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Adidas Solar Boost Review Facts

When training for long-distance running, specifically marathons, there are numerous factors that need to be considered. The distance a runner registers for is dependent on the experience of the runner. Typically first-time marathon runners should start with a half marathon and build up to a full marathon. Marathons are very common and more than one can be run in a year so there would be no harm in attempting a half marathon first to see how the runner feels. After the distance is decided, then training needs to start. Some important items, outside of building up to a certain distance and a certain time, are remembering to stretch before and after each run in order to avoid any muscle sprang's and strains. Also, consider taking supplements in order to keep joints lubricated and also to look into some protein powders and creatine supplements in order to aid in muscle rebuilding. This will not only help with the runner's overall performance but it will also make the process happen easier and faster.

This only touches the surface of things that should be taken into account before training for a marathon but are a good start. Runners at the end of the day are going to be the most important thing to consider when starting your marathon training. Specifically a high quality, light, and breathable trainer will need to be invested in before anything else can happen. Without a proper trainer, the runner could expose themselves to potential injury which would really slow down training. This article looks at the Adidas Solar Boost. This is a trainer created by the very popular sports equipment retailer, Adidas. We looked at what consumers who tried out the shoe had to say about the runner including its breathability, comfort, durability, and design. This is our comprehensive review. We hope that this helps you in your decision making of a high quality and effective trainer to get you on the road and ready for your next marathon. Let's get into it.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Extremely durable
  • Great for marathon training
  • Effective 'Boost' technology
  • Comfortable and cushioned design
  • Incredibly supportive
  • Some issues with the sockliner being a little tight
  • Some batch-specific defects 


This runner has an upper that has a net mesh layer over the base which is supposed to provide better breathability as well as a closer and knit feel. Mesh is a better material for ventilation due to the open spaces between the fabric that would let cool air in and hot air out simultaneously. This is especially important in marathon runs because the shoes are on the feet for a lot longer, additionally, any moisture buildup can cause some blisters that would cause the runner to be in pain during their run. It would also decrease the effectiveness and precision of each step due to the lack of hold on the heel and ball of the foot (slippage). Luckily, this runner kept reviewers feet cool and dry, even those who were marathon training.


This product has the mesh layer on the upper that is supposed to wrap around the foot like a runners sock rather than a runner. It also has a molded EVA sock liner that is supposed to provide comfort and support on the runner's heel and arch. They are quite lightweight as well which would help slow down foot and leg fatigue which would help with both training and running time. Those who reviewed this shoe highly praised how comfortable this shoe is. They said that it was very cushioned, surrounded the foot well and felt supported throughout all parts of the foot, and also the ankles. There were some runners that had some issues with the additional top layer of the underside of the upper which seemed to have pressed against the top of their feet and caused some major blistering and bruising. This wasn't a common complaint but still something to consider, especially for those with slightly thicker feet.


This runner is not waterproof. They are designed to be an urban-based trainer. The mesh would offer better ventilation and therefore faster dry times which would help if the runner finds themselves in a flash rain or an accidental step in a puddle. However, the shoe is meant to be kept on dry surfaces. However, the tread able to stick in both wet and dry conditions. It also does have a high-performance lining which is supposed to wick away sweat. Those who tried out this runner did confirm that it stayed cool and dry during their run which is a plus. We took all this into account when creating our overall rating.


This runner has a mesh top which does tend to be a weaker material, however, those who wore this shoe said that even after months the mesh stayed intact. Additionally, the midsole of the shoe is made of a molded EVA which is common in runners due to both its superior support qualities but also because of its durability and lightness. Though the shoes are lightweight they are reviewed as being quite durable. Reviews confirmed that the shoes appear to be made of quality materials and said that the uppers specifically are extremely durable. There also seems to be little about the glue detaching at the outsole which is a common complaint in runners. This all added to our overall rating of the shoe.


