats to achieve the perfect body tone and pose.

Premium Quality

Certainly, this towel is made from high-quality material that is odorless and durable. It contains microfiber, which is breathable and ideal to use during workout sessions. This towel does not skimp on size and measures 68X24 inches, which makes it suitable for such workouts.


This towel will guarantee happiness to your loved ones due to its absorbent nature. It super soft and will absorb all the moisture and sweat after an exercise session. It is easy to clean and is machine friendly. However, for proper care, it requires washing separately.

Cost and Value

A sweaty session will be no match for this towel since it is soft and superabsorbent microfiber will soak up all the sweat and help the user stay dry and steady as they flow with the moves.

Most reviewers consider fairness in pricing as one of the main reason why they selected this product. It is incredibly cheap and a good value for the money.

3. QING Socks

QING Socks
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Second runner up on our list is QING Socks. Yoga enthusiasts prefer socks with a good grip that stays steady and which eliminates the use of bulky slippers. These look like soft dancing shoes; however, they have textured spots that provide a perfect non-slip surface for the user during a workout session.

They are ideal for practice on slippery tiled floors and keeps the feet firmly held on the mat. They are also versatile and can be worn around the house, especially on wet and slippery floors since they are antiskid.

Super Absorbent

Sweaty legs can dispirit a workout session. Other than slipping on floors, sweat causes a lousy smell and promotes the buildup of bacteria on the feet. Your loved one will surely love these pairs since they help in absorbing sweat on the feet and keeps them dry and fresh.

They are breathable and blended with silver ion mechanism that wicks away moisture and absorbs all odor.

High Quality

These socks are available in different sizes, and therefore, you can find the perfect size that will utterly fit your recipient. Furthermore, they are made of high quality material that makes them soft, elastic, and gentle. They are sturdy and durable and have ample buffer; hence, the user will not feel spooky lumps on the floor when they step.

Cost and Value

These are astonishingly cheap yet are quite useful in taking care of the feet and promoting safety to the user during a workout session. They are a good value for the money and will bring some sunshine and affection to your loved ones.

4. icyzone Top

icyzone Top
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This fashionable top is ideal for yoga since it’s a low impact workout that does not involve the intense jostling of the upper chest. However, women Yogi may want the right top for extra comfort and support. The icyzone is a popular cloth ware, with an open and web back that drapes down to allow for ventilation and add some touch of class to any workout. It is beautifully made and will, therefore, form a perfect gift idea you can buy your loved ones.

High quality

This top is ideal for those women who appreciate extra features in their exercise gear collection. It is made of high-quality fabric consisting of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. It is lightweight, stretchable, and has moisture wicking ability. Bonus points because this product is also machine friendly and fits perfectly.


This top is not only super cute but also quite convenient and can be used for any workout practice such as cycling, running, gym exercises, and much more. It combines fashion, practicability, and performance. An added feature is the internal bra that makes the top suitable to be worn with any clothing.

Cost and value

For the price, it is high quality, guarantees performance, and reasonably priced. It is supportive and has adjustable straps that ensure a custom fit. The panels at the back help reduce weight and provide maximum comfort and support.

5. ELENTURE Mat Carry Bag

ELENTURE Mat Carry Bag
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A yogi will need a bag for carrying a mat and some accessories to a workout class. This type carefully secures the mat and leaves plenty of room for other essentials. The ELENTURE is a classy option and lightweight available in attractive colors.

It has small pockets for keeping small items such as keys and phone and the front pocket is quite large and can be easily expanded for keeping large essentials such as books and belt.

High quality

It is quite spacious to fit an ordinary mat and measures 26 inches by 6.8 inches, however, a thick mat may not fit. It will certainly last long since it is made of high-quality material comprising canvas and fabric.

Easy to use

Your loved one will love this bag since it features a full zipper style, which makes it easy to open and close. Therefore, accessing essentials is quite a bliss. The shoulders straps are flexible and easily adjustable, and this makes it easy to carry.

Cost and value

A yogi will fall in love with this bag since they can organize their essentials and carry their mat to a workout session. It is a beautiful tote bag, easy to clean and durable.

It is quite versatile and can be used for carrying other essentials on other days, for instance, carrying essentials during picnics and camps. For the price, it is a perfect idea which you can give a thought.

