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Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X Review Facts

There is always a question when it comes to entry-level audiophile headphones, which one to go with? There are quite a few to choose from, and there is no real way to know whether a person is making a good choice or a bad one without actually getting to try each individual headset. That is where we try to make the difference by explaining what each headset is capable of and whether they fit the bill in what is needed from the headphones or not.

So, the quest begins again, how well did Audio-Technica do with this particular headset and how good are they? Read on to find the answers to these questions.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Open-backed headphones

53mm audio drivers


Very flexible

Good for gaming and instrumentals

Focused on sound and comfort


No strong bass content

3D wing design not very strong

Activities for Use

This quality headset is great for gaming, music, and movies. That being said, they are not all that great for using them for music and being mobile or active as the 3D wings do not hold super well during such activities. So, if a person is looking to get a headset to just lounge around and enjoy whatever they are playing, this headset is absolutely perfect for such things.

Basic Features

The most basic of features is the pure size of the soundstage that these headphones offer. Due to the fact that they are open-backed headphones, the soundstage is much larger than what is normally accepted as good. In terms of music, this translates into being able to hear almost every little nuance to the piece. Adversely, with movies and video games, it adds to the immersion effect, allowing more enjoyment to be found. We will go further into the soundstage and more in the sound quality section.

Another basic feature is the fact that this headset does not really need anything extra to use them properly. With no need for extra devices or connectors, that means this headset is definitely a plug-and-play item. There is nothing more basic than that, really.

Advanced Features

The more advanced features of this great headset would be to consider the design of this headset. The headband is not a closed headband, instead of being little more than two wire-like plastic pieces that loop over the top of the user’s head. These ‘wires’ actually do not touch a person’s head. So how is this a headband?

Well, really, they are and are not. A headband is what holds the headset up AND holds the headset together while also allowing the wiring to move unimpeded from one ear cup to the other. These ‘wires’ do the latter two pieces of the equation, to be honest. Otherwise, the adjustable 3D wings this headset has does the first piece of the said equation. More on this design idea will be found in the comfort section.

Sound Quality

The part that should be considered one of the most important aspects of headphone is sound quality. This headset offers great mid and high range sound, though the bass is a little lacking and has much less boom to it. While a lot of people may find this to be troubling and thus something that detracts from this headset, there are some options.
First things first, there is the option of changing the EQ settings of the device. While this will work on changing the bass range, it will more likely detract and even destroy the rest of the sound range, so not really all that good if a person is looking to enjoy and immerse themselves in music or whatever sound-oriented activity.

The other viable option is to obtain a good amp and use that to enhance the range of this pair of headphones. This works much better as it does not destroy the EQ, leaving the focused mid and high range of sound while giving further strength to the low-range bass sounds. This is much more acceptable than the other option mentioned earlier.

While it is not necessary to use an amp to use this headset, it can help make things more enjoyable.
As was earlier stated, the soundstage is large due to the open-backed ear cups. This is great for many reasons, the main one being that a person is not hammered with a wall of sound continuously. Each bit of the sound, be it music, movie or a video game, has its own place. In terms of video games, especially for first-person shooters, the enemies will be much easier to locate.

With movies and music, there is a feeling like a wearer is right in the middle of the ‘action’. Again, this allows more immersion and thus more enjoyment in the activity of choice. The only other detractor to the sound of these headphones is a simple fact that the open-backed design does nothing to cancel or isolate the sound a person is hearing.

This means that whatever happens in the environment around the wearer will ‘corrupt’ the sounds he or she is hearing. That means that the wearer should not be using the headset in places where there is a lot of ambient sounds, as it could potentially drown out the music or such. But, in proper conditions, this headset can easily blow a person away.


Yet another easy aspect of this headset is the fact that it is so easy to connect. It has a simple headset jack and thus can connect to almost any device that a person could want a headset for. Of course, certain amps and other add-ons or devices have a larger port, which means the standard jack will not connect.

Luckily, this headset comes with an enlarger, allowing for more options without having to spend even more money. Truly, Audio-Technica proves that they have the consumer in mind with this product, even if it takes a little extra set-up to get the exact type of sound you are looking for.


