Adidas Terrex Free Hiker Walking Boots Review

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Editor’s Conclusion
Outdoor shoes are available by so many known brands. Adidas offers a good range of sports shoes and here is where the Terrex Free moves from sport to hiking shoes.

The shoe is good right out of the box, ready to wear and no breaking in time. These run true to fit and they offer a good amount of space.

Relief from foot-swell after hours of hiking? You may want to try a slightly larger size than your usual foot size. A common issue with hiking is how much the feet can swell; a pair of compression socks and a slightly larger fit from Adidas than you usually wear is well worth trying.

Try out and enjoy the impressive cushioning plus the great traction on flat and sloping ground. Average protection from the wet and if you are looking for waterproof, there is an upgraded Gore-Tex option in the Adidas Terrex Free Hiker GTX.
Adidas Terrex Free Hiker Walking Boots Review Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Toe box spacey

Great traction

Midsole-some bounce

Average breathability

Great uphill and downhill

Uppers - knitted sock design



A fair level of protection


Some don't like the knit upper

Cost - you pay for what you get

Not waterproof - not for winter weather

Key Features


Feedback from many satisfied users points out that this shoe is ready for action straight out of the shoe-box. These have a unique design; you won't find a standard tongue design, instead, the upper resembles a stretch-sock design which is knitted the Adidas way. Socks are still needed but the knitted upper in combination with the socks feels seriously comfortable. The thoughtful designed-in padding around the ankle area also gives additional support.

Walk down a slope and you will feel that the toe-box offers space, your toes won't scrunch up against the toe of the shoe. This is an impressive design for the toe box. If you are going to do a lot of downhill hiking, ensure the lacing system is adjusted to hold your foot as this helps prevent pushing toes into the toe cap area.

Walk up a slope and the designed-in cushioned comfort supports the heal. The Adidas Terrex Free Hiker have the comfort and protection you get from trail runners but these are specific for hiking out on all types of trails. User reviews are unanimous in pointing out these hiking shoes can be worn for a full day hiking without any foot discomfort.

Featuring a custom-molded footbed with cushioning capability, the underfoot comfort is constant throughout pro-longed hiking.

Not for Wet Weather

With a knitted upper, there is some protection from the wet but it is limited. The design purpose of this shoe is spring, summer and reasonable weather when fall season hiking. The shoe is not a wet-weather shoe; for that, you need to go up a model and check out the Adidas Terrex Free-Hiker GTX which is constructed from Gore-Tex for serious protection from wet weather.

This model gives breathability which is a performance feature that many warmer season hikers want instead of protection from the wet weather. You can walk through wet areas, the rubber sole and shoe design will keep your feet dry; but if you're out in constant rain or snow, the uppers are not designed for such weather.


The fit for these hiking shoes offers space generously. For those who like shoes with space, these are ideal. If your feet are wide, think about upsizing to counter foot swell problems during very long hiking trips in warmer weather. Try out a size up.

The wording 'a glove-like fit' is overused in describing shoes but with the knitted upper which has a sock-style design, this is the type of fit the shoe gives.

Slipping on the shoe is the same as slipping on a sock, the shoe does literally hug the foot. The stretchy knit upper will shape to your foot and hold firm. This shoe is far ahead of many models in this range for ease of putting on.

Sole and Traction

You will feel the torsional support while you hike since the support is very good and these shoes give a nice regular spring to your step. The Adidas Terrex Free Hiker give a nice comfortable gentle bounce which is a result of the designed-in TPR mid-sole feature.

The impressive Continental rubber outsole looks like a tire tread and works equally well for giving very good traction. The soles feel like they stick to the ground surface; sand, mud, scree, gravel, wet granite are not a challenge for this shoe's traction capability. No slipping and sliding in these; the traction is a very high-performance feature for this shoe.


It is tempting to think that a hiking shoe with a knitted upper will fail on durability if hiking in areas where twigs and low level thorny plants might snag the knitted uppers. From users who have tried out this model, there is a distinct lack of durability problems for the upper part of the shoe. This might change in the future as more hikers try out the shoe and take it into challenging environments. So far, the uppers do hit the grade as durable.

The shoes have a Continental rubber outsole which sails through wear and rough surface challenges and is very durable. Not only does the sole give excellent traction, but it can also take a lot of use.

In Comparison to Other Hiking Shoes

The most obvious comparison is the knitted uppers; this is an Adidas feature not seen in other hiking shoes of this style and range. This design does not mean that the user loses out on foot support when looking at other hiking shoes with a more rigid upper. The support from the knitted upper is consistent and comfortable.

The sole has a tire-style design and it grips all types of surfaces reliably; in comparison to other hiking shoe models, the Adidas Terrex Free Hiker give an impressive range of stability and surface traction.

Some other models are ahead for waterproof capability but for warm weather hiking, most hikers will happily prefer breathability over waterproofing.


A unique knitted comfortable upper shoe design that gives a fair amount of support; exceptionally impressive traction for all types of surfaces. The Adidas Terrex Free Hiker have been designed for hiking in warmer weather conditions or even during the fall season.

It is not claimed to be a winter hiking shoe and its specific design purpose is for a high-performing comfortable hiking shoe. The shoe price sits above mid-range costs but it does give good value.