6. WorkoutLabs Cards

WorkoutLabs Cards
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Sounds like a good idea to buy your loved ones these instructor guides which they use for a satisfying and relaxing experience anytime and on the move. These will surely brighten their faces, and they can place them strategically in a deck of other motivational cards.

A complete guide

These cards have a beautiful plastic design that brings out their simplicity, yet contains a practical guide for necessary poses your loved ones will love trying at home, travel, or the lawn.

They contain forty-seven poses grouped in different categories for ease of follow-up. There are three breathing exercises the user can quickly adapt, a medication card, five straightforward cards, and a self-blank card.


These cards are professionally explained to show different poses, movements, and alignment cues that the user will find quite practical. All the benefits of each pose are indicated at the back with proper instructions and medical warnings.

Examples of the list of poses in the deck are; dynamic warm-up, firm and tone, center and focus, destress and refresh and energize and awaken Yoga.

Cost and value

These instructive cards are made from high quality plastic that is durable and water resistant. There is a guarantee that your loved one will have them throughout their yoga workout.

Another plus about them is that their content is made by renowned yoga teacher Julie Bernier, which adds to their value. They are a good buy which will give you value for money.

7. Science of Yoga by Ann Swanson

Science of Yoga by Ann Swanson
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If you are looking for something to gift a practitioner, then this book by Ann Swanson is the deal. It explores the science behind the thirty most essential poses and is one which will help a yogi master everything with confidence and much control.

The information therein is easy to read and understand, and we highly recommend it for anyone who wants to practice or is already practicing. It has a beautiful cover with a catchy introduction that will get the reader’s attention.


This book is quite resourceful and explains in details the scientific theory behind yoga and why this practice is useful. It demonstrates that indeed, it helps in lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and is good for the brain.

It backs the scientific finding of the benefits of this ancient practice in the body and reveals all the facts, how blood circulates, respiration, and body core is affected.

Builds confidence

This book is authored by Ann Swanson, who is a mind and body science, professional scholar and educator. She has many years in teaching about the body and is a Yoga educator.

Her book is a must-have for any yogi and will form a perfect gift idea since one can understand the science behind Yoga, and it helps builds confidence in the user.

Cost and value

It is an incredibly cheap product yet quite resourceful for every Yoga lover. It is educational, and there is a wealth of knowledge that will inspire and motivate the user. It will surely add value to their practice and therefore it’s a good buy.

8. Culturenik Mug

Culturenik Mug
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The Culturenik is a beautiful mug made of ceramic with an enchanting inspirational message that talks about love, joy, peace, and light. For a Yogi, the practice takes control of their body, soul, and mind. By buying them this gift, they will be reminded of what inspires them every day. It is microwave safe and dishwasher safe for a quick clean up.


It is a beautiful mug and features a C handle. It is made from high quality ceramic and is also durable. This material does not alter the taste of the drink and therefore is ideal for tea, coffee, and cocoa.

It is quite big and holds 11 Oz. It is the kind of mug, that can be used for daily purpose hence a perfect gift idea.

Beautiful design

The mug allows the user to begin their day by receiving an uplifting greeting which fills their body with energy and sharpens their mind onto what life is all about.

It is, therefore, a beautiful item whose color and design are outstanding. The user will be looking forward to having their steaming mug of coffee, tea, or cocoa every day.

Cost and value

By adding a little touch of this mug to their life, your loved one will have a relaxing, fulfilling, and energizing experience every day. For the price, it is a good value for the money since its high quality and inspirational.

9. Yoga for Beginners DVD

Yoga for Beginners DVD
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A DVD is a perfect gift idea for any Yogi regardless of whether they are a beginner or expert. This option by Jane Adams has four hours of instructions with nine practices and two relaxations. The instructor is world renowned, and her practices boost the body’s flexibility, strength, and power while relaxing the body, mind, and spirit.

Best for beginners

If you are looking forward to surprising a beginner with a DVD, this one by Jane Adams fits the description. It is a favorite among people trying out their workout sessions for the first time.

The instructions are clear and straightforward, and the poses are easy to adopt. Previous users say the sessions are warm, comfortable to follow, and simple regardless of skill level. The cues are consistent, and a newbie will find it quite useful.


Most people who have tried this DVD have found it to be relaxing and the sequence calming. It helps to relax the body and reduces the build-up of tension. No matter what time of the day or week, the user will find time to work out, and this will make them feel energized all the time.

Cost and value

This DVD is reasonably priced and you could gift your loved one to show them love and kindness. It will help the user to unwind since the exercises are simple and relaxing. It is ideal for someone looking forward to building their stability and muscle power without overworking.

10. Sloth Calendar

Sloth Calendar
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Sloths are famous in the animal kingdom since they are slow-moving and spend their time hanging on trees upside down. Their slow nature makes them admirable and catches the theme of this ancient practice. This calendar echoes the lives of this animal since it’s mellow, smooth, and admirable. It is, therefore, a perfect gift idea for any Yogi. Your recipient will fall in love with the pictures in the calendar.

High quality

It is made from high quality materials that will remain in good condition long after the year has ended. The material is waterproof, and the size is excellent. The words are perfectly inscribed and the pictures visible from a distance. It can be hanged on the wall and blend well with the room’s décor.


Every month has a sloth doing a particular pose, and it has a different motto or theme. Your recipient will quickly adapt to the themes, and this will keep them thrilled and fascinated month after month. It is s masterpiece which is quite motivational, and a must-have for every Yogi.

Cost and value

This calendar is quite hilarious but a little expensive. However, it will instantly put the Yogi into the workout mood with each month having a different theme. It brings them into a whole new level of calmness, serenity, and relaxation.

Criteria Used for Evaluation


Yoga is a lifetime activity that involves the body, mind,, and soul; therefore, when choosing a gift for a loved one, its essential to consider its longevity. There is no use buying an item which may not last till the next workout session. How do you determine its durability? The quality of material and the brand matter a lot. High quality with a warranty will last long as compared to cheap quality.

Since you intend to brighten the face of your loved ones, it’s essential to budget first and plan well in advance before making the ultimate purchase. Most people may confuse quality with price, which is absolutely in order though it may not entirely hold water. The reason being, some quality product from supreme brands costs an arm and a leg. However, this should not be a hindrance in selecting the best produce, since some high-cost products may be of poor quality. To prevent disappointments, you can seek trusted brands and buy a product that will match your budget restraints.

If you can afford a high-cost item, well and good, go ahead and surprise your loved one. However, if you feel the price is a bit too steep, you can seek a cheaper version of the same brand, which will nevertheless serve the same purpose. Whatever your options, the best product is one reasonably priced, high quality, durable and that which will give value to you and the recipient.


Materials have everything to do with quality and durability, which applies across all products regardless of price and quality. In this context, it is significant since there is a whole lot of products to choose for your loved one. However, each of the items has its distinguishing characteristic, which may differ between products.

The material is what makes up the product and is what determines its functionality and practicability. High quality material will affect the outcome of the product and will determine whether it will live to its usability. The reverse is true when we talk about low-quality material. How important is its quality in your quest for the ultimate gift? Probably or maybe, by the time you hit the store, you already have a clue on what you want. For instance, if you are looking forward to buying a Yoga short, you need to research first on what makes a good bottom and the material composition. An excellent short is made of Polyester and Spandex. Therefore, when ordering, you will put in your wish list a bottom made of Spandex and Polyester.

In simple term, material and decision to buy are intertwined and are instrumental in your decision to buy a product. This kind of reasoning will translate to your recipient since they will own a product made from high-quality materials.


When buying a product for your loved one, the primary intention is to brighten their faces and make them happy. It is also to show you love and appreciate them. The choice of the item you intend to buy should not nonetheless appear cheap to the recipient. Of course, the issue of cost here does not apply to the person receiving the gift but to you. You are the one spending the money, and definitely, you want something that will return your money, or in simpler terms be a100% money back guarantee.

Well, there are some underlying factors to this line of argument, and quality is definitely top on the list. High quality may cost more; however, it will last longer and is a good value for the money. If you are low on budget, buying a cheap and low quality product should not be an excuse. You can still find a beautiful product at a reasonable price. In essence, whatever you buy at whichever cost will have an impact on the recipient. The ball will be in your hands, and the ultimate goal is to appreciate.

Ease of Use

When buying something new for a loved one, it should be simple and not complicated to use. The instructions of use should be straightforward; otherwise, they might keep it away or in a worst-case scenario discard it. The age of the recipient is an essential consideration before parting with any money. Age significantly affects interest; since you may purchase an item for an older person only for that person to lose its interest as it reflects the wish of a younger person. Also, the instructions may not be easy to follow and may contain mumbo jumbo which the user could find difficult to grasp. The recipient will feel embarrassed and may consider it unnecessary.

Similarly, there are those outfits that will go down well with the elderly and those for the younger generation. It’s essential to check what is trending with the youth and go for it. First research on what would please them and what they would appreciate and feel respected. On the same breath, products meant for kids should have easy to follow instructions to prevent confusion.


A gift for a friend or a loved one should bring daily comfort and whose appeal should not be overlooked. A beautiful item will make them feel comfortable and boost their self-esteem while they may want to show them off to other people and not feel embarrassed about it.

While it may not be easy to know the wishes of every person, you can investigate first before making the final purchase. You can do it secretly without them finding out what you are up to. Once you establish, you can pick an item that will strengthen the bond between you two. It would be a pleasant surprise for them to receive an item they have been longing to own.

Besides, it should be symbolic and that which blends well with their character and appearance. The message you want to communicate will have an overall impact on how the person receives the gift. For instance, if you bought a ball for a Yogi, they might not find it useful, however, a Yoga mat will rely on the right message to the recipient

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Love, appreciate and motivate

If you have a loved one who is a yoga aficionado, the best thing you can do is to buy them a gift that blends well with their lifestyle. This practice involves smooth, gentle, and relaxed poses that uplift the body, soul, and mind. Such an item will appeal to them, and it’s a way of showing them you love and appreciate them, and this will motivate them in their journey.

Flexibility of use

Yoga is just one example of a list of routines in a user’s fitness goals. A gift is meant to motivate the recipient, and a choice of a versatile one is welcome since they can use it for a variety of other exercises. It adds value to the item since it’s practical and functional and will put a smile on their faces every day.

Other Factors to Consider


Most yogis typically have a combination of workout routines to meet their fitness goals. The yoga practice may be just one among many practices in their exercise schedule. They may also be visiting the gyms for weight lifting or other activities, or cycling, racing to mention but a few.

It is imperative when selecting an item to buy; you can consider one which is versatile to fit their lifestyle. For instance, a towel can be used for other exercises that will inevitably cause them to sweat. An outfit can likewise be used for other routines, and the same applies across all other items. It is important to note that versatility adds value to an item and its functionality.


When picking an item for a loved one, color is obviously the first item you should look at since first impressions matter a lot. A child, for instance, will be attracted by bright, vibrant colors. Also, options for men and women in terms of color. The choice of an item will also determine its, for example, a bright colored mat may not be ideal while a dull calendar may be unappealing.


Most often, a yogi may choose different locations to practice, such as the garden or just a place where there is peace and serenity like the beach. Consequently, you can pick an item that it’s not too bulky to carry, but just the ideal size. For example, a big mat may not fit in a mat bag or may overcrowd other items such that there may little or no room left for other essentials.

Similarly, a heavy bag may look weird and old fashioned. Moreover, gifts for using at home, such as hangings or calendars, should not be oversized and interfere with the home décor.

Frequently Asked Questions

q: What is the best gift?


The best gift you can give your loved one is one which blends with their lifestyle and that which they will find useful and comfortable having it. There are several options out there you may consider, such as mugs, mats, DVDs, Calendars, bottles, and much more.

Before making the ultimate purchase, carry out a small research on what they like most, and what they desire to have. You can come up with a list of items and pick one which will score significantly. Finally, quality cannot be overlooked in this selection.

q: How much do these options cost?


Well, it may be hard to tell how much each option on the list will cost, since they vary in every aspect. For instance, a DVD may not be compared with a mat or any other item.

When setting out to buy a product for your loved one, have a list of items you need to purchase and eliminate one by one depending on how much willing to spend. However, quality should be the guiding principle regardless of the price.

q: Where can I buy these types?


Many online stores are selling these products, for instance, Amazon, where you make an order and have your package delivered at your doorstep.

q: Can these be used for other workouts?


Yes definitely they can be used for other exercises; however, this will depend on the type of gift. For example, an outfit can be used for racing, cycling, volleyball, and others. However, some items may not be versatile, and when buying this is an important consideration.

q: Are there such options for kids?


Yes, there are. If you have a child who is an aspiring Yogi, you can buy them an item which will encourage them in their incredible journey. For instance, a beautiful sloth calendar is but an example that will excite them.

q: What is the best gift to buy a beginner?


All the gifts mentioned in this guide are ideal for both experienced and beginners. However, for a novice, you can choose those will clear and straightforward instructions.