This is something that has also been focused on. The ear cups have been given great padding, which is soft and sturdy, which is always good. The 3D wings are also padded, giving even more comfort. The open-backed ear cups also make it easier on the wearer, as there is no way to trap in heat.

On top of that, this headset’s ear cups go around the ears, rather than pressing against the ears. This also adds to the comfort level, as there is no pressure build-up that causes ear fatigue. And then there is the lack of a traditional headband, this offers the wearer even more comfort as there is no real pressure on the top of the head and also no heat build-up to the top of the head.

There is no real way to explain exactly how great this can feel over extended usage. The only thing to detract from this comfort level is the fact that some people find that the 3D wings do not really hold the headset over time, and thus they find the headset’s weight is carried by the ears. It is speculated that it is the shape of the wearer’s head that causes this to happen.

While this could sound extremely uncomfortable to people, there is one thing to keep in mind and that is that this headset weighs roughly a little over a half-a-pound. That means that the headset is not as bad in discomfort than several other headsets would offer under the same conditions.


The open-backed ear cup style is nothing new or unique, and neither is the 3D wing style. Is this a bad thing? Not really, as it obviously works amazingly well. Truthfully, there is little to say in the way of style, as the way this headset was built focuses on sound quality and comfort in near equal parts.

The open-topped headband, open-backed ear cups, and 3D wing style make this headset have a rather interesting and unique appearance in their own right. Do not be fooled, though, as Audio-Technica uses this same style with pretty much all of their audiophile headsets. The difference between the other types and this one is a very little outside of sound quality. The higher the model number, the higher the quality.

Again, though, do not be fooled as this headset is not to be overlooked. For the price they are offered at on, they are more than worth picking up, especially if you like making music. This set isn’t really intended for easy listening or gaming, but it can be used for both if you do not mind sound leakage in both directions.


This is yet again, something that nears the level of comfort and sound quality. This headset is pretty durable and flexible, making this headset worth far more than what they are being sold for. As always, though, we do not suggest an owner to seriously abuse or roughhouse this headset. Instead, we state that if the owner takes care of this headset, it will take care of him or her.

Still, though, accidents happen and this headset should easily handle them without taking serious damage. The warranties for these can also be difficult to navigate on the site, and you will need your products serial number to find out what it covers. Amazon offers its usual recovery plans, which are based on the product getting to you safely and working properly for 30 days, beyond that you will need to use the company site and most likely to register it.

Ease of Use

As was earlier said, this product is a plug and play style headset. It is easy to use the basic amount of sound quality. Of course, there is the use of an amp and thus the need for an enlarger to the jack, this could easily make things a little more difficult to get to using the headset.

While not needed, some people will want to take that extra effort to get the maximum ability of this pair of headphones. Even then, this headset is rather easy to use and enjoy with or without the addition of an amp. Of course, if you don’t want to blow out your headset with too much bass your going to need that extra amp, and that means learning how to set that up.

There are also other programs you can use to adjust the levels of any headset, but these will only affect your set as long as you are connected to the item that has the program on it. Some of these programs are free and relatively easy to use, however, the more extensive the settings, the more likely you are to have to pay and the more you will need to learn to adjust it properly.

Power Source

This headset is a corded headset and thus has no real battery pack. That means that whatever someone jacks this headset into is its power source. With or without an amp, there is no external power source. This is always a good thing for anyone who buys this headset.


What would a person expect to pay for this headset? Two hundred dollars, perhaps? At the time that this article was written, is selling them for $91.17 with free shipping. That means that this headset, with all its bonuses, is cheaper than quite a few headsets of similar design that are on the market.

Key Features

-Large soundstage
-Open design headband
-Compatible with almost any device
-Highly immersive

Bottom Line

So, that is all we’ve found about this particular headset. Is it worth nearly $100.00? Most definitely, as it can seriously change just how much a person enjoys their music, movies or video games. Add on the fact that this headset can continue to remain comfortable over long use without causing the wearer to need to take a break. There is nothing more pleasing than getting a headset that continues to hold up in nearly all categories. Is this headset for everyone, not really, but most people will find this headset to be perfect for their audio needs.