The upper of this shoe has the net mesh layered over bae which is supposed to provide a more knit feel. This would also hug the shoe tighter to the foot as well which would give the runner a more natural feel when stepping down. It also allows for better and more precise control in each step. Those who wore this shoe had mixed reviews on the upper. Because the upper has the sock lining within the shoe, most found the shoe extremely comfortable but some found that that layer did cause some uncomfortable pressure on the foot which causes some bruising, as mentioned above. This could be a deal breaker for some runners. There was also one reviewer that found in two different sets of this runner, there was a piece of metal at the back of the shoe that would dig into the back of their foot and make the run insufferable. This was one in many positive reviews though and it only came up once. It sounds like this was a defect in a batch and shouldn't be too big of a concern with future products. This all was taken into account when creating our overall rating of this product.


This product has 'boost' energy-returning properties, according to the Adidas website. This technology is supposed to essentially return back the energy that is exerted in each step, giving the runner that energy back which would then decrease the amount of energy required over the course of the run. Reviewers said they were excited about this new technology and that was the draw to these particular runners. They also said that they found the cushioning to be both comfortable and energizing. The shoe feels more springy than competitive runners. They also found the arch support and heel hold to work well without being too stiff or soft. Overall, the insole seems to be the highlight of this shoe. This helped with the high rating we gave this product.


The midsole of this product is made of a molded EVA which would provide a more lightweight cushion and support system. The shoe itself offers a neutral support which is ideal for those with average arches. It also offers a more natural but cushioned step. Those who wore these shoes said they fit like a glove. The cushioning of the shoe is underpinned and allow for better flexibility which is ideal for those training. Molded EVA is extremely popular in running shoes today because it is a material that is used for its durability and lightweight features. It is also is easy on the arches while supporting them which helps with the overall comfort level of the shoe, as well as the more natural feel of each step, as well as prevents long-term issues later on. This all helped in our overall rating of this product.


The outsole of this product is made of Adidas STRETCHWEB rubber which is supposed to offer a more lightweight and elastic feel to the shoe. Those who wore this shoe did say that it is incredibly lightweight. The elastic properties would allow better stability and work hand-in-hand with the Boost feature of the shoe. As mentioned above, those who wore this shoe liked how energetic it felt to run in the shoe. It also helps decrease impact on knees and joints which helps in the long run due to runners hard impacts on the body. This is especially important with marathon runners who typically run further for longer as a result of their training. Having a shoe that helps with the marathon will definitely give the runner an advantage over other competitors.


The traction of this shoe is made of a continental rubber which is supposed to offer a superior traction in both wet and dry conditions. Those who wore these shoes didn't have much to say about the traction of the shoe, however, no news is good news so to speak. If there was an issue with the runners, it would have been listed in the reviews. Continental rubber is a rubber that offers high levels of grip on all surfaces which would help the runner go further while conserving energy. The energy used would not go to waste which is really important for marathon runners as it would help also decrease race times as well as preserve energy.


This shoe, like all other Adidas shoes, are quite attractive in design. They have the classic three stripes down the side and have a thicker heel and thinner toe outsole which gives the runner a more modern look. They are also more narrow in shape and therefore look sleeker. The upper back lip of the opening of the shoe is curved out and the lacing system fits closer to the shoe. Overall, it's an attractive shoe that could easily be worn while playing sports or out and about on the town.


This runner sits about mid-range in comparison to competitive products. It is an investment without being too crazy. They are comfortable, lightweight and attractive in design. They are also durable and versatile, allowing the person wearing them to use them both for athletic wear and fashion-attire. For those reasons, the cost is justified and the shoes are definitely worth a try. Additionally, the customer service team at Adidas is extremely helpful for any required returns or warranty replacements. There really is no reason to not try out these shoes.


Overall, this shoe does the trick. It is durable, lightweight, comfortable and supportive. There seems to be mostly positive reviews about the shoe outside of a couple one-offs. For those with higher feet, this shoe may cause some discomfort in the tongue but outside of that this shoe sounds like it does the job. The shoe is also stylish which helps justify the cost as it can be worn more in more environments. This is a good product made of quality materials and offers better support and cushioning. Plus the energy boost feature which will help marathon runners with time and energy preservation. The runners, despite their narrow design, seem to also fit true to size however they should be tried on beforehand as with many narrower shoes, with wider feet, do require sizing up at least a half size. This is all why we rated this shoe so